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  1. So now that I don't care about what people think about me being into ponied and rocking a huge sticker on my car, I'm running into a big issue where I live (Nowhere, UT)... How does an adult male explain to another adult, briefly, what the sticker or shirts mean and not make it seem like you're a creep into a little kids show? lol.I only met one person out here that even knew what the show was. My friends up here just ignore it and never mention it even if it's staring them in...

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    2. RD622


      LOL Mr Kumar... Very true everyone. I've just been telling them, that's Rainbow Dash from a cartoon. She represents Loyalty, and leave it at that. A bunch of guys in this Subaru club I found up here were pestering me about it last night.

    3. Katana


      Well for one thing, admit that ANY one single thing dominating all of your passion is going to seem weird. It wouldn't matter if it was Warhammer 40k. It's fine to be a fan, but it'll seem less weird to people if you're also a fan of other things, or don't unnecessarily talk about it when no one's interested.

    4. CloudMistDragon


      I don't talk with people about the stuff I'm a fan of, because my opinions never match those of people I meet every day. :P

  2. There's a lot of negative stigma about seeing a psychiatrist but I can speak from much personal experience and say don't believe or worry about any of it. I've been seeing a psychiatrist steadily for over a year now regarding my experiences in Afghanistan and my past before the military (long story short it wasn't pretty). You don't have to feel embarrassed or ashamed about asking for help. I sought help because I, like you, felt like I needed it. I was in a very dark place and just overwhelmed with stress and anxiety. There are a lot of good doctors out there but you may have to look around a bit. If all they want to do is prescribe you some happy pills or something and then talk to you in a week, leave and don't pay anything. If they immediately try to prescribe you stuff they are not doing their job and you need to look elsewhere. To this day I have not been prescribed a thing and I have instead found productive ways that work for ME (not cookie cutter solutions) of managing stress, depression, anxiety, and anger. We talked a lot, I pretty much told my entire life's story by choice, over a period of time and we analyzed everything, worked through tough spots, and changed my perception of my experiences entirely. Many people don't truly realize that attitude can make a difference. I realize that my experiences are likely much different than yours but that doesn't mean you can't find similar solutions. I stand with you and I think many others here would too if you decide to seek counseling of some sort. If you have trouble expressing your thoughts to your parents or just don't know where to start I'm more than happy to help you if I can in any way. Heck I'm sure we could even write a script for you lol. I can share some advice though that has really helped me out. Surround yourself with as many GOOD friends as you can. They're hard to find nowadays but they're out there in the least likely places. One of my biggest stress relievers and something that helps when I'm feeling depressed is that I know I have a few good people whom I can rely on no matter the circumstance. I can call someone at any time of night if I need to talk, call someone if my car breaks down or I'm stuck somewhere, or call someone just to hang out and blow off some steam. I know it's a hard thing to do for a lot of people and good friends are hard to come by. I will tell you though that they are usually in similar situations as yourself or they've been there before. Surrounding myself with a network of good friends has helped me immensely from where I used to be. Also, going back to what you said about not knowing what you want to do with your life, what are some things you enjoy most? Sorry for rambling but I've been in some pretty rough spots in the past and stressed to the bone so I can relate. Hopefully I've been a little help. Oh, and you are welcome to PM me any time if you want to talk or I can help somehow.
  3. Haha awesome. It's always a blast to mess with people like that. My buddy that I mentioned whom I converted changed his text notification to Fluttershy's "Yay". It was only a matter of time before our BN CSM was sitting in the conference room with him alone and it went off. He goes, "What the F^%# was that Bitner?" "Ponies SGM." He just goes, "As in, MLP?" "Yep" "Fair enough" and he just walks out of our building with a weird look. There was another time when he was playing a video on Youtube, I think it was the smile song, and our 1SG walked in the office. I thought he'd turn it off immediately but he did care and left it playing while he tried to talk to us. Our 1SG slapped him in the face and said "What the hell's the matter with you people?!" He just said, "It's F$&^% Ponies, roger? What you don't like them?" He pulled out his Fluttershy keychain and showed it off, I pulled out my RD one, he shook his head, slapped him on the back of the head, and left.
  4. Lol no biggie. I just thought it was funny to share my story of coming out as a brony in the Army. Seems like everyone is busy playing Dota 2 lol, this is the least active I've ever seen the forums.
