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  1. ....Boo are you terrified yet?

    1. Sound Wave

      Sound Wave

      HOLY SHIT!!!!

      damn, dood, don't scare me like that.

  2. *comes back on ponyville sees updates* Nope goodbye

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    2. Xenmas


      If it does, we're not liable.

      Read the damn contract, people!

    3. Daring


      Someone invent a safety door, dammit!

    4. Owonyc
  3. so...been you guys doing...

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    2. Cha


      Long time no see King, I'm alright.

    3. King Specter™

      King Specter™

      Its good to see you guys again :)

    4. Sonic Rain

      Sonic Rain

      I missed you....we should talk more, do you have a skype?

  4. Everything is different now....

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    2. Owonyc


      is that a good or a bad thing?

    3. Apple


      -_- it's you again... Nemesis !!!

    4. Ponargonian


      He's a pig, so that's a good thing.

  5. I HAVE HICCUPS!!!!!

    1. Lookie


      Hiccups is nothing. Try coughing,sneezing and having hiccups all at once... Bad stuff man...

  6. I've been so tired the past week....I don't know why...

  7. And they said I was crazy

  8. Can I haz your money? :3

  9. Everyone looks nice today c:

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    2. King Specter™

      King Specter™

      Are you sure? If I made you mad I'm sorry.... if I didn't I'm glad! :D

    3. Coffey


      Mad, pfft, nah. You're fine.

    4. King Specter™
  10. I showed my mom meet the pyro....

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    2. Apple


      King ! You back ! What was the reaction ?

    3. King Specter™

      King Specter™

      She thought it was funny....and then relized how sad it was....

    4. Suitaloo
  11. Soooo I just fell face first on the floor and my nose was bleeding soooo fun! :\

  12. Its almost 6:00AM I cant sleep...

    1. Suitaloo


      Then drink some coffee! That puts me to sleep!

  13. I need something to wake me up tired... :|

    1. Trickiert
    2. ÎÎÎÎÎ


      You should read creepypastas

    3. King Specter™

      King Specter™

      I don't wanna be up all night now do I Malcolm :3

  14. My head hurts, I'm tired, I wanna million dollars, I want this I want that THIS is what I've been getting all day :/

  15. Hur dur its the 4th but no one cares!

  16. I might dye my hair blue.....just cause

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    2. Suitaloo


      Granted, I don't really have any hair TO dye, but still.

    3. Haze


      I can't decide on a dye color so I just want a Kabuki wig

    4. King Specter™

      King Specter™

      I might get my dad to do it he usually does my mom's :P

  17. Poor raincloud.... :/

  18. I feel stupid....I don't know why I just do :/

  19. I hate when I got nothing to do....

    1. nope


      Do ponies! ...why are you looking at me like that?

    2. Trickiert
  20. Cant sleep :/

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    2. Sonic Rain
    3. Pencil Doodle®
    4. nope


      Damn it, WYW beat me to it. Oh well, hope you manage to sleep soon enough *hugs*