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  1. Haha, but you did catch me a little off guard, I should of "INB4'd" it ^__-
  2. I actually beat you both to it... Cause I was implying the pun from the very beginning :3
  3. I am still alive, if anyone cared to know :3 Just haven't been that active around the forums for quite sometime now... Hows everypony been?
  4. Working On Music :/

    1. Rapidkirby3k


      That reminds me, I should get back into music.

  5. My debut EP is finally out now! SoundCloud EP Set: Youtube Channel: Hope you guys enjoy my tunes! Love you all, - SMOR3S - Kevin -
  6. I am putting together a Saorin cosplay for Canterlot Gardens. I went to my local Army surplus store, and bought some military clothing. I currently have: 1x Black DSCP Military Dress Pants 1x Baby Blue Citadel Air Force Short Sleeve Shirt: http://www.militaryu...ned-patches.jpg 1x Marlow White Air Force Coat: (This is the closest I could find:) http://cdn.marlowwhi...0/9/09k-800.png (Mine doesn't have the top pockets, or the sleeve strips.) 1x Black Dress Shoes What I still need: 2x Wonderbolt shoulder patches: (Idk if I should get these:) http://ethepony.ecra...-emblem-patch-4 (Or these:) http://ethepony.ecra...ts-circle-patch I think the first ones look a lot better. 1x Blue Spikey Wig: (Preferably something like this:) http://browse.devian...osplay#/d4d6qbt 1x Goggles (Preferably kind of steampunkish, but not extreme steampunk.) 2x Green Contacts (Soarin's eye color.) 1x Wig Cap A lot of Air Force ribbons racks, and medals + shoulder strips for the inside shirt. 1x Black tie (Having a hard time finding a really nice one locally, so I might have to get one online.) 1x Fake apple pie: (I could only find a slice, but it's so expensive:) I'll keep this thread updated with pictures, once I get my cosplay put together more. /)
  7. Hey everypony! SMOR3S here! I am making this thread to update everyone on the progress of my first ever pony EP, self titled "SMOR3S" The EP will feature some great artists, and voice actresses like "BaldDumboRat", and "PrinceWhateverer" Here is the track list: (I will update each song as I go) 1.) Dubstep With Derpy - SMOR3S: (Not Finished) 2.) Derpstep - SMOR3S: (Unmastered) 3.) Between Fairytales and Happy Endings - SMOR3S REMIX: (Not Finished) 4.) Acoustic Original, about Derpy Hooves: (Not Yet Titled, Not Finished) Keep up the support! Love you all! If you guys want to! Stay connected with me on my social networks!... Fan Page: https://www.facebook...315582915124374 Twitter: SoundCloud: Youtube:
  8. Got a new EP cover thanks to "steffy-beff" on Deviant Art! Go check her out here: give her a watch! she deserves it /)
  9. :3 I almost forgot today was DA's 12 year anniversary.. It's cool that everyone gets free premium today though... I might go ahead and draw something pony related to celebrate..
  10. ElectroHouse, House, and Dubstep
  11. The contest is still up and running...
  12. Then perhaps you are a Faggot? :O That looks yummy!! Is that Peas, Meat Loaf, and Mash Potatoes! GAAHH!!
  13. 1. Mac is good for compiling, ease of use, and coding... 90% of game, whether indie, or not, are compiled on a mac OS, due to Windows being so f'ing bloated.. 2. Windows works with 100% of everything... If you want something that works, then stick to Windows... 3. Linux is good.. It's fast, reliable, but DLL's, updates, and scripts can be a b**ch, if you not experienced with running a Linux distribution.. I run Pinguy OS.. It's an out of the box re-coded Unbuntu based distribution, that is fast, and good... I wouldn't use it for gaming, even though it comes with Wine/PoL reloaded, but it's good if you want something fast and reliable for everyday use... I use Windows for Gaming, CAD, Graphic Design, Drawing, Media, and Producing Music, cause all my audio equipment works fine with it... I know my MIDI Controllers and Audio interfaces work on MAC, but I already have a copy of Ableton for Windows, and I am so familiar with working around the hard ends of the OS... Linux uses a lot less resources, and if you are good at tweaking the OS, you can make it extremely fast, but for me Windows works fine... I know Dell is starting to ship OEM machines with Ubuntu, but it's far from a primary OS... Linux gets a lot of hate, but look at 90% of the market... WIndows and Max are good for Desktop machines.. Linux runs a lot better on Servers, Routers, Modems, Portable Devices.. Google OS is a Linux distribution... A lot of the household electronics you use, prob run a version of Linux... Hope this helps... - SMOR3S
  14. LOL! I like your perspective! <3 Misused words will be the death of us.. I swear :3
  15. The contest is still alive and strong!! If anyone has a spark of inspiration or talent!, come and show me what you got :3