  5. Sweet, Thanks I appreciate it. It won't let me edit that one now for some reason but I'll do the next ones so it isn't a mile long thread lol.
  6. Hmmm... am I doing something wrong or did they change how to spoiler images?
  7. Vehicles! My car with pony decals (used with permission from the vector creators)
  8. Wow, I'm honestly surprised at the answers to this topic, not that that's a bad thing. I guess I just grew up differently. I have quite a gun collection that I've gathered over the years but I guess I can see it from both viewpoints. I am against many people toting guns and support a tougher "certification" process for potential gun owners but I am not against guns either. Nor do I believe in forcing my viewpoint on others or expect people to agree with me. Most of my gun owning friends are intelligent, sensible people who were raised similar to myself. I was raised early knowing about guns and learning to use them, but also to fear them as a dangerous tool in the wrong hands. I learned preliminary weapons safety from my dad and the military ironed out the bad habits and replaced them with good ones. I believe passionately in my second amendment right and the old adage is true that freedom has a different taste for those who fought for it. I would die fighting if someone tried to take away my right and tools to protect myself and my family. It's like someone trying to chop off your arms and then send you out into a fistfight. "An armed society is a polite society" is also true in my book. I know there is a lot going on in the world that makes guns and their owners look bad. I've been overseas where 7 year old kids run around with AK-47's and suicide vests. We have those idiots running around shooting up schools and churches and murdering innocent people in our country. The reality is (At least how I see it), is there are always people out there that'll give you a bad name. It's very similar to the perception of bronies by the general populace. Howard Stern and the media have not exactly given our group a good reputation. I've had many negative stereotypes given to me when I came out about watching MLP in the Army. I apologize if I'm rambling but I guess my point is: I fully support your right to not own/shoot guns. I have no issue with people who fear guns or have a bad perception of them and their owners. Like I said, most of my pro-gun friends are some of the most sensible, intelligent, and friendly people you'll meet. It's those few idiots running around that give us a bad name. I agree very much with CPL P that it takes quite a different type of bravery to point a gun at another person. I'm not talking about holding someone up at gunpoint or shooting at schoolchildren, I'm talking about firing at someone in self defense who is sworn to kill you in any way possible. When you face death, you'd be quite surprised at what you're willing to do. Many times it can be difficult to live with afterwards. That's a whole different ball game that all too many good people have to deal with unfortunately.
  9. Howdy again, Geez it's been a while since I've been here and for that I apologize.I'm finally out of the Army and glad to be a civilian again. I was honorably discharged June 20th and got all moved back home. It seems like I missed a lot so far from looking but hopefully this place is as cool, if not better, than I remember it. Hopefully I'll be able to jump on here a lot more now provided my new job doesn't eat up all of my free time. An interesting note for those of you who remember me: - I finally "came out" so to speak about watching MLP and stopped hiding it at work. I found that my fears were baseless and the reactions I got were hilarious. Someone in a combat arms profession surrounded by a bunch of big tough masculine guys doesn't typically admit they watch a show about magical ponies in a land called Equestria. Who would've thought that pissing off my fellow soldiers would be so fun. In fact, quite opposite of my expectations I converted a total of 5 people in my unit. One of them was a guy who had deployed 3 times to Iraq and Afghanistan and who was generally known as the resident tough guy no one messed with. He also had a sense of humour like me and together we had a lot of fun pissing people off at work. With allies on my side people gradually just accepted it and didn't treat me any different. I also had a lot of non brony friends who backed me up anyway. The way I brought it out was I had a custom Rainbow Dash decal made (roughly 12" x 24") and plastered it on the back window of my Subaru. It took 3 days before anyone noticed! During my last year in Colorado I met a bunch of military bronies who I was sad to leave behind. Now I've got to try and find some like minded individuals out where I live in the middle of nowhere, UT. Sadly most of my friends haven't even heard of MLP so they just think I'm a bit odd. Time will tell though. I like to wear my pony shirts just to see people's reactions around here. Only downside is the nearest place I can buy pony swag is like 110 miles away so it's back to the internets... So uhh, yeah... I'm back
  10. Well I know I say this a lot but I am back again! Lol this time for good. I am finished with the Army and back home in UT. I can't express how happy I am to be a civilian again. Honorably discharged June 20th and I finally got everything moved back home. Hopefully this place is the same, if not better than I remember it! Sorry for the long absences. The Army will kinda eat up most of your free time :D

