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Status Updates posted by Rainy

  1. Hey everyone. Progress is slow, but I am working to get everything back online. Thank you for being patient.

  2. The chatroom for the forum will discontinue function on 1 May 2017.

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    2. Pinkamena1


      True, thanks for the answer 

    3. Legendary Spyro

      Legendary Spyro

      They used to, but it died out when ppl stopped coming here. :/

    4. Pinkamena1
  3. Just so everyone is aware, I'm working to fix issues with fast download. Until these issues are corrected, I will be switching the server map/rotation to stock maps. I am really sorry for the inconvenience.

    1. Legendary Spyro

      Legendary Spyro

      No trouble! Keep up the good work! :3

  4. My father died a couple weeks ago. I was his sole caregiver and hospice provider. This is the reason for the lack of updates.

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    2. Skeith


      I offer my condolences to you and your family, Raini.

    3. Jamieboi 1989

      Jamieboi 1989

      That is saddening news Raini. Sorry for your loss. Sending you and your family my condolences.

    4. Surprise Pie

      Surprise Pie

      You have my condolences. I lost my grandmother in late August, so I know the feeling. Best wishes to you and your family.

  5. The forums have been updated and the chatroom should be working again. Sorry for the delay.

  6. Looking for people to test Dallas, Japan, and Germany to confirm they are fixed.

    1. Aurotzel


      It looks like they're all working right now, will comment again if I come across any problems though.

    2. The_Mr_Kumar


      Admin commands work, EU's not seeing any random server switch to vanilla game mode of TF2. However, the !hop function doesn't work on the Japanese server (dunno if it's because I typed it in English).

  7. SourceMod is broken, which breaks all of our plugins. Until it is updated, VSP an other features will be broken.

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    2. Disowned the Title Guy

      Disowned the Title Guy

      ^-What version of sourcemod is that with?

    3. Steamworks


      Uhhh...whatever one fixed SourceMod whenever Valve broke the map related stuff a few months ago.

    4. shadow-koishi93


      Latest SM and MM builds should already have fixed that. At least on mine they're all fixed.

  8. If some people could test out Europe for me I'd really appreciate it. I've been trying to fix it all day.

    1. Disowned the Title Guy

      Disowned the Title Guy

      Engineers can still have spells and build

    2. Disowned the Title Guy

      Disowned the Title Guy

      Dead Ringer seems to be disabled/not deploying

    3. Disowned the Title Guy

      Disowned the Title Guy

      Demoman projectiles are fixed.

  9. Europe and Japan should be fixed now. If you notice any issues with map changing or Donor on these servers, please let me know. I'll be working on implementing a lot of VSP content from devs next.

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    2. Zari Puff
    3. Scootz
    4. Steel Crescent

      Steel Crescent

      Thanks Raini but sadly i don't think it is. i was on this morning and we could still go to stock maps....

  10. We are aware of the issues affecting the Europe server right now. Some things were broken following a recent maintenance by our provider and we're working to fix the issue. Thanks for being patient.

    1. Steel Crescent

      Steel Crescent

      okay. Thanks for the update

  11. Working to fix e-mail verification. Right now some ISPs are marking us as spam. I will let you know when this is fixed. Manually verifying accounts for now.

  12. There may be some disruptions within the next week as we setup Cloudflare with KeyCDN to handle fast downloads. We will also be switching DNS servers so there might be a slight disruption resolving Ponyville.net.

    1. Disowned the Title Guy

      Disowned the Title Guy

      MFW I was suggesting this a couple days ago, and then it happens.

  13. Our Germany/Europe server is currently being affected by a service disruption. It should be back online soon.

  14. The Dallas servers will be down for a scheduled maintenance today at 8:00AM CST for approximately two hours.

    1. Arokhantos™


      EU down also, i'm guessing also for maintenance.

  15. (╯°□°)╯︵ [sɹǝʌɹǝs]

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    2. Steel Crescent

      Steel Crescent

      if no one wants my cookies then have this Choclate Cake :3 *set's the cake on the table*

    3. Surprise Pie

      Surprise Pie

      Raini, I'm going to college in September to learn coding stuffs, so in about 4-6 months, you'll have another coder on your servers.

    4. Steel Crescent

      Steel Crescent

      That's Gonna be great Surprise Pie! Good Luck!

  16. Players can now type /vc to switch between the following voice channels on Ponyville.net Europe: English, Multilingual, French, German, Russian, Spanish, and 20% Cooler (Donors only).

  17. If you have donated and your Donor is not showing up, please PM with your SteamID and the e-mail address you used to donate.

  18. Could someone confirm for me that gif uploads for avatars currently work?

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    2. Arokhantos™


      I know if size is to big it will just make it a stil image instead, this one is 193 kb 150x150

    3. LOL


      I thought we weren't allowed to use .gif avatars because people got "migraines"

    4. Rainy
  19. Sarysa's new Boss, Button Mash, has been added (currently disabled on Germany and Japan due to technical issues). Skeith's new map, vsh_mc_village_beta, added to VSP rotations.

  20. Redesigned the MOTD with more detailed rules. Still a work in progress. http://tf2.ponyville.net/motd

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    2. The_Mr_Kumar


      Wait, is spawncamping now allowed, or is this something that you have mistakenly forgot to add in? Also, please update the power list, for there are some powers that Moderators can use but are not listed within the powerlist (i.e. power to change names; I had to do this in order to place a mute on a person who shared the same name of another player on the server).

    3. Rainy


      There isn't really a need for the "no spawncamping" rule anymore since VSP is based on the Arena gamemode, which prevents re-spawning. Cali is the only server where it would matter and nobody even plays stock there anymore.

    4. Rainy


      I've added an additional rule clarifying our anti-hacking police and also adding abusive scripts to that category.

  21. Donations are back up. Thanks for being patient and having an interest in donating, everyone!

  22. Funbox is fixed (finally)! I had to move the server over to another machine. Have fun, everypony!