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  1. Kuni's post in the New Jersey server test thread made me realize how much I love seeing other people's wallpapers. =) The only thing I love more than customizing the look of my desktop is seeing how other people have customized their own. So post your desktops here, everypony! I'll start with mine. Fullsize Here I created the wallpaper from a generic Derpy vector and a screenshot that I took in Fallout: New Vegas. The icons were also mostly created by me from vectors that I found on DeviantArt, with a few taken from the "Steve Colt" icon pack. That mess on the right side of the image is the wallpaper and setup for my second monitor.
  2. WEAPONS Our page detailing all custom weapon changes is kept up-to-date with changes that take place on the server. Balancing suggestions and new ideas are welcome in this thread. If you want to get really creative, use the tutorial below for creating Boss and Player weapon customizations. If you would prefer to suggest ideas for a Boss Rage, please use the following thread. TUTORIALS These are brief tutorials/explanations for the technically-minded. CREATING CUSTOM WEAPONS Proposals for Boss and Player weapon changes work the same. Here is an example of a Boss weapon and it's attributes: NAME: tf_weapon_bottle INDEX: 609 ATTRIBUTES: 2 ; 3.1 The Name of the weapon will always be the Weapon Class of that weapon. Melee weapons like The Scottish Handshake, The Conscientious Objector, and The Freedom Staff all share the same Weapon Class, which is tf_weapon_bottle. The Index of the weapon will determine the actual weapon used by the boss. The 609 given in this example goes to The Scottish Handshake. This page listing TF2 Item Definitions and Indexes can be used for reference. The Attributes for the weapon will determine it's stats. The first number in the sequence stands for the ID of the Attribute. The ID given in this example is 2, which goes to damage bonus. The 3.1 is the value being given to this attribute (in this case, it would be the damage bonus percentage). This page listing TF2 Item Attributes can be used for reference.
  3. Hello everypony! I want to do my very best to make our servers a fun and unique place for fans of the show MLP: FiM, especially now that Team Fortress 2 has gone free to play. However, I can't do this without your help! I need to know what maps you would like to see installed, what mods interest you, and most importantly, what you think of the current environment on the servers. Issues with plugins, slots, or other things "breaking" should also be brought up here! I will give every suggestion my consideration. =) Here's what I am looking for in particular: Custom Maps Right now our rotation is pretty bland, so I'd like to hear some suggestions for custom maps that you would like to see installed on the server. Round and time settings for these or existing maps are welcome too! Custom Mods Want to see Goomba Stomp or other mods on the server? Link me to the mod on Allied Modders and I will consider adding it! Rules and Environment I am always open to feedback and suggestions relating to the rules that we currently have on the server. Thank you for your time!
  4. There is a bug with the Donor system where it sometimes doesn't go through. If you have this problem, please send me a PM here, or add either Pinkamena or Videogames380 on Steam so I can add you manually. I will compensate you with additional time to make up for any wait.
  5. Hey everyone. Progress is slow, but I am working to get everything back online. Thank you for being patient.

  6. The biggest issue with the servers right now is the fast download. I am working on fixing it now. But at the moment, nobody can download models or maps, which is a huge problem. This began about 10 days ago. I've switched the servers to stock maps in the meantime. Regarding bugs, there are some that have been reported which are literally issues within TF2 itself. If even Valve will not fix these issues, it is unrealistic to expect us to fix them. I can only address balancing issues with VSP and Bosses. Simple and I have been away from TF2 for so long that if we are to begin addressing bugs and balancing issues, we need help from the community to do it. I have asked, multiple times, for people within the community to help with compiling a list of known issues. Whenever we have done major updates in the past, we've relied on Google Docs and bullet points with a list of fixes. Just saying, "things are broken" doesn't tell us much. What we need to know is what people find broken and how they expect us to fix it. Unfortunately, many people have different opinions about what is "broken" balance-wise, so it is difficult getting any consensus from players about it.
  7. The chatroom for the forum will discontinue function on 1 May 2017.

