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  1. Related
  2. Ace Attorney 123: Wright Selection headed to 3ds in japan. Come on western release. Not a big loss if it doesn't but still.

  3. Sleep, work, and off to best buy to grab a ton of eShop cards.

  4. This holiday eShop music is wonderful. :D

  5. This is a song about pirates that get flung back in time and kill all of the vikings because gold.
  6. Gettin hype for that.
  7. Season 4 is almost upon us. I'm glad I only just noticed, makes the waiting seem shorter.

  8. Maybe if you spent half as much time looking at the good in them instead of looking for faults to make fun of you would have a better outlook.
  9. Work is rough this week. At the school where all the co workers talk behind each others backs. Good thing I'm just a sub custodian.

  10. So Swapnote's been nerfed. That was weird to type. http://www.nintendo.com/whatsnew/detail/UHQZFP2Jxcll_Vm-PsZpxNIK5920bRRK

    1. Rapidkirby3k


      Damn. =( I got the notification just now.

  11. I'm really trying to like Sonic Lost World. But I kind of don't want to even finish it.

    1. Noobvig


      I know exactly how you feel.

    2. Rad-man


      It's good to know someone does. Miiverse seems to be in love with it. Somehow.

    3. Noobvig


      It's a new sonic game. This has been happening for a while. Give it a month and noone will remember this one. Until the sequel comes out. Hopefully the sequel will fix the loose controls.

  12. Been having a blast with Pokemon. I'm actually going out and catching more teams for once.

  13. Recently I got a second job as a school custodian, which forced my job at the store to give me a (somewhat) fixed schedule. It's something that I haven't had since early High school, which is great. I define my day as from when I wake up to when I go to sleep. Weekdays 5:30am wake up (If I work at 7, sometimes I don't work til 10) 6:00am wake up again because I fell back asleep, Watch tv or Youtube subs to stay awake. 7:00am go to work (store) 1:00pm come home, check Internet, charge phone and 3ds, change clothes 2ish go to work (custodial) 11:00pm go home, shower, mess around on the internet, play games, draw, whatever really 1:30am Realize it's 1:30 and I should be sleeping lest I be exhausted the next day. Repeat until weekend Saturday Noonish, wake up after catching up on Sleep debt Noonish-6pm Be a lazy pile of lazy 6pm Have friends over if possible, hang til 3am If friends don't show, I continue to be lazy until Toonami comes on at 11, where I still be lazy but this time while watching TV. 5am, Sleep Sunday Noonish, maybe even around 2, wake up Be lazy and consume media all day. 11pm, contemplate going to bed for work. 1am, go to bed for work.