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  1. My address bar doesn't always suggest the page I'm actually looking for, so I have to type the entire search term out by hand.
  2. Bogan (pronounced boh-gun). For anyone who isn't aware, it's an Australian slang term basically meaning white trash. Personally I find that it makes any sentence funnier.
  3. I want to go to a con this year, would be pretty cool. Any pictures? Unfortunately I only got two. One of the guy in the Fluttershy hoodie and one of the line so that I could show my parents how busy it was. I'm fairly shy in real life, and with this being my first convention and all, I was a bit nervous about asking for pictures. Sorry.
  4. I attended my first convention today. The experience was slightly marred by the fact that I got lost on the way and spent three hours walking around random suburbs in Perth looking for a train station, but after that it was excellent. I picked up some cool stuff and saw some great cosplays. I also got my first real-life brohoof from a guy in a Fluttershy hoodie. All in all a good day which I doubt I'll forget anytime soon.
  5. Looks like I'll be going to my first ever convention on Sunday. Kind of anxious about the crowds, but looking forward to it all the same.

  6. Endermen. In my experience, they've never blown my house up and killed me. And they're easier to avoid even if you do run into them. Paint or Glue?
  7. Panda Stapler or Tape Measure?
  8. Seal Orgy Drives Otter Insane T.R.U.S.T.T.H.E.W.R.I.T.E.R.S
  9. Maybe because last time I checked, this was a DISCUSSION forum and differing opinions are as valid as anybodies. Or is it that you think everyone is allowed to DISCUSS, as long as we all say the same thing and not openly disagree about anything without being ganged up on. Just from disliking one story arc, does not make anyone "ungrateful" and it just makes you look utterly ridiculous by saying that seeing most people have enjoyed 99% of everyone else that we have seen. Firstly, at no point have I said that people shouldn't express their opinions. If you actually read what I said, I said that when people repeatedly post negative opinions, it's just unnecessary. This is because it gets repetitive and contributes nothing to the discussion. You should know, how many times now have you made, or referenced something that has made, a "there is no Season 3" joke? By my last count it was at least once in every finale related thread. Since such posts almost never say anything other than "there is no Season 3", precisely what do you contribute to the conversation? And what about all the times that you just fabricate random shit with absolutely no proof solely for the sake of slagging off Season 3 or Hasbro? How exactly does that help anyone? Seriously, when you yourself are the ultimate proof of your opponent's argument, just drop it. Secondly, my comment about being ungrateful is completely unrelated to whether or not anyone enjoyed the finale. It doesn't rank all that high on my list either. What I'm saying is that complaining that the writers are making an effort to do the right thing by the viewers is ungrateful. And it is. If someone tries to do something that benefits you and you whinge about it, that's being ungrateful. Even if they're not explicitly doing it for you. If you're going to say that I look ridiculous, then try to avoid looking ridiculous yourself and attack me for something that I actually said.
  10. Alright, I'm a horrible liar and I'm responding one more time. So sue me! :P I never claimed you were an unhinged asshat. I did say spoiled brat, but so far as I know, the two aren't necessarily synonymous. I simply believe that your response to the writer's efforts was completely unreasonable. They're trying to do the right thing by the viewers in the circumstances and all they get is more criticism. I don't see how that's fair in any way and I stick by that. However, if there's blame to be laid here I'm prepared to accept the majority of it, because in all honesty I did overreact. I'm shit sick of the fandom's vocal minority spouting negative crap while the rest of us are waiting patiently and just hoping things will be alright. That anger has been building up for a fair while now and I think that you were just unlucky enough to set it off with something relatively minor. This isn't an attempt to push blame onto you, incidentally. This is me acknowledging that what you did was comparatively minor and undeserving of my reaction, it just also happened to be the straw that broke that camel's back. I should have made a better effort to rein myself in and express myself in a more appropriate fashion, and now that I've had a good vent and calmed down (which takes a while, I admit), I'm prepared to apologise for not doing so. However, I still believe that the majority of what I said was fundamentally true, and I stick by it. Namely that repeatedly stating negative opinions, regardless of your right to do so, doesn't serve any useful purpose; and that it's ungrateful to complain about the fact that the writers are trying to do the right thing under the circumstances.
