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  1. So... I haven't been on in a while. if you ever want to talk, just email me. I'm always on my email.

    1. Owonyc


      .-. I miss you man

    2. Derpster
    3. Colgate


      Holy fucking shit the person who's a person is back, I'm gonna thank you again for introducing me to this site, I love eet here

  2. First one done with an Excel pre-test for the BPA in class! BRAGGING RIGHTS BABY!!!

  3. Sorry if I'm not on much anymore. I have a facebook page and Terraria.

    1. Colgate


      Like I once said before, I think it's not bad if your on only at least once a week, not everyday

  4. Programming Class + Substitute Teacher = Ponies All Class Long

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    2. Sonic Rain

      Sonic Rain

      I think everybody has their own way to learn, even if it is goofing off. I mean, I never studied, started my homework and projects no earlier than 2am on the day that it was due and I got a 4.1 GPA and was in the top 10% of my school.

    3. Derpster


      I'm pretty much ahead of my group in programming, so yeah...

    4. Krauser


      Well when you're ahead it is more understandable. Just try not to make goofing off a habit

  5. I'm in programming class learning loops in Visual Basic. *fluttershy yay*

    1. Whatever You Want

      Whatever You Want

      VB may be a shitty programming language, but it's fantastic to get started on. If statements, loops and switch statements are just so easy.

    2. Sonic Rain

      Sonic Rain

      You too? ^_^

      we are learning loops (well now we are learning functions) in Java ^_^

  6. Working on a five-page essay on the Battle of Antietam since the rest of my group didn't care to help shoot some video. I have even less faith in humanity now... Anyways After I finish the essay, my computer is being taken into the living room by my parents because they didn't believe me when I said that I was doing work when they asked why I was on it at 1:00 in the morning. FML

    1. Racquerr


      1am is prime time essay hours.

      I've burnt the midnight oil many times getting HW done.

    2. Derpster
  7. Sorry about the long gap in time in which I was gone. This is why I was gone...

  8. I made a server on TF2. Search for Derpster

    1. Colgate


      Tis too bad ima console gamer

  9. Would anyone happen to know of a website in which I could convert youtube videos to amv videos?
  10. Welcome to the online herd. lulz
  11. SOLUTION: Make two different chat rooms... one for chat and the other for RPing. PROBLEM SOLVED
  12. I just want to see exactly how tolerant everyone here is.
  13. (is straight) I don't care what they do
  14. I'm okay with gay marriage.