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  1. My father died a couple weeks ago. I was his sole caregiver and hospice provider. This is the reason for the lack of updates.

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    2. Rainy


      If I had given up on the servers I would have pulled the plug last summer, or the winter before that when my Grandmother passed away. I have not given up on the servers or updating VSP. It is just the last thing from my mind at the moment. That being said, I do want to try getting weapon balancing done at least, and eventually move on to fixing the Hales. I really need an up-to-date master list of everything that needs balancing or fixing, because it will take time to get to everything.

    3. Zeke Aileron™

      Zeke Aileron™

      Well Me and a fellow forum member named Aurotzel(Col) have been trying to make Weapon Balance Google Documents for the Classes, we only have the Soldier finished since we are trying completely get all the weapons in a good spot for them we also included the Weapon index numbers for them as well.

      We plan on doing Documents for Scout, Heavy, Pyro, Medic, Spy, Engie, Demo and Sniper, we also do have a Document that lists the various current Hales and what they're unbalanced in.

      I'll leave the links here:

      https://docs.google.com/document/d/1C5nu_ScJd_Vf8AqxRnKATiukb0ZeIVIqJUejdvXKKJI/edit?usp=sharing (Soldier link) Some of the weapons have been modified by Simple before to some of these, so the weapons for Soldier at the moment are fine except for the Market Gardener.

      https://docs.google.com/document/d/1oq6XTzpHjNZ_OW80S9mgebdNhYuztEL_cGsEePIratc/edit?usp=sharing This link is for the Hale Relevance crit chart since alot of people have been complaining about Hales getting random crits when they shouldn't and Spy Hales not needing Damage bonus % since they can one shot most classes and overhealed Heavies with one hit from a butter knife stab in the front without needing to backstab.

    4. ๖ۣۜPinkamena


      It's really sad to hear about that, We didn't know about ;-; hope you will get better with the time Raini, We're still here to cheer you up.. Sorry for asking about this : 

      But one of the Dev (No Name) Told me he did send all the updates and fix Models/Materials to you or Simple to change the older models one (I also saw his creation of GlaDOS Pony Model) And then No Name said you changed the Luna and Cadance only, I just wanted to know if you will gonna add the rest of them to the Server. Thank you Raini, and sorry to ask for this.. 

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