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  1. Taska hugs
  2. Master Chief from one of the Halo novels Commander Shepard from Mass Effect 60's Spider-man I should be safe... Maybe...
  3. Mine has a small story behind it... It started a couple of years ago I was maybe, 10, and a bunch of my friends started to play WoW. So They were trying to get me into it by starting a free account (you know, that 30 day trial thing), Taska was one of the random names it generated... I also have a second part to my name which is Soh. Which oddly enough, came from Everquest 2. My dad would play it alot, and I decided to make a toon (whose was a Ratonga dirge named Taska). My dad's toon was a Ratonga assassin named Igesa Soh (get it, I-gesa-Soh), so I just added Soh as my last name in game (because I'm like that) and it stuck... Now that I think of It, I used to play alot of MMOs...
  4. Meet Taska Soh, and yes, there is a story about the name
  5. I say the lyrics to a song, others guess the name of that songs... Simple! The songs that I use will all be fan-made MLP songs (ie, made by Yelling at Cats, TheLivingTombstone, MicTheMicrophone, Acoustic Brony, etc.) You have to find the original song, no covers unless the lyrics are changed, Happy... Listening? First lyric: "That Celestia takes mercy on all of my unearthly Paralysis practice and all the controversy! I'm close to her, I'm nerdy, I'll just ask for a pardon! There ain't no f****'in way i'm going back to Magic Kindergarden! [Hahahaha!] I don't want To go through the silly Place I went to when I was a filly Please, don't take me back There, or I will attack Them, for all the things They've done to me" Second lyric: "Hey little sis, are you feelin' alone? It's been a while now since you've left home I guess that you're doing all right You were always to smart, always so bright No you never really needed me, All you had to do was believe in yourself, take a chance, I'm so proud to say it now..."
  6. Born in Canada. Live in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada I've been to Toronto, Ottawa, Bahamas('MURICA!) and MT Tremblant to snowboard I'm quarter French, quarter Italian, quarter Irish, quarter English, and all Canadian
  7. As of now, my OC's cutie mark is a moon with headphones on it, I love the night and music.
  8. Hey guys, Im Taska. I love to sleep... alot, and after i post this I might go take a nap. I'm a Canadian from Sudbury Ontario. A freind of mine showed me MLP after he told everyone that he was a brony. I think of myself as a very understading guy, so after he told me why he love it so much. I figured, hey might as well try it, right? Long story short I ended watching all of season one and half of season two in one night... After that I thought I should checkout the fandom, another long story short, i ended up here. I love music, video games and Youtube almost as much as i love sleeping, but MLP has found it's way into my heart. Anyways, im hoping to become a big part of this community... and ahh... ya... thats it... bye...