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      True, thanks for the answer 

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      Legendary Spyro

      They used to, but it died out when ppl stopped coming here. :/

    4. Pinkamena1
  8. Just so everyone is aware, I'm working to fix issues with fast download. Until these issues are corrected, I will be switching the server map/rotation to stock maps. I am really sorry for the inconvenience.

    1. Legendary Spyro

      Legendary Spyro

      No trouble! Keep up the good work! :3

  9. BOSSES The bosses that we use in Versus Ponyville are for the most part based around vanilla boss/Rage mechanics from Eggman's Freak Fortress 2. If you have ideas about a new boss, then reading up on FF2 itself would be a good place to start in seeing what is truly possible with this mod. I have begun work on a page detailing all of our current bosses and their Rage mechanics. This page includes information regarding the duration, radius, and timing for Rages. Although it might seem redundant, altering any of these values can actually have a significant impact on the way that a Boss is played. Sometimes, balancing a Boss is only a matter of reducing their Rage by seconds. If you would prefer to suggest weapon ideas or changes for players, please use the following thread.
  10. Hey everypony! I just wanted to let you know that we've added a Moderators group to the servers. Moderators are players who we have entrusted with limited Admin powers on the servers for the sake of maintaining a friendly atmosphere. These powers include: Vote Kick Vote Ban Vote Gag (Chat) Vote Mute (Mic) Vote Silence (Chat + Mic) If an actual Admin is not online to take care of a Parasprite or Hacker, then a Moderator has the authority to take action with the backing of other users on the server. This is a safe way for us to maintain an Admin presence on the servers without giving away a fuller range of Admin powers to players who may be too inexperienced or unwilling to take up the reins of Admin. Who Are The Moderators? A current list of Moderators can be found in the thread titled [staff] Complete Admin/Moderator List. When Can I Use My Moderator Powers? Moderators have the authority to exercise their own discretion in using these commands to uphold the rules and spirit of the server. Keep in mind that a significant portion of the server population will need to back your Vote in order for it to go through, so the community should provide checks and balances to your actions. If you are absolutely unsure about a given situation though, you can always ask another Moderator or Admin. How Do I Use My Moderator Powers? Within chatroom in-game: !votekick Name !voteban Name !votemute Name !votegag Name !votesilence Name Replacing the ! with an / can also work as a chat command and nobody will see you type it out. Within console: sm_votekick Name sm_voteban Name sm_votemute Name sm_votegag Name sm_votesilence Name sm_say Your Text Here sm_hsay Your Text Here How do I get the attention of players to warn them? There are two chat commands that you can enter into console to send a global message to everyone on the server. sm_say - Sends a say-chat message to all players within the chat window. sm_hsay - Sends a message to all players via a center-bottom hint box that is not too obtrusive. Prefix any statement with these commands from within the console to send your message to the entire server. Please be aware that this command is intended to get the attention of players in the event that they are misbehaving. It is NOT to be used for sending silly messages or joking around. Abuse and frivolous use of these commands could result in your removal as a Moderator. How Do I Ban A Name-Changing Hacker/Griefer? If you go into your console and type "users" (without the quotation marks) you will see something like this: 4:58:"Twilight Sparkle" 7:9:"Pinkie Pie" 10:12:"Chrysalis" The numbers are the unique identifier for the player on the server and the names are their current name on the server. Even if the user changes their name, this sequence of numbers will remain the same. So, find the name/ID