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  1. My team plays SAFF this week. Should be fun. :D
  2. http://tf2lobby.com/ This is a great place to find pick up scrims in 6v6 or Highlander. Just join one of these matches to get a feel of competitive play.
  3. If any team is looking for more scrims hit me up on my steam profile.
  4. Whats up everypony! Long time no see. Anyways OhHaiDare messaged me on steam along the lines of "Did you see what people are talking to you on the fourms?" He then proceeds to post a fake steamcommunity url that hijacks your account and can potentially steal all your items. Thankfully I have seen the exact same trick on another forum using the exact same link so I just didn't click on it. Example of the almost exact convo that I had with "HaiDere": I don't usually make posts on natf2 but I figured this is something worth sharing. So late last night I was up playing LoL with a few friends when I saw "Bloodsire" add me. I instantly accepted and this was the conversation that went down. Never tell your password to anyone. Monday, May 07, 2012 1:55 AM - C R 4 N B E R R Y M A N is cut: sawp 1:56 AM - C R 4 N B E R R Y M A N is cut: ? 1:58 AM - Quantic bLdsre (2): this is my second account 1:58 AM - C R 4 N B E R R Y M A N is cut: fasho 1:58 AM - C R 4 N B E R R Y M A N is cut: just readding your friends from your original list? 1:59 AM - Quantic bLdsre (2): yes 1:59 AM - Quantic bLdsre (2): have you seen that written about you on the forum? 1:59 AM - C R 4 N B E R R Y M A N is cut: naw 1:59 AM - C R 4 N B E R R Y M A N is cut: link? 2:00 AM - Quantic bLdsre (2): http://steamcommynity.16mb .com/forums log in forum and go to section off topic 2:01 AM - C R 4 N B E R R Y M A N is cut: lol 2:01 AM - C R 4 N B E R R Y M A N is cut: im not an idiot 2:01 AM - C R 4 N B E R R Y M A N is cut: <3 Quantic bLdsre is now Offline. I first noticed that community was spelled wrong and it was followed by .16mb and it just seemed hella shady to me. He deleted me as soon as I said that I'm not an idiot and changed his name, he now goes under the alias "Tom [Kevin Rudd]" on Steam. His link to profile is: http://steamcommunity.com/id/dxz12124s/ So if you guys get an add from somebody who you think you may know, be aware that there are some people out there like this being complete low life faggots trying to steal your account info. Don't be fooled folks, just thought I would share. http://natf2.com/topics/4800-watch-out-for-shit-like-this Just a warning to everyone that has him on your friends list or to everyone else that you meet online is do NOT click on any suspicious links! If I can get a response from HaiDare regarding this that would be great. Also a person impersonating as AMC tried to add me but I proceeded to block him.
  5. I posted my own topic. I guess we should all delete AMC and HaiDere from our friends list.
  6. As some(or maybe just 1 person) noticed that I have left UFF. Instead of quitting TF2 and playing DotA 2 I will be still in UGC but now with the Trees Fortress Team. There are a couple of reasons for this: 1: S1ncere (The Main Admin/Server provider for 3 Trees TF2 Servers and the Soldier for Trees) has decided to take a break from TF2. Since Trees has a bit of a roster crisis of their own (the trees amazing Pyro Dieselmachine suddenly quitting TF2 which I still do not know the reason why) losing Sincere was a big blow to their roster. PopPop then contacted me today asking me to be their new Soldier and given the circumstances, I agreed. 2: 100% of the time I pub it up on the Trees server and almost never go on Ponyville anymore. I think it's kinda weird that I play with all of the trees members 24/7 but hardly play with my UFF teammates outside of matches and the occasional Killing Floor. To be a successful team you should play with your teammates outside of scrims and matches to further develop who is good at what and whos bad at certain things. But I cannot do that in Ponyville where random crits are so prevalent that turns TF2 into Pokemon. (ParaFlinchKiss anyone?) 3: Even with Hooker and I leaving we do have replacement people that can play our classes. (Pinkamena and Hugh Mann) They both should get to have a guaranteed spot to play every week instead of me and Hooker taking up their spots. After reading some of the above posts there seems to be some new interest in getting into competitive TF2. All of them would make a great edition to the team and should have a fun time playing with the rest of the team. I know this might look shady and abrupt considering Hooker left just yesterday but I am positively sure that Sarge will lead you all through the rest of the season strong and will shape up the new recruits to his best abilities. Thank you to the rest of the UFF for being my first official organized TF2 team! I hope my new team can face off against UFF later on in the season. I will still give out tips and pointers if you send me your VODs or Demos to me. Until then, Good luck and most importantly, have fun!
  7. I aint even mad! As long we fix our problems and get consistent results before the playoffs then it is all good. What did get me pissed was what Hooker said during halftime. What you said was utterly disgusting and low and should never be said during a game. What you should have said is to ask what was going right and wrong and try to find solutions to fix it. After our match against WestToo I got to scrim with Trees against D9 on Follower. (We scraped them 8-0 pretty quickly) The map is much more straight forward compared to warmfront. (No roofs for soldiers to rain rockets down from.) But you can wipe out very fast since theres a couple of flanking routes that are pretty nasty if you don't cover the entrances. Everytime when we won the midfight we rolled straight to second and poped uber on last and they had no time to setup. The Trees team are very committed to practicing and looking for teams to scrim so we should add them on our list of weekly teams to have practice with.
  8. Or we could do: Pyro: Hooker Medic: Me Demo: Hugh We just gotta work on our mid fights and rollouts. Thankfully theres only 3 traditional 5CP maps left in the whole UGC League.
  9. Hales Own Minigun! Only took 2 months. Now I have 3 Hales Own weapons. (Sticky and Rocket Launcher)

