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  1. would play with you guys, but cant because real life and bitches. If my schedual lets me i can play medic for you guys or any class really expect solly and demo
  2. ill see it on the field, yes i am doubting you
  3. Before we do some shit, i need to see how everyone plays tf2, we should play a lobby or some shit. Long story short, i need to examine each players play style. i already know how sparks play since we've played 6s. That means you toast.
  4. So i cant post anything or change my photos or even go into chat for some reason. might as well not even be here

    1. Cinnamon Groove

      Cinnamon Groove

      Try clearing your cache and cookies and such.

  5. So whats gonna happen are we gonna merge with UFF or what cause if not, cause if not this team is in the brink of breaking up. If we do merge we need to discuss roster changes.
    1. Screwsies


      You would make a really good Marshall IMO, you both look similar

  6. yes.....let the butthurt flow
  7. Looking for a Tossle cap Planeswalker Goggles Baker Boy Hot Dogger Scout items in general Selling Demo Bird Aberdeen :]
  8. Way ahead of you bra, mge, Dm servers, Pugs. from my experience i dont recommend lobbies just due to the fact that its basically pubbing without crits and spread. if we are to lobbie i suggest we do it as a group that way we all have practice and are getting used to each others play style.
  9. so uff and pghp merging, inb4 roster changes and someones butthurt, inb4 its me :[
  10. Toast does not want to be leader of this team, Sparks droppped to become better, and Kman has a tiny penis. This Team is going nowhere...........
  11. punctuality is fine everyone has real life issues and sometimes cant make it competence is fine we dont need you to be great, just show dedication and effort but you need loyalty in this team. we cant have you in mid season and decide to quit because you found another team or you just dont want to. im sorry but you cant join this team.