of the troublemaker, and type out your command like this: !voteban #10:12 This would initiate a voteban on the player named Chrysalis in my example. This should work with both chat and console commands. Obviously, Moderators are far more limited than Admins in dealing with these types of situations. If you do encounter a Hacker on the server, please try to contact an Admin immediately to help you. What do I do if a Vote doesn't pass or a problem isn't resolved? Moderators have limited powers and are not intended as a replacement for Administrators. Moderators serve an important role as liaison to Administrators in the event that a major crisis occurs when they are not present. If you encounter a situation which you cannot resolve on your own, then you need to contact one of our Administrators and explain the situation to them. An up-to-date list of Administrators and the best means of contacting them can be found HERE. If you contact an Administrator about a problem, make sure that you keep your message concise and to the point and include the following information: The name of the server (such as Dallas Stock or Dallas VSP) and/or the IP.The name(s) and SteamID(s) of the user(s) causing problems.The issue and offenses that have occurred.It is not always necessary to get the immediate attention of an Administrator. If an issue does not present an active threat (such as in the event of troublemakers who have since vacated the server), you can simply file a report of the incident via the Ponyville Ponitentiary by submitting a ban. Our Administrators follow up on every Ban Submission within a day of the report. Please make sure that you include all of the same information about the incident that you would have included if you had contacted an Administrator directly. How Do I Suggest A Moderator? If you want to see a user become a Moderator, post their name, SteamID, and a link to their Steam profile here. Include a brief description about what you believe would make them a good Moderator, such as their history within the community, how active they are on X servers, etc. and we will consider your proposal. Please do not submit yourself to this thread. Since this is a community position (relying on community votes for an action to be taken), we would prefer to see users nominated by the community.
  11. If you would like to submit a Ban anonymously, you can do so via the Ponyville Ponitentiary. If you would prefer to submit a Ban, Mute, or Gag via the forums, then you are welcome to do so within this thread. Please use the following outline when posting your submission: This is the essential information that we need from you. After you have included this in your post, you may include your own account of what you witnessed, links to images or video as evidence, etc. EXAMPLE: Username: Diamond Tiara SteamID: STEAM_0:1:111111 Steam Profile: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/12345678910 Ponyville Server: Ponyville.net (Texas) - Versus Ponyville Funbox - Transgression: Voice Chat Is Not For Juveniles
  12. Because every new Valve updated tends to breaks something, this thread is a means for the community to make us aware of bugs that need urgent attention. Some examples of bugs introduced in recent patches are the outline not being placed on "Last Man Standing" players, or the rocks on Maud Pie no longer functioning as intended during her Rage. This thread is NOT for reporting mechanics that you personally deem to be "broken" by virtue of being "unbalanced" in your own opinion. Suggestions of that nature belong in the Boss Suggestions or Weapon Suggestions threads respectively. This thread is for reported bugs ONLY. Please try to provide as much information about the bug as possible when reporting it. The conditions surrounding the "Last Man Standing" bug were obvious and easy to replicate. But bugs like, "one time I saw a player get to be Hale 3x in a row" necessitate further explanation of the circumstances so that we can try to address the source of the problem.
  13. My father died a couple weeks ago. I was his sole caregiver and hospice provider. This is the reason for the lack of updates.

