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  1. oh god im afarid of what ship fanfics are gonna happen with the cheeze sandwhich episode i can feel the fandom now

  2. looking forward to the interaction between pinkie and Werid AL
  3. and just like that we gonna have season 5

  4. Enjoyed the rarity episdoe

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    2. Whatever You Want

      Whatever You Want

      Kumar knows what's up.

    3. Screwsies


      Kumar is right.

    4. Ponargonian


      Obviously you're jellyfish of how dragons are 2 OP and you can't ever beat them without other dragons plz nurv

  5. well wired al is gonna be a guest voice star on episode 11 of mlp im curious to see how him and pinkie get along or what they are gonna do fun

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    2. JustANerdyBrony


      oh gotcha well to each his own i just curios about what will happen thats all

    3. Starbuck™


      The Bronys have been waiting years for this to happen.

    4. JustANerdyBrony
  6. lol wow so now i know XD

  7. Tomorrow is the day everybodys been wasting for

    1. Screwsies


      We've been wasting away for the weekend

    2. Ponargonian


      Everybody's worsting for the weekend!

    3. JustANerdyBrony


      i meant waiting for lol

  8. Good CMC ep enjoyed it throughout now the next one is the power ponies (inb4 people starts to make power rangers references and Justice league references.)
  9. great episode loved daring do she might become my fav pony behind pinkie
  10. Sadly im gonna miss it but at least i got it dvred