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  1. Going to post these here since that other discussion topic has since been locked. TF2, while not dead, is decaying. The game has been out for a little under 8 years and has been Free to Play 4 of those years. Other games have come out and its relatively hard to keep a players attention for that long, I would know as I've been in TF2 since Dec 28, 2007.Versus Saxton Hale is old, 2010 old. VSH and its many spinoffs (both personal and public) have been out for quite a while and while there has been many redos and remakes, the concept for TF2 is quite overdone, its hard to find a TF2 community who hasn't at least tried to have a VSH/FF2 server. Not to stretch the muscles but again, I would know since I got in the VSH dev game around the time VSH came out, working for OzFur's community. My Little Pony/Brony fandom is old, oddly enough it shares the age of Versus Saxton Hale with it starting around 2010 and blossoming out a year or two later. Sadly, as all fads do, its fading out. The problem with this one is due to its publicity not being completely positive, its numbers were lower compared to others and with it dying it, means those who are still dedicated aren't in the numbers we had in 2013, making a Pony themed VSH server hard to advertise to.Versus Ponyville, like VSH and the Brony community, is old. Despite the changing of hands on who codes and manages content halfway into its lifetime, the game really hasn't changed that much. Its still just a modified FF2. Not that there hasn't been very interesting new mechanics introduced recently but its still the same's main selling point is VSP. I know there has been a couple of other servers prior but sadly its always been about VSP. I've been here for slightly more than 3 years and it seems like the only way its always caters more to bronies, to say it doesn't is an outright lie at this point. The problem is with the decline of both fans of VSH AND MLP, its hard to keep the community afloat when its a perfect fit to a lower demographic. School is in session, love it or hate it. Our community is mostly comprised of college, high, and some middle students and with school being in session, its cuts down their play time by about 70% with the exception of college students. Unfortunately due to this, it causes the server numbers to drop exponentially and only but a handful who either are free or are in a different timezone. This also makes the servers during these slow times less interesting to those not completely invested in VSP, cutting the numbers down even further.Development has been slow, we all know this. But is it exclusively Raini and Simples fault? Not really since, and I know this might come as a surprise to the uninitiated, developers have lives and jobs outside of this community. Making content is a long process for modelers, coders, and server managers to make sure only good content is published on the server. This is time and potential money went into something that we do most of the time for free for the community. But hey, we're humans too and sometimes either are uninterested or simply too busy to help and its a bit selfish for the community to simply demands new content, we have lives outside of animosity, also sadly this has always been a thing. Trust me, it has. People either don't like or trust each other and its especially hard when we have egos clashing AND power comes into question. No admin team is perfect, although they should strive to be, and its just simple human nature to either not like or trust anyone.Poor management, they may have their reasons but I agree with that is not the shining example of a managed community.Most of this might just be my own opinion but you can't deny at least some of it holds merit, so all I ask is that you just...consider. Also to not just attack Raini or Simple for the state of's community and servers, sometimes its just things outside of their control. Thank you.
  2. So the question that a couple of people have asked me is: Will this be finished? I can say for now that it might be. Why? Because currently I'm managing several school projects, a handful of additional personal projects, and this. Another question is that if there has been work on this done prior to the last couple of updates on this/other threads, and the answer to that one is yes. Around the time it was announced that Pony Fortress 2 will be shutting down, I've gotten back into the grove of working on it again, however it required a lot of repair since the last time I touched it was several months ago and there has been numerous TF2 and SourceMod updates not to mention the fact in a hard drive cleaning session, I lost a couple of pieces of code. Since then, I have brought it back up to speed while adding a plethora of new things, namely around abilities and passives. Currently right now its close to completion but isn't ready juuuust yet. Until then it will remain in my personal hands but once it is ready and stable, it might very well be introduced to the Funbox server as a supplement to VSP, pending Raini/Simples decision. Where they take it from there is up to them, however I will require I main controlling interests of the gamemode to myself until I'm ready to hand the reigns over. Lastly, people will be curious if there has been any changes to the scope of the gamemode or the gamemode itself since the last update. Like before, I'll have to say yes. The primary changes are as follows: The Gamemode is now called Ponyville Rumble for's private versionIt might see a public code release in the near future either to or to a handful of private coders, and its name will be Freak-Out!I have shifted the gameplay focus from MOBA-style with levels and items to a more Freak Fortress 2 + traditional gameplay approach. Freaks (name for Freak-Out Bosses), multiple abilities and passives, and balancing changes have reflected this.Focus currently is to have the gamemode work for Capture Point, Capture The Flag, and Payload stock maps. Arena will not be in the initial release due to its conflict with VSP. Other gamemodes will come later depending on its popularity.There will be an cvar to change it so theres only 1 Freak per team (Pony Fortress 2 style)Most minion (non-Freak) weapon changes are minimal or have considerations for more stock TF2 gameplay against other minions.A default playlist option will exist that allows players to listen to a selection of music in any case, in my current version this just includes the TF2 music thats loaded into the game itself.Minion classes will be restricted to the amount of players currently playing, most aggressive classes will not be restricted such as Scout, Soldier, Pyro, etc while the more support or stronger classes depend on how many players are playing and will unlock one per team per the amount required. Example of this would be the Engineer which will only be unlocked once there are 15 players in the server while the Spy will be unlocked at around 8.Abilities have been tuned to only effect a local area due to balancing issues, it wouldn't make sense for global abilities when we have up to 11 other characters out there.3 new characters have been added to the lineup, Trixie, Derpy, and Vinyl.Now that we've mentioned what has changes, lets list out what stayed the same. Multiple Freaks per team, depending on the amount of players currently in the server.Multiple abilities and passives per Freak.Barebones abilities and passives that can be mixed and matched to create new ones.Donator only, random only, and private freaks. Mind you if selecting random, you have the chance to roll any of the three.Abilities that allow the Freak to change into another Freak.Passives that can be initially disabled then toggled on for an ability, adding even more possibilitiesFreak Health scales on player count.Freak Music that allows minions and ally freaks to listen to any on any of the lists at random.Abilities have cooldowns, can be silenced, etc.And anything else I might've forgotten.
