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  1. Hey guys, anyone remember me? Long time no see!

    1. McCloud


      Also, when did I change my profile pic to that? xD

    2. Zari Puff

      Zari Puff

      You must have done it while under the influence of those mushrooms Mario gave you. (Also, hi! And welcome back.)

  2. *sigh* I have to interview someone about their career but I don't know anyone I could interview, and even if I could I dont think they are going to want to be interviewed at 10 pm at night *sigh* I guess I am doomed to fail this assighnment :(

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    2. McCloud


      It's basically a speech

    3. Coffey


      Just believe in yourself! BE THE INTERVIEWER.

    4. CloudMistDragon


      Harness your inner strength, you can do it!

  3. Is it possible to be allergic to allergy medicine?

    1. Krauser


      You can indeed be allergic to one or multiple of the substances within the medicine.

  4. Is Sonic Generations worth the money?

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    2. Noobvig


      I'd say stick to colors. All it does is rehash levels and play off of peoples nostalgia. The soundtrack would be worth the money, but not the full game. Plus it's really short. Again, sonic colors is a lot more fun, in my opinion.

    3. Ponargonian


      Eeeeeeeew, Sanic.

    4. Rad-man
  5. Does anyone know of any scary games I could play? i'm really starting to get bored...

  6. My friend says he isn't allowed to play or watch Pokemon because it's "demonic". How is Pokemon suppose to be demonic? Is it because there are ghost type Pokemon?

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    2. Daring


      As I said, people apparently forgot that Japan doesn't believe in God or Satan.

    3. Cinnamon Groove

      Cinnamon Groove

      My mother-in-law was all over my wife (this was years before we were married) when she got into pokemon back in the day. Something about the summoning of 'monsters' being a gateway to demonology and satanism.

      My wife finally did give in and got rid of most of her cards. This was after winning a few tournaments, and part of a deal to get her own dog, so she didn't feel too bad about it.

    4. Rainbro Dash

      Rainbro Dash

      There is a breed of Christians (and other religions) that finds anything outside of the Bible to be satanic.

      Pretty much everything under the sun has been given that label by someone, including MLP.

  7. I have mild necrophobia (fear of dead things) and severe Social Phobia ( fear of being humiliated or embaressed in social situations, also known as social anxiety disorder) and also somewhat severe Thanatophobia (fear of dying)
  8. Oh god, theres a blizzard outside!

  9. Ugh, I got a sudden pain in my lower right abdomen

    1. Cinnamon Groove

      Cinnamon Groove

      That could be your appendix. You may want to have it looked at if it is an extreme or persistant pain.