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  1. That's pretty cool, although it is a shame you stopped the shading after his eye.
  2. Oh, and since I'll likely be permabanned before the night is out, anyone know of any other good forums, perhaps pokemon based?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Ponargonian


      Oh, you're right, I'm so sorry.

    3. Ponargonian


      I should blame this all on you, then delete any evidence that it happened and give a half-assed explanation about why it's okay,then yell at anyone who protests.

    4. Yukumazi


      You really need to stop this attitude. Keep your opinions on the staff to yourself. If you actually do care, you posted a opinion in a thread that had no REASON to be shared. if not, oh well I won't judge any actions you throw upon yourself. it's your life.

  3. *Bzzt* Yes, welcome back. Everything here is perfect as usual. Our glorious moderators have been hard at work expelling those who work to destroy and offend the forum. Enjoy your stay.
  4. Got my first ever warning point,

  5. I've never been particularly fond of steel. Its pokemon always seemed like downgraded existing rock types to me. Also I now have a Shiny Noivern named Petra.
  6. So, anyone wanna tell me what that was all about?

    1. Ponargonian


      Why with all the bannings lately?

    2. Simple


      We've had some people misbehaving/being dicks, it's all behind now

  7. Yeah, the same way I'd pick sceptile so I'd stand no chance against quagsire.
  8. >Steel I also like being curb stomped by every fire type ever.
  9. But what about everyone's favorite, broken stained glass window?
  10. Fairy'll almost certainly get more popular as it gets more terrible pokemon. Also lel at your steam icon being Iris.
  11. I'd say ice is a fairly rare favorite as well. I guess it makes sense, the only job they do better than water is one-shotting 60% of the existing dragons, and even most water types can reliably do that. But I figured sneasel would make it more popular, especially since it has one of the best shinies in the game.
  12. After the Dark Absolutely terrible 3/10
  13. My favorite part of SOA was when the main character decided he wanted to win and so was able to instantly fix everything ever.