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  1. Random Rant Time! - Why do people feel the need to advertise themselves on YouTube? (Those people who make those stupid long-winded comments saying "Hey, watch my shit" or inbox you because they want exposure) If you make legitimately good content, people will find you and watch you. Rant over.

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    2. MrKenyon


      So, if a person is lacking in the Talent and Luck depts, they're naturally going to try and boost the one you can control: Presence, getting your face out there, being known. It's why I throw my readings at EQD, it's why many of the Tumblrpons tend to group up, all to get your brand in front of the largest amount of people possible.

    3. Krauser


      Just a bit of clarification, since things were worded poorly due to tired brain. I more so meant when it comes to people going on really big name channels and basically saying "Hey, this dude you're here to watch is cool and all, but I'm cool too so I'm gonna make spam comments hoping people will see me." It's made even worse when people aren't actually good, but think they are. Then there are the people who just start a channel and see a video of yours and say...

    4. Krauser


      -- say "Hey, nice vid. Come check out my stuff on 'x' game, and lemme know what you think" or the whole sub 4 sub gimmick. Those kinda things annoy me. I understand how it can be hard to be noticed. I hate that it's that difficult, even when you put out really good content, but it also doesn't help to go onto bigger people's things and advertise yourself... that tends to end poorly in most cases.

  2. The more I look at this site, the more I think to myself "Hey, be more active on here." Then I go play something and forget until the next time, in which the cycle repeats again.

  3. This may or may not have been said, but when people act like they know everything, and then get pissy at you when they are proved wrong. My brother does this all the time. I freaking hate it.
  4. It sounds like it might also be multiple personality disorder. If one of your sides is hopelessly depressed then you may need to either find a way to repress it as much as possible, or perhaps see if you can get a counselor or someone with more experience in this kind of situation to help you out. Acoording to what you've said, your life could depend on it.
  5. Mine is pretty much a tie between Magician Faust from Legend of Dragoon, or Seymour from FFX. Both fights have had me throwing my controller out of rage at least once.
  6. Hi guys! After spilling Coke on my laptop and waiting for a few weeks, I'm finally back. I missed you guys!

    1. Cyni


      we missed you too.

    2. Ponargonian


      Why would you use drugs near a laptop?

  7. Friends will always worry about friends, 'tis our nature. I'm deeply sorry to hear about that. If you want someone to talk to, no matter what it's about, I'm always willing. :)
  8. INFP: The Dreamer/Idealist. Sums me up pretty well. Introversion: 60%iNtutitive: 50%Feeling: 50%Perceiving: 60%
  9. No matter how dangerous they seem or really are, with the amount of allies the US has there is no way we could be attacked without retaliation, especially if it were a nuclear attack. That being said, if North Korea were to have secret allies (who? I have no bloody idea. Kim Jong Un is a madman, so it's best to be wary of any and all possibilities.) they probably would not be that large of a force to deal with. With everything that's been stated earlier in this topic it's quite clear any and all attacks would fail, although there could be some collateral damage in the process. North Korea won't win any war they start.
  10. That is a really interesting thought. Gonna go ponder that one for a bit.
  11. So, I assume most of you know what the multiverse is. If you don't, it's basically a theory that states we exist in more realities than just what we perceive. Scientists have been working to prove this and are seemingly on the right track. My crackpot theory is that it isn't just scientists who have started to perceive these alternate and possibly completely strange worlds, but in fact most authors, TV show creators, movie directors, etc. This is something I've thought of for a while but haven't really found a way to put it simply. I'll try my best anyways. As stated earlier, the multiverse is just multiple universes existing simultaneously, but these can all be incredibly different compared to one another. Say Martin Luther didn't write the 95 theses. The world could be incredibly different. Say someone found advanced technology and used it to create a super robot in the 1950's (strange example, but it's all I can think of), the world could therefore be run over by robots who exterminate all humans on sight. Now, what if there were a universe full of technicolor ponies, or a boy who could use a watch to transform to alien races, and someone happened to find a mirror or some other catalyst to see into said dimension. They could bring it back and create something that could possibly become incredibly popular and make money off of what is only an alternate reality when put side by side with ours. Since this is so... convoluted I felt Randumb would be a good spot for it. TL;DR Authors, TV writers, game designers, etc. may actually be peering into alternate realities to get their ideas. Any thoughts on my weird theory?
  12. Kochi's post is the first spoiler. My image is the second one. Kochi= Luna, I= Celestia
  13. This is the final boss in Devil May Cry 2. Took me approx. 1 minute to kill it.
  14. I personally thought the jump to Rapture was kinda cool, because it's basically an identical, yet different universe. There are some things floating around that say Elizabeth was a little sister in Rapture, and Booker was Jack (I believe that was the protagonist of the first BioShock game). I will agree with the statement that Songbird's death was kinda... weak, considering how horrifying it was the first time you see it. I believe there was a voxophone somewhere in the game talking about Big Daddies and how Songbird was somewhat similar to them, in it's design. On that note, quick question: Was Songbird a human inside a suit, or completely animatronic? On topic of enemies, and the frequency of spawn, specifically Handymen, I'd say it was a bit low to me. Handymen seemed to be such a big part of the trailer that showed off Bucking Bronco, so it was disappointing to not see them often ingame. The Vigor users were not very difficult once Bucking Bronco was obtained, which also was somewhat disappointing. Hopefully 1999 mode makes them more challenging even after Bucking Bronco is obtained.