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  1. Those with better computers looking for better looking water can check out this mod. http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/542215-100-water-shader-alpha-v4d/
  2. So much Star Wars. Been hitting the old republic a little too hard. Haven't touched anything else in days.

  3. I'd join the community tourny. Gotta start playing again to get in practice.
  4. Any Tribes fans out there? I got an activation code for the Tribes Ascend beta but won't have time to really play it with SWTOR coming out soon. I'm not sure if the key is somehow tied to my e-mail in anyway but if you want to try it just swear at me in the tribes fashion and i'll PM it to you
  5. Fever and a cold, damn you winter!

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    2. CaptainDerpyHooves


      So, are you 20% cooler with that cold now ?

    3. Zelc
    4. Rainbro Dash

      Rainbro Dash

      Oh man, I love the cold. But then again in live in the middle of the FREAKING DESERT.

  6. Thanks for the video. I never got into the beta so that was very helpful :)
  7. Just an update on the christmas telethon i helped at. They raised 54,000 this year. Was looking to be worse than last year but then Lynn Johnson donated 20,000 She's the creator of For Better Or For Worse which is a great comic :)
  8. Couple of my favorites. Watched too many to track them all down. Azumanga Daioh Jackie Chan Adventures (i like Jackie Chan) Soul Eater http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mu4LI2BOn_s
  9. Always liked the Nutcracker and that's a very nicely done one. He does have an unfortunate name though for a guy though
  10. Spy should totally just be a space marine initiate/scout.
  11. I was so excited till you said not actual candy :( Also I have completed night 1 of my stay in the CTV van for the telethon. I was inside for 14 hours by myself. Came home and slept for 8 hours and now I go back in probably 2 hours to stay overnight again. Pics of the exterior and interior of the van in the spoiler below :)
  12. Your power supply should be more than fine. The 6870 uses like 230w I think. I read a 450 could handle it no problem. And modular power supplies are soooo nice.
  13. You have to click the "Image" button on the toolbar and paste the link that goes directly to your image. Yours would be... http://forum.ponyvil...19_58_37070.jpg
  14. Not sure if you flipped that image or if Pinkie Pie just being Pinkie Pie.