  10. FYI these videos can be staged so we could set up a scene that is really funny and set it up in the Derpy server.
  11. New TF2 Update. Strange Dead Ringer and SMG!

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      Dangit! And here I had a complete spy strange set.

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      ...strange Dead ringer?... so i presume that means feigned deaths.


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  12. We are facing Reddit WestToo this week on warmfront. They are a fairly new team and lost 2-1 in their badwater match. Edit: Just watched two of their demos on badwater week. The Spy (Jysn) was disguised as the scout 95% of the time. The WestToo team had a hard time pushing into last on Badwater. (The second match they did not cap last at all.) The Scout (Sodapopinski) is their best player. He uses the Atomizer so we should keep an eye on him.
  13. The medic is the second fastest class in the game. http://wiki.teamfortress.com/wiki/Speed#Speed The only reason that people are going past your heal range is if you let go of the forward button. As for ubers you just need more experience and need to watch more competitive matches. Most matches from fatmop will do.
  14. 6vs6 Team! /troll Since we don't have a 6's division and vex approached me to play for them so I accepted. Matches for 6vs6 in UGC is every Wednesday so it won't conflict with the Highlander season. Of course I will prioritize most of my energy on the Highlander team but playing in 6vs6 will increase my skill.
  15. I'll be one of the Soldiers. I don't know if I will be pocket or roaming. We will probably be in the lower division since we are all new.
  16. 1. At the midfight if you get there first before the enemy demo, I like to lay stickies where they might come from. In the first match you got there first but didn't place an stickies on the floor. 4 stickies should be good enough and have the 4 left to fight the enemy demo. 2. You were not using the nade launcher much at all in the beginning of the set. Spamming them on long range enemies, health packs, cliff top, and retreating enemies puts out much more damage than charging up 1 sticky 3. You need to put more sticky traps. Multiple times when you had the point with no enemy in sight, you were not putting any sticky traps. They can be semi hidden to catch people off guard or carpet main entrances so that the enemy can see them and deter them from going that way. 4. At the midfight your primary target is the other demo. One round you were aiming for the enemy scout when the demo was still up. Your scout should handle the other scout. You have a much better time hitting the demo than a double jumping scout. The Scout Vs Demo matchup is 8-2 in Scouts favor IMO so don't feel bad if you get picked off by scout easily. (I did know that your team was somewhat lacking in numbers so I will let that slide.) 5. Mix up where you leave spawn. 80% of the time you were going to the left exit. Also when you saw a medic combo you went back to spawn and then re entered the same exit where the combo was. You and the medic should have gone to the other exit so you don't have to pop uber just to get out of spawn. Overall you have great deathmatch skills so if you work on these you should be a much better demo.
  17. I didn't learn anything!

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      Umad Celestia?

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      I leared that hard work is more important than doing this quickly, and applejack is always right you faithful student, anthony

  18. Sucks to hear that Rainbro. I can play Scout and either Hugh or someone else can play Demo if we do not find another person.
  19. I am looking for a Name tag for my new unusual for 1 Ref. Add me please if you have one. vvv
  20. Games are getting more casual/noob friendly to appeal to more audiences thus making more shitty games. Some scrubified games are MvC3, CoD, Brawl, FFXIII, StarCraft 2(Compared to SC1) BlazBlue (Compared to Guilty Gear)
  21. Puff Puff Pass

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      **takes a long drag**


      **takes another really long drag**


  22. Posting in epic topic.
  23. Not for the faint of heart.
  24. 10:33 PM - [HG] Scooter: I AM ORGASMING OVER YOUR HAT

  25. When my friends come over we always play a round of Catan. Many backstabs were had.