  3. Meanwhile looking back in the past:

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      sure the early pony models were....

  4. I think a good change to the Headtaker would be decreasing its pre-HHH damage by a bit so its not too overwhelming before he turns.
  5. Very slowly repairing/upgrading Freak-Out/Ponyville Rumble...Will we see it in the funbox server? Who knows!

    1. Zeke Aileron™
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      I might want to play on the funbox server then. That'd be weird

  6. I wanna know why the Eyelander is literally worse than the Headtaker? It takes 12 heads to recharge a shield with the Eyelander yet 10 heads to turn into the HHH which at the end of its transformation, grants the shield. Shouldn't it be the reverse of that considering the Eyelander doesn't have super HHH-mode attached to it?
  7. TF2x10 ProperDeathrun (one that isn't reliant on VSP) Smash Bros. Mannpower Wacky/Balloon Races support
  9. I should probably mention that it is currently coded to modify the amount of pony characters per team per number of people in the server, its not that we can't do 24/24 but why be so restrictive when 32/32 is possible. If I remember correctly its 1 pony character per team for 6ish players and it'll round up when we reach 32, so it would be a total of 4 pony characters a team in a full 24 slot server. Also again in terms of having only 1 per team, its doable right now since theres a cvar that limits the amount of ponies per team but again, why not have a team of 6? It allows players to experience the fun of being one more often so there isn't this long dragged out process of people just waiting to be a pony. Currently in a full 32 slot server, there is a total of 12 players being pony characters at the same time. By that logic, it'll only be 2 additional rounds of non-pony play to get to be a pony character again when compared to if say in a full 24 slot server and only 2 being ponies at the same time and if I were to follow VSH's style of player point tallying, it would take a player 8-11 full drawn out rounds to be a pony again. My method allows for multiple people to enjoy the experience at the same time and having it so if a player wants to be a pony, they don't have to wait an hour or more to do so. That has always been the problem with VSH/FF2-style point tallying to where it would take a very long time to play as the boss and thus requires such a strong commitment, this way we could have multiple people be happy at the same time before giving others a chance without them being burned out by the point the round has ended. But again, 1 per team is doable right now, although if that were the case I would have to add additional equations and settings to balance the scales health and damage wise since currently if there were 1 per team, they'd have the same amount of health if they were with a team of ponies whereas they would be fighting pretty strong minion TF2 characters who are outfitted to take on multiple ones at the same time. Also since it might be seen as a problem, there is a way to opt out of being a pony for a single round so if players do not like their team or the enemy team is too good, they can skip for a round before being returned the following round with a new team. When a player chooses to skip/opt-out, it will automatically refill the spot with the player with the highest amount of points, allowing them to play even quicker; however if THEY don't wish to play as well, they can choose to skip/opt-out again. I have considered limiting the amount of skips/opt-outs a player can use before they're forced to play, this would be to disallow excessive team compositions. And since I'm on the topic, there will be a way to completely opt out of being a pony until you wish to return to it, this would be for those people who just enjoy fighting the ponies. This too will have some restrictions to prevent abuse.
