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  1. Yo Raini, recently I got permbanned from all servers from Simple. Long story said short, RainbowdashanthonyRTI informed me about what Videogames380 did to him, which got our attention. Apparently the videos containing evidence on RTI were taken on his server. The CMC server, Not any of yours. Which was done behind his back. But I digress,  I have already submitted a ban protest explaining that what I had said to Videogames380 was in absolutely no way to cause any personal harm to anybody. That is NEVER the intention of the (U.A.C.A). We enjoy helping other people be given the mutual safety and respect that they deserve when they're on any online server. So yeah the ban ban protest was in fact made with Simple in mind so as he could read it. but seeing as he's too busy at the moment, I was hoping that you could take a look at it when you get the chance. I'm very sorry for bringing you into this Raini. I just want this to be resolved and put behind us. I'm sure you could you agree to that. Again we were only trying to do our jobs, not pick fights and bully innocent people for no reason. We're the good guys, we want to help people, not harm them. 

  2. My father died a couple weeks ago. I was his sole caregiver and hospice provider. This is the reason for the lack of updates.

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    2. Skeith


      I offer my condolences to you and your family, Raini.

    3. Jamieboi 1989

      Jamieboi 1989

      That is saddening news Raini. Sorry for your loss. Sending you and your family my condolences.

    4. Surprise Pie

      Surprise Pie

      You have my condolences. I lost my grandmother in late August, so I know the feeling. Best wishes to you and your family.

  3. Our servers were relocated to a new machine earlier this month, which is what resulted in the periodic lag/disconnects. Please let me know if you continue to see these issues today.
  4. Hello, I have granted you VIP manually. Sometimes there are errors with PayPal receipting the payments properly and this becomes necessary. If you encounter this error in the future, please send me a PM including the e-mail that you used to donate and your SteamID. Your SteamID can be found http://steamidfinder.com Please let me know if you encounter any other issues, Raini
  5. The forums have been updated and the chatroom should be working again. Sorry for the delay.

  6. Admins have the authority to exercise their own discretion when enforcing the rules of our servers and are granted access to a limited range of powers necessary to that purpose. A complete list of these powers can be viewed under [Staff] Admins and Mods - Powers and Restrictions. If a disciplined player feels that their case merits further scrutiny, they can file an appeal via the Ponyville Ponitentiary or post a thread on our designated Ban Submissions/Protests board. Appeals posted in this manner will be reviewed by the majority of our staff. Although we review and respond to every appeal, we rarely publish our reasons for approval or denial. This is because cases often involve extenuating circumstances or evidence which cannot be published out of consideration for the privacy of others; oftentimes including the appellant themselves. The unpopular nature of Admin work invites acts of retaliation and recrimination. It is not uncommon for Admins to be ignorantly accused of abuse whenever they exercise their powers on our servers to enforce the rules. This does not mean that we do not take reports of admin abuse seriously. If we conclude, based upon a preponderance of submitted evidence, that an Admin could have abused their powers, then we will investigate the report quite thoroughly. This evidence can be submitted in the form of an appeal. If discretion is a concern, this evidence can be submitted directly via forum PM to any of our Admins or Super Admins. A complete list can be found under [Staff] Complete Admin/Moderator List. I hope that this has answered your question.
  7. So I need to ask cause I'm super confused and not too sure what to do, how in tarnation do I reply to this?


    1. Raini


      There should be a button on the top right that says "reply to this topic".

  8. I will get to work on removing the custom models from that server. Trails I'm not so sure about. I'd prefer not to disable them unless they provide people with some kind of unfair advantage. Do you have any suggestions on round times or map list/rotation?
  9. I have to pay for it too... lol I also added a stock server like people requested. Nobody plays on it and I've received no feedback as to how people want it customized. Oh well. I have other stuff around here that needs fixing.
  10. Could you provide a bit more information, such as the server this occurred on and/or the Admin who permamuted you?
  11. I hate to bother you guys with this, but it is so many servers to test at the moment. Would you please provide me a list of which functions aren't working (such as the sounds, donor, admin functions, etc.) and a list of which servers it works on and which servers it is broken on? I plan to work on all of this later in the weekend. I also need to know what people want as the round times for the stock server.
  12. Do not hesitate to message the following people if this happens again: http://steamcommunity.com/id/simple/ http://steamcommunity.com/id/Yukumazi/ http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197979349981/
  13. The US servers have auto-update enabled. This is not possible with EU or JP due to my hosts for those servers. Nobody notified me that either server needed to be updated. I will take care of that now.
  14. This community has existed for well over 5 years. Although we welcome new members every day, it has become commonplace to receive an account deletion request from an old member every month. The most common reason provided for these requests is disassociation with the MLP fandom and embarrassment over seeing Google connect a username or real name to an MLP community. I do my best to honor deletion requests when they come from an account that is in good standing (IE, someone who isn't banned or ban-evading). However, I would like to remind existing and future members that such circumstances can be avoided if they separate their online gaming identity from their real life identity. It is not only reckless, but dangerous to have the same username across social media that you use everywhere else online. This could potentially open you up to harassment, stalking, or even swatting if the wrong people Google your name. The Privacy Rights Clearinghouse has an article on this subject with a guide on how to stay safe and anonymous online. I would suggest that everyone give it a read. Nobody values your privacy more than you, and it is up to you to protect it. Not every online community honors deletion requests and in fact, ours is one of the few.
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