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  1. I wonder what gameplay would be like if Heavy Weapons Guy could turn invisible. (He can't spin up though)
  2. A duet song between Big Macintosh and Shining Armor about being bros.
  3. Big Mac isn't fat. He's just big boned, and that's no noodle!
  4. Nuance.
  5. Tee hee we're all grown men babbling like idiots It slaps me on the knee
  6. But it looks so boooorrrrringgg.... Whineywhineywhineywhinnnnee...
  7. You guys are gonna be my second proofread following after a once-over that was done by Applejinx on Ponychan. Critique, comment or appraisal is welcome on any and every aspect of what I've written, from the most nuanced line to the synopsis and title itself. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Teaser Image "Big Macintosh and Rarity flip minds and bodies. Thanks a lot, Trixie." Shipping/Friendshipping, Rated E for Everypony Big Macintosh, Rarity, TG&P Trixie, Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Fluttershy English, ~12,000 words, Incomplete Teaser text Story Link (GoogleDocs)
  8. I miss being able to rocketjump while carrying a sentry.
  9. I play with a vanilla scattergun in Team Fortress 2, as well as just a renamed stock Minigun. I also heartell that vanilla spy is the best spy loadout.
  10. My first usernames I invented when I was an idiot at the ripe old age of 14, which can still be seen on my Youtube, Steam, and CGsociety accounts, "Anarchemitis". When I joined HookedOnRailroads! (a fan forum for the Sid Meier's Railroads! video game) I thought and so I made my username "Red". However, three letters is too short on most forums. So the next one I joined, and the one after that, and now this one, I've been using "Blue". It's short, simple and easy to remember. My Avatar follows after a convention I've always had. "Use a picture of a human with facial hair and also looks at least 40 years older than anybody elses'"
  11. The Mane Cast inheirit traits of anywhere from the immaturity and naiivity of 15 to the responsibility and knowledge of 25, and it varies wildly from episode to episode. This is intentional because the main distinguishing feature about their maturity is to teach morals, not to commentate on adolsecence from an iron age point. The only things we know for certain: Fluttershy is 1 year older than Pinkie Pie Rarity and Cheerilee went to the same class in school Big Macintosh is older than Applejack Big Macintosh is age-appropriate for Cheerilee Gummi's birthday is the day before Pinkie Pie's
  12. Foreclosure, I am one of those who mostly considers Big Macintosh to be my favorite character. Firstly, Firstly, you'll sooner find me ice skating in hell than find me seriously entertaining the notion of any lesbian pairings in My Little Pony, pardon my candor. Being what I am, I simply do not think about it. Second, I know for a fact that I'm a rare breed when it comes to anyone who considers shipping because A. I have a theory that gives explaination as to why it is logical to assume all members of the Apple family are abstinent and B. I'm probably the only person who's ever thought of a truly original shipping storyline for a fan-fiction by way of having a commentary on Pre-arranged marriages. The latter detail there was more of an aside than anything. I theorize that the Apples, or at the very least Big Macintosh is abstinent (will not have sex until married) because he's probably been taught alongside and under his father who (fitting with the characterization) would have been either a very simple, straightforward practical thinker, or a complete promiscuous stud. If a simple pony, then he would have educated his young with something along the lines of "Females are complicated, relationships moreso, sex even moreso. Don't even start unless you're planning on getting yourself very involved, and otherwise the simplest solution is usually the easiest one." If the father was a stud, then Big Mac would have grown up in deliberate insubordination or spite of his father's mannerisms in order to avoid his negative traits (such as unfaithfulness or polygamy or whatever). If Big Macintosh is abstinent, it is also logical to assume that he is a virgin and inasmuch unlikely to simply go and take up any relationship willy-nily, therefore any of the main shippings for him (Cheerliee, Fluttershy, Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Pinkie Pie) stand on relatively equal ground for "likelihood".
  13. Her hooves would change into the shape of vinyl records so that she couldn't scratch. Her ears shrink so that her headphones don't work proper. Her ability to scratch flips backwards and she can only mix with her rear hooves.
  14. If Iron Will's techniques can work for a Grape, they can work for anypony.