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      I offer my condolences to you and your family, Raini.

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      That is saddening news Raini. Sorry for your loss. Sending you and your family my condolences.

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      You have my condolences. I lost my grandmother in late August, so I know the feeling. Best wishes to you and your family.

  14. Our servers were relocated to a new machine earlier this month, which is what resulted in the periodic lag/disconnects. Please let me know if you continue to see these issues today.
  15. Hello, I have granted you VIP manually. Sometimes there are errors with PayPal receipting the payments properly and this becomes necessary. If you encounter this error in the future, please send me a PM including the e-mail that you used to donate and your SteamID. Your SteamID can be found http://steamidfinder.com Please let me know if you encounter any other issues, Raini
  16. The forums have been updated and the chatroom should be working again. Sorry for the delay.

  17. Admins have the authority to exercise their own discretion when enforcing the rules of our servers and are granted access to a limited range of powers necessary to that purpose. A complete list of these powers can be viewed under [Staff] Admins and Mods - Powers and Restrictions. If a disciplined player feels that their case merits further scrutiny, they can file an appeal via the Ponyville Ponitentiary or post a thread on our designated Ban Submissions/Protests board. Appeals posted in this manner will be reviewed by the majority of our staff. Although we review and respond to every appeal, we rarely publish our reasons for approval or denial. This is because cases often involve extenuating circumstances or evidence which cannot be published out of consideration for the privacy of others; oftentimes including the appellant themselves. The unpopular nature of Admin work invites acts of retaliation and recrimination. It is not uncommon for Admins to be ignorantly accused of abuse whenever they exercise their powers on our servers to enforce the rules. This does not mean that we do not take reports of admin abuse seriously. If we conclude, based upon a preponderance of submitted evidence, that an Admin could have abused their powers, then we will investigate the report quite thoroughly. This evidence can be submitted in the form of an appeal. If discretion is a concern, this evidence can be submitted directly via forum PM to any of our Admins or Super Admins. A complete list can be found under [Staff] Complete Admin/Moderator List. I hope that this has answered your question.
  18. I will get to work on removing the custom models from that server. Trails I'm not so sure about. I'd prefer not to disable them unless they provide people with some kind of unfair advantage. Do you have any suggestions on round times or map list/rotation?
  19. I have to pay for it too... lol I also added a stock server like people requested. Nobody plays on it and I've received no feedback as to how people want it customized. Oh well. I have other stuff around here that needs fixing.
  20. Could you provide a bit more information, such as the server this occurred on and/or the Admin who permamuted you?
  21. I hate to bother you guys with this, but it is so many servers to test at the moment. Would you please provide me a list of which functions aren't working (such as the sounds, donor, admin functions, etc.) and a list of which servers it works on and which servers it is broken on? I plan to work on all of this later in the weekend. I also need to know what people want as the round times for the stock server.
  22. Do not hesitate to message the following people if this happens again: http://steamcommunity.com/id/simple/ http://steamcommunity.com/id/Yukumazi/ http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197979349981/
  23. The US servers have auto-update enabled. This is not possible with EU or JP due to my hosts for those servers. Nobody notified me that either server needed to be updated. I will take care of that now.
  24. This community has existed for well over 5 years. Although we welcome new members every day, it has become commonplace to receive an account deletion request from an old member every month. The most common reason provided for these requests is disassociation with the MLP fandom and embarrassment over seeing Google connect a username or real name to an MLP community. I do my best to honor deletion requests when they come from an account that is in good standing (IE, someone who isn't banned or ban-evading). However, I would like to remind existing and future members that such circumstances can be avoided if they separate their online gaming identity from their real life identity. It is not only reckless, but dangerous to have the same username across social media that you use everywhere else online. This could potentially open you up to harassment, stalking, or even swatting if the wrong people Google your name. The Privacy Rights Clearinghouse has an article on this subject with a guide on how to stay safe and anonymous online. I would suggest that everyone give it a read. Nobody values your privacy more than you, and it is up to you to protect it. Not every online community honors deletion requests and in fact, ours is one of the few.
  25. hOI!! Blookbucks is FREE chat currency for da weekly TEM SHOP raffle on Raini's stream! TEM SHOP raffles off Impossibly Imaginary Intangibly Legendary Super Duper Rare Artifact every Saturday and draws a winner at 5:00PM PST. Spend Blookbucks -- send temmie 2 colleg! Chatters get 1 Blookbuck every minute da stream is LIVE. Don't bees sad! You get one Blookbuck every five minutes da stream is OFFLINE too. Lurk to become a Blookinaire! TEM SHOP Raffle #1 Personal Tactical Maid APPEARANCE: (Rance/ランス) Winner: SpyderPug DATE: Jan 24, 2015 TICKETS: 300 TEM SHOP Raffle #2 Oxen Wagon RV APPEARANCE: (Oregon Trail) Winner: darthmocha DATE: Jan 30, 2015 TEM SHOP Raffle #3 Robo Dog X4 Fission batteries not included. APPEARANCE: (Mega Man 4) Winner: illdred DATE: Feb 6, 2015 TEM SHOP Raffle #4 Tsunderplane Secretly wants your cute Li'l UFO babies. APPEARANCE: (Undertale) Winner: shwepie DATE: Feb 14, 2015 TEM SHOP Raffle #5 Super Kaiju Kinder Surprise What's inside is a delishitable mystery! APPEARANCE: (Yoshi's Island) Winner: DATE: Feb 21, 2015