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  1. it's pretty obvious how much I detest MOBAs, but this makes me want to get in to DOTA, if only because of this.
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    2. Screwsies


      --The game? Fighting AI to get good enough to enjoy playing against other human players is the main way of practicing to play properly in a safe neighborhood.

      The fact that you would rather sit here and complain then look into ways to try to enjoy something really speaks alot about your character.

    3. Krauser


      I learned to play MOBA's the same way I learned to play fighting games... get stomped till you figure it out and get better. Not everyone learns that way, which is why there are mode's for you to practice against bots. It's not always fun against bots, but it can be very useful for learning characters. Since I prefer League to Dota, I'll use the rotation as an example. Every week 10 characters a free to play (Dota has all characters unlocked initially last I checked). And sinc...

    4. Krauser


      -- And since I don't know how to use most of the characters, I try them out against bots to see how they play, what stats they benefit from, etc. Then I'm off to pvp to test my skills and try to get better. Once I tried to 1v1 a friend of mine when I was using their favorite character. It didn't end well for me, but I learned a lot from it.

  2. Yeah, that's how I hope this game will go.
    1. Xenmas
    2. Ponargonian


      Snickers: More of a man than anyone on Ponyville

    3. DJ Zapple

      DJ Zapple

      I don't get it...

  3. This is pretty much how I envision most of the MOBA community. Yes I know that comprises a decent amount of people on this forum, I honestly don't care.
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    2. Suitaloo
    3. MrKenyon


      Translation: Malt is 2edgy4mobas, and Cal continues to be rectumravaged.

    4. Suitaloo


      MrKenyon has it down.

  4. I figured out why they call it gatorade rain, because it's watered down worse than the boston harbor circa 1776.

  5. Just Cause 2 is surprisingly relaxing when you play it while listening to Beautiful by POD

  6. Medics and spies everywhere quake in fear, for the pomson 6000 now has a strange version! However, I traded the strangifier for a strange loose cannon which is also in crate 60

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    2. KevN


      Well, time to uninstall TF2.

    3. Suitaloo


      Case and point.

    4. Ponargonian


      The Pomsom is only dangerous if you see the spy before you have a knife in your spine.

  7. I can't wait for the steam servers to come back up! This chemistry set business looks awesome! Making any weapon strange? You've got me hooked!

  8. Staying in my cousin's empty house this weekend again watching my cousin's old dog. I enjoy the solitude.

  9. Side effects may include nausea, headaches, and DEATH!

  10. So, the full version of skullgirls came out today. Unfortunately, there's still no option to find your friends' matches. I have the desperate yearning to operate...

  11. How does evolution come up with this stuff?
    1. Ponargonian


      Oh god it's like a puppy made of kittens made of cuddle fish.

  12. I just finished Bioshock Infinite... I don't know what to think anymore. NONE OF YOU ARE REAL! YOU ARE ALL *redacted due to spoilers*

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    2. Suitaloo


      Not exactly, but the reveal of who the main antagonist actually is was not expected. To me at least. Also it was mind fucking if you didn't know your physics.

    3. woodledoodledoodledoodle


      I guess, but to understand the concepts only requires you have an open mind.

    4. Suitaloo


      I suppose, but I like how they put forth the idea of quantum particles not affected by gravity. It made me want to research more, and as it turns out, it's actually possible.