  11. Alright BrilliantTempest, this is the last response you'll get from me. I don't much care for your attitude. I don't much care for your method of 'debate'. Finally, I don't much care what you think of me at this point. I tried being respectful and civil, and just because I have criticisms of a show I love, does not mean that I am "Spoiled", "Ungrateful", nor does it mean that I am spouting "vitriolic, doom-and-gloom rubbish" or making "hasty, unfounded arguments" just because you do not like my opinions. I think that I represented my opinions in a well thought-out, well explained fashion. Further more, I think that I presented my present skepticism over the current direction of the show in a respectful way, if not slightly sarcastic I admit, without over-reacting, or claiming that the "Show was ruined"... Finally, I know that the writers don't have to do what I want, they have to do what their employers ask of them. However, nor do I have to accept without criticism everything they place before me. If I do not like something, I have the right and privilege of respectfully stating my opinions in an open forum of my peers, because I live in a 'free society' and not a country like China, or North Korea... I suppose what I'm saying in summation is thus; You have the right to call me a brat if you want, but I am the gentleman that will not stoop to such a level and retort likewise. Have a nice day. I have no problem with anyone stating their opinions, regardless of whether they're positive or negative. And I don't have any problem with your opinions either. I myself am somewhat uncertain about the future of the show and how the dynamic will work in future seasons. So you could even say that on some level, I agree with your opinions. I just don't care for your attitude. The writers are trying to make the best of a less-than-ideal situation, but rather than acknowledge that fact in any meaningful way you just chose to complain even more. Additionally, you were making unfounded assumptions (future episodes will be rushed, future seasons won't be as good) which helped no one in any way and only served to sour the mood. I imagine there are plenty of people here who were unsatisfied with the finale and/or Alicorn Twilight. They didn't express it by damning the future of the show and the writers' efforts to deal with the situation. I'm prepared to admit that I was perhaps somewhat overly confrontational in my responses to you, and I can apologise for that. But spoiled people piss me off, and even if you aren't actually spoiled you were doing an awfully good impression of it earlier. What word do you suggest for just swatting away any olive branch that's extended to you? It doesn't seem very grateful to me.
  12. Yeah, I had heard that. I think I also heard somewhere that Hasbro only ever planned three seasons initially (though don't quote me on that) which would go some way to explaining why they insisted on cramming Alicorn Twilight into Season 3, since they wanted to be sure they would get it in should anything happen to Season 4.
  13. An episode which actually explores Alicorns. So far there's little to no canon information regarding them. Only details regarding individuals. An episode which shows the spells that Celestia, Luna and Cadance created to become Alicorns (assuming they became Alicorns through that method). We know from Hearth's Warming Eve that unicorns controlled the sun and moon before Celestia and Luna came along, so it seems unlikely that they created spells for doing that. It seems likely that Cadance created the love spell that she uses, but we've no evidence (especially if my thoughts regarding Celestia and Luna are correct) that an Alicorn's cutie mark has any impact on the magic that they can create, so she may have done something else. An episode focusing on the book from Twilight's library that was used in Too Many Pinkie Pies and Magic Duel. Considering the sort of information that was in it, it seems odd that it was never given any backstory. A demonstration of what Twilight's created magic actually does. It was never shown in action in Magical Mystery Cure, she just recited it and it made the Elements of Harmony go haywire. My guess is that that isn't its actual purpose, so it'll be interesting to see what it's meant to do. Though to be fair, most (if not all) of those things seem like the sort of thing that might be in the season premiere.
  14. Meghan McCarthy has stated that she views this episode as the first of a three-parter, so I wouldn't be slagging it off on that basis just yet. It's true that they were forced to cram the entire ascension thing into a single episode, but by the looks of it we haven't quite seen the end of it. So I can hope for two more rushed episodes? Luna, would you care to present our response? Forgive me if I look away while you utterly rape logic and common sense. There is absolutely no reason to believe that the first two episodes of next season will be rushed. For the finale of Season 3 the writers were forced, directly or not, to cram what should have been at least a two-parter into a single episode. To fix it, they're going to use the first two episodes of next season to (hopefully) clarify and expand upon the idea. I would've thought that the appropriate reaction would be "well that's something", not juvenile, pessimistic whinging. Well, aside from the blatant rudeness within, which I don't much appreciate...I do believe that there is precedence to worry about Season 4 being rushed. I think that Sir Robin said it well; much of Season 3 seemed rushed. Unlike in previous seasons, I only really enjoyed two episodes, half of the season was alright, and the remaining half was mediocre, mostly because it felt rushed. So, why should I expect Season 4 to be any different? I was rude because people who make hasty, unfounded arguments piss me off. And yes, your argument is unfounded. Even if you think Season 3 was rushed, you seemed to enjoy Seasons 1 and 2 well enough, which means that the creative team still has a pretty good success rate. And they've managed to do pretty well in Season 3 considering the limitations that have been forced on them. So even if you believe Season 3 to have been mediocre by the show's existing standards, there's still a long way to go before there'll be solid ground for believing future episodes will be rushed. All shows have their ups and downs. If you consider this season to be one of the downs, then you're entitled to that opinion. But crawling all over discussion threads spouting vitriolic, doom-and-gloom rubbish (which, if we're talking about things we don't appreciate, I don't appreciate) about the show being ruined forever isn't helping anyone. It wasn't mature or helpful when the finale came out, and it isn't mature or helpful now. The other reason I was rude is because you're just ungrateful. The creators were pressured into making Twilight an Alicorn in one episode, so they're throwing us a bone here by taking some more time next season to examine the whole situation. And all you can do is whinge. It's almost like watching a spoiled ten year old bitching out their parents for buying them the iPhone 4S instead of the iPhone 5. Sure, the writers didn't do exactly what you wanted, but at least they're trying. At least they're doing something. Nothing in their job description says they have to cater to us as a group at all, much less to you specifically. So remember that the next time you want to snark and snipe at their efforts and I might not have to be rude to you. Because I really have no polite words to waste on someone who carries on like a spoiled brat.
  15. Well hello there...