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  1. Alright! So! Here is the final map... If anybody would be so kind as to upload this map to garrymod workshop and give me credit :3 I honestly can't figure out how to do that. hopefully you'll get a lot of downloads lol
  2. I'm sorry it makes you lag a little :/ I worked pretty hard on it! I'm happy with the outcome! Thank you so much for helping me polish it up, Malcolm. Ima add your name in the map then upload it to lol cuz I'm cool like that
  3. alright check it out. I fixed a lot and added a little. Let me know what you think!
  4. psh fixed the nodraw
  5. Malcolm thank you so much! You have no idea how much I appreciate the time you put into testing and giving contsteuctive criticism. Seriously. I will go back and fix everything you just told me because it is all fantastic advice. Yes, I was questioning the thumpers hahaha I'm glad I know to remove them now. I did, however, add two traitor buttons (I have no idea if they work because I couldn't get single player ttt to work out even with console commands). Theres a button in the corner of the window roofed house and a button in the office where the music plays inside. I wish my ttt testing worked so I could test my own maps completely. About the workshop: I have no clue how to upload anything to steam workshop. I'm lazy and decide to choose the easiest route for myself a lot, but I honestly couldn't find an understandable way to upload to workshop. The no draw under the map is visible for me too and I have absolutely no idea why it is doing that. I would, or will have to redo the entire outside ground I think, unless you know of the problem. I appreciate this all so much
  6. It's not too steep to walk on, but I can understand where you're coming from.
  7. Maybe, though I feel that they go well with the theme and gameplay of the map. Thank you!
  8. Alright so I took some suggestions into consideration while updating this map. I also added a lot more. Please let me know what you guys think!
  9. I'm just an idiot and can't figure out how to upload to workshop
  10. . Hey thank you so much for checking it out and actually testing it too. I couldn't get my console in game to work to test the tester, so I kinda just made it and went with it. You press a button inside and it opens one sliding door, then closes, assuming someone's inside, the other side door slides open and when they pass through to run away it tests them. So they have a chance to run away with nobody chasing them. I will definitely go into hammer and fix everything you mentioned, thank you, though I haven't seen the no draw not working. About the forest, I think I prefer it but if others agree with you, that's fine. I'll remove it. I just like it because there is a lot of area to run and get away from somebody if need be. Trees help you lose them. I'll brighten everything, it does need that. The red room is just basically a spot to watch over that door where the window is, and a different access point to the room. Really appreciate you going over my map. Thank you once again! Most likely I'll delete it on and redo it, then repost with same name. I'll let you know!
  11. So everybody, I've made maps for Ponyville before... about a year ago. I came back and spent around 25 hours on this new map, hoping to see it up on servers possibly soon. I worked pretty hard on it, not sure if it's 100% satisfying. Hoping for the best, check it out!
  12. Thanks for the suggestions!
  13. after eating electric magnetic charge
  14. into the overpowering, super fun
  15. Each post is 5 words, and the LAST WORD must RHYME with the SECOND TO LAST word in the post above. (Try your best not to make it finish the sentence) Example: 1. [The cat jumped through glass] 2. [and hit a big poo] "Poo" rhymes with "through" Starting: Abraham Lincoln was floating across...