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      I believe there's been quite a lot of changes. and those changes can be seen as both good and bad

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      Well, you missed a crapton of drama, I can tell you that much. Welcome back!

    4. CloudMistDragon


      Good that you're back!

  11. Very true Katana, you've gotta keep the series going after all lol. I really liked the fact that they turned around in the end and realized they were the ones being bullies. That showed more depth of character and reinforced the positive lessons they are trying to push for in the show. The positive lessons and the character development are the main reasons I keep watching the show after all. Not to mention the community! @ SGT Fly - I too have always liked the CMC. The blank canvass metaphor is probably the best way I've heard someone describe them actually. Overall I have noticed the Crusaders seem to be growing on the fans and winning over some old neighsayers...
  12. Hey there, I'm back again and kinda want to apologize for my long absence. For a community that has done so much for me and completely changed my way of thinking I feel guilty about not participating more often! Long story short I'm still in the Army but no longer playing infantry anymore. For the first time in my army career I'm doing what I signed up to do which is operate the M1 Abrams tank. For those of you not familiar with the military way you almost NEVER get what you signed up for! Lol that much aside suffice it to say I've been working my butt off doing my ACTUAL job but I'm happy with it. We drew our tanks after they've been sitting for three years years while being "expertly maintained" (So they told us...) by civilian contractors... Heh, we've been working on them non stop for two months. I know I just got back but we're deploying again next October so we're training hard to be ready for that one. Thankfully my contract is up by then so I get to sit that one out. I still have to take part in all of the training though. I'll say in advance I'll be gone most of January and February. We'll be training in the field for about 6 weeks and I'll probably have only my phone with me when I can charge it. Should be fun though because we're doing field maneuvers, training, and gunnery on all of our weapons systems. Anyway I'll stop rambling now. I figured I had a little explaining to do... On to the question! I finally got to watch the latest S3 episodes (We're at Ep 4 I believe.) I personally enjoyed all of them and think they've done a great job keeping the show going so far. I really hope they keep the show going strong for many years! Lol anyway, Episode 4 with the CMC happens to be one of my favorites. Not only was it a total cuteness overload IMO lol but I thought it was the CMC's best episode yet. The popular consensus I hear from a lot of people is the CMC episodes are just "fillers" and many of them dislike them for that reason. I really enjoyed the episode and thought it was a step up from the so called "filler" episodes. (Again, this is IMO) It had the same wholesome entertainment and strong lessons as the regular episodes with the Mane 6 and a lot of really funny parts. I'm curious if anyone else shared a similar opinion and if applicable - Did the episode change your opinion of them? Do some of you still dislike/hate the CMC and their episodes and if so, why? Aside from the standard "filler" opinion that is... Also my friend pointed out the significance to me that Sweetie Belle used a little magic (Though with no apparent effect) and Scootaloo appeared to be flying a bit. Seems to me they're trying to push for much more character development in S3 and I really hope they continue to do a lot more in the future. We've had a Pinkie Pie episode, a CMC one, there seems to be a Rainbow Dash episode in the future, and the Crystal Empire one seemed to focus largely on Twilight/Spike IMO. Personally I'm hoping for the best with the upcoming episodes. Thanks for listening to me ramble again... Again I'm really sorry for the long absence! Happy late Halloween and Thanksgiving! lol
  13. Hey there, I've been gone for a few weeks, my internet's been down, I moved into an apartment, and basically a whole bunch has changed for me in that short time. I've had so much going on that it kinda bears repeating so forgive me... Someone mentioned off hand in chat one day about some sort of colorado brony forum they had heard about. I did a search and discovered coloradobronies.org. Through the site I met not only one but three other bronies on Fort Carson and they have all become really good friends of mine. I also met one Air Force kid on a nearby base bringing my local military brony count to 4! Anyway this site has a ton of bronies all grouped together by area and I've made friends with a bunch of civilian bronies in my area as well. They do meetups, events, parties, etc etc and truthfully I wish every state had a site like it. I've been to a bunch of hangouts and a party of sorts and have been making tons of friends in the brony community. Naturally it's allowed me to come out of my shell more and "express myself" lol. I acqired much swag on welovefine and through other channels and have even worn a few pony shirts around (greater than 100 miles from Fort Carson though XD). My secret's still intact as far as my unit goes but I have told a few really close friends who actually understand and don't judge me for it. No conversions though sadly. Woo! I'm rambling! Heh, anyway so they had this convention called NDK (Nan Desu Kan?) in Denver this last weekend and my military brony brethren and I got a hotel room up there for the whole weekend. We went to this convention which mainly consisted of anime stuff but there were rumours about brony stuff as well. We were not disappointed. We met a lot of bronies who ended up either a) Dressing up/wearing pony related stuff, or Being closet or nondescript bronies who brohoofed and/or discreetly gave their approval. There were a lot of vendors and artists selling custom pony swag of which I acquired much of lol. Pictures will follow later. A few days before the convention my shirts arrived from welovefine.com and I went to the convention wearing a sweet RD t-shirt. It was my first time walking around with one and I got many interesting reactions both inside and out of the convention. I even went as far as to wear pony shirts all over the place in Denver, going to grocery stores, restaurants with my friends, and hanging out at the mall. I wasn't the only one sporting pony stuff either and we got all sorts of looks and comments XD. It was a pretty liberating experience for me and I will likely do it again. I never thought I would get the guts to do it but once I got to the convention and was far enough from Fort Carson I let go of my inhibitions and went for it. All in all it was a really fun past couple of weeks despite being really busy at work. I'm finally hooked up to the internet again and when I'm not working late I'll jump on here as often as I can. The mobile site just doesn't do it for me I'm afraid and it's risky at work lol. I'm glad to be back and I'm also glad to be coming out of my shell. I've even started trolling the gate guards at Fort Carson with pony stuff just to see how they'd react. So far nothing significant to report other than a few weird looks and double takes.
  14. Hi everyone I'm back online now. I've been working really late and had to miss about 3 install appointments because they wouldn't accommodate my schedule! I finally had good friend come over to meet the installer and they wouldn't even hook up the wifi. Long story short I hooked it up myself and I'm back online lol.

  15. Hey everypony, I owe you an apology! Been absent from the site for a while lately. Long story short I've been moving into a new apartment and I don't have internet yet. Waiting on an installer who can accommodate my schedule pretty much. I'll try and jump on here more with my phone and will be back soon!

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      I look forward to your return!