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  1. Well I did not expect this post to get updated. I wanted keys but I was bested by time.
  2. I loved finding this gamemode, it was always fun to me, always fun to talk with the people on it. I would have played more but sometime before the Meat Your Match Update, some big update wiped my server favorites list and I constantly forgot to look for the VSP servers. I remember they used to be listed somewhere in plain sight on the site, but I guess I'll have to dig through the forums. Perhaps I'll have to do that soon, try and help stir the activity back up. ps cream cravy
  3. Woot woot! Today is my birthday!

    1. Pinkamena1


      happy late bday bbyyy :clopclop:

  4. Let's give Twitch a try! Trying the Sea of Thieves Open Beta again!

  5. Live Now! The Destiny 2 PC Beta! Come watch at

  6. Good morning everyone! I will be going live with the Destiny 2 PC Beta stream around 1PM EST, when Early Access starts. Stay tuned for the link to my channel.

  7. Howdy folks! So for those of you who don't know, tomorrow is the start of the Destiny 2 PC Beta. As I've been a fan of Destiny and am very excited for the PC version of the game, I will be streaming the game tomorrow as soon as possible. If, and I heavily emphasize IF, I get through most of what the Beta has to offer, we'll switch the stream over to Fallout 4 and go from there. Keep an eye out for links to my channel and I hope to see ya there.

  8. So I take it Rainy was updating something and that's why the site was down?

    1. Solar


      Raini had to update the game servers I believe, but as for the site, the provider got hit by a ransomware called "WannaCry",

    2. Green Leaf

      Green Leaf

      Bleck. That sucks. 

  9. They actually updated the game at the beginning of August 2016. I'm gonna check it out now though.
  10. I wanna make a new forum post or something but I don't know what to make it about.

    Oh well, guess a status update will have to do.

    By the way I've got the MLP app again and my friend code is 126c719

    1. Zeke Aileron™

      Zeke Aileron™

      If you're planning on making a Forum post/thread, you just look for the respective sub-forum and thread within unless you're making a new Thread, this way it'll keep the forum organized.

      I used to play the MLP app, stopped a few months ago, i'm not sure if i will go back to it someday.

  11. Ryu pops out and Hadoken's you I insert a Bit.