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  1. Is there an edit button for posts?

    1. Rainy


      There is an edit button, but it disappears after a certain number of hours. This is to prevent people who post content warranting an infraction from covering it up before Moderators see it, or retroactively when appealing a ban.

    2. Whatever You Want

      Whatever You Want

      Is it supposed to be enabled in PMs? I don't think it was before the UI change.

  2. Noisy neighbours at 3am. Urge to kill, rising...

    1. woodledoodledoodledoodle


      There's this game called Party Hard...

  3. For anyone who isn't aware, Steam fucked up and private information is at risk. The advice floating around is not to login, logout, access the store or change user settings. People are losing money from this so be careful and keep a close eye on your finances. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!

  4. Funny thing about that, TPP was around then too. Few news sources reported on it, but the few that did all agreed that TPP was worse than SOPA/PIPA.
    1. woodledoodledoodledoodle


      I don't even live in the States. You don't even live in the states.

    2. Yoko


      just pressed the button,rip

    3. Whatever You Want

      Whatever You Want


      If you're so confident, why don't you press the button?

  5. This looks bad, even by Steam Greenlight standards: http://store.steampowered.com/app/331200/

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    2. Hazard Time

      Hazard Time

      Jim Sterling reviewed it a while ago

    3. ---


      I love that the top review is from one of the developers.

    4. Lord Nanfoodle

      Lord Nanfoodle

      I would like to be grass. :3

  6. Friendly reminder that the first chapter of Higurashi is out on Steam in a couple of hours. Definitely worth it.

  7. So does this make "memegame" an actual and acceptable term now? http://store.steampowered.com/tag/en/Memes/

  8. https://i.imgur.com/axYafAR.png Not the most honourable way to die (ironic for a samurai)
  9. I don't suppose anyone knows a way of blocking the "Early Access" games on Steam from appearing on the store and in my queue?

  10. I did. First episode was pretty good, not what I was expecting at all (I picked it up under the pretense of cute girls in a motorbike gang) although not sure if that was for the better. Looks pretty, the animation during that fight scene was great. Since I'm here, let me shill Death Parade. It's a series based on an entry in the 2013 Anime Mirai called Death Billiards (which is fantastic, highly recommend everyone watches it) and the first episode lived up to my expectations. Calling it now, AOTS.
  11. An obvious choice but an essential one Open Your Heart was pretty great too.
  12. I've only had the problem when using custom lists, if you're using Adblock vanilla then you should be okay.
  13. GJ-bu was fantastic, comfy done right. If you liked that then try Dogakobo's other manga adaptations, they seem to have a nack for that kind of genre.
  14. He's probably using his own list which blocks something on here and breaks it. It happened to me a while back on another computer when I was using the Fanboy Ultimate List. This site doesn't have adverts, so it's not like it matters.
  15. Disabling ABP should work.
  16. I've been using the site in Firefox for years and I haven't noticed anything that looks "broken". Can you elaborate?
  17. Creepy Steeple - Paper Mario TTYD Well you posted the eeriest TTYD music, but River Twygz from Super Paper Mario was even eerier (it even creeped me out when I was young) Anyway, Umineko soundtrack time because I'm biased as fuck.
  18. It's irritating the way that Steam automatically assumes that I'm a southern pansy. http://i.imgur.com/DP35z8x.png