  10. Feel free to elaborate. Anyways currently as the gamemode was setup from the get-go, there will be up to 6 pony characters per team (total of 12) in a full 32 player server while the remaining 20 would be evenly split up as their traditional TF2 classes, with modifications to balance them fighting the many pony characters they'll encounter. There will be an all-pony character mode but it won't always be enabled. The values might change but I've always wanted it to be a team of boss characters with minion TF2 classes vs. another. All I can say is don't knock it til ye try it, before my 'hiatus' I did multiple public beta tests and everyone seemed to agree that it was very fun. Whenever I'm done repairing the code and remaking the characters, I plan to host a small one myself. This goes back to my comment earlier about wanting something being the same or having something potentially better. Lastly I just wanna mention that I was producing this gamemode for my own interests and won't be designing it specifically to cater to any ones thoughts unless I agree with them. I have no intention of making MLP Heroes: The Sequel, but I do have to say my gamemode has similar designs to that of MLP Heroes with my own personal twists and takes and hopefully when completed, will be enjoyed by both PF2 refugees and Ponyville players alike.
  11. Just an update regarding my gamemode which is undergoing a name change to fit more than just Pony characters ('m considering 'Freak-Out!'), my initial assessment regarding its integrity was much lenient then I thought. I lost a lot of files in the progress; though the primary code is still intact, I lost all the include files which contained natives, forwards, and some multiple use code AND all the character .cfg files so over the past couple of days I've been slowly repairing the damage. I hope by roughly this saturday I'll be back to where I was months ago. In regards to the reason for the name change, I have been thinking about making this a public gamemode later down the road and having it named specifically for a Pony theme seems a bit selfish and robs it of how great it could become. Using the models of other Freak Fortress servers could mean different teams you could fight such as the FNAF team, Original Freak Line-up, and even Steven Universe when they get around to being made. However if this gamemode were to be used for Ponyville, it will be primarily pony themed and will have its original name, Ponyville Rumble.
  12. My goal at the time was to have it so Pony characters have a reasonable amount of health depending on the number of people on each team (nearly identical to that of VSH/FF2), ranging from about 5-700ish when theres only a handful of players but around the 5-7k range when its a full 32 person server. I had it where damage in the game would differentiate between who attacks who, for example a pony attacking a non-pony player would deal less damage then if a pony were to attack another pony, in addition the damage a non-pony player could do to a pony character would vary from traditional damage, just like in FF2 most melee weapons will crit against a pony player, making it so perhaps a group of 3-5 players could easily team up on a pony character and actually get away with killing it, though perhaps losing a few allies in the process. All of this plus the fact at the time I was also working on a customized respawn system that had it where pony characters took much longer to respawn then non ponies and infact if a non pony was killed by a pony, their respawn timer would be less if they were killed by a pony, making it less punishing for non pony players to get cheesed by a pony. This would also factor in things such as life spent alive to prevent things such as spawn camping, I've toyed with the concept of Pony characters getting overhealed on spawn to allow them to fight against spawn campers. My primary concern when I was coding it was getting the core to work and thus focused on getting it reasonably workable on Capture Point so I began to tweak with how respawns would work towards that. I also looked into ways to prevent early cheesing such as only allowing non-ponies to go 30 seconds ahead of the pony players to allow them to setup and fight before the big boys roll in, as for the Attack and Defend version of Capture Point and by extension modes like Payload, I've considered having the defending pony team a initial spawn closer to the live point so the attacking team doesn't get too far ahead since their ponies would be significantly closer. Honestly though if I were to continue production on this myself which may or may not happen if I get into the spirit of things, I'd prefer to keep it more Ponyville Rumble based then just returning to the norm of MLP Heroes as I prefer newer gamemodes to rehashed old ones, why stick to the system of an older gamemode when you could have a shiny sleek version that has all the bells and whistles?
  13. I know right? I feel bad for abandoning it with so many cool things done. EDIT: Mind you, all of those features weren't bullet/timeproof so some or even most of it might not even work.
  14. Hey everybody, Sorry to hear about whats happening to PF2. Anyways since saryas was kind enough to let me know of the situation here, I came let you guys know that the gamemode I was creating late last year is actually comparable to what MLP Heroes was at the time. Initially I planned for it to be different by focusing on a moba-style setup with various map modifications such as turrets on CPs/Payloads and such but looking back on it now, I ended up just rolling with a similar to design of MLP Heroes except with more emphasis on the pony characters then the map/gamemode. Most of the information here still holds up for the most part with minor changes here and there. Sadly I have since abandoned the project due to lack of interest and the Ponyville community, however I still hold onto the code for it which may or may not hold up to the current SourceMod/TF2 schema, most of the code being pretty well structured in my opinion, although it could be broken or bug ridden now for all I know. Prior to its abandon, Ponyville Rumble (previously Pony vs. Pony) had: Well structured code for managing multiple boss characters on different teamsVery barebones gamemode coding, it can be applied to various stock TF2 gamemodes including: CP, CTF, Payload, Arena, etc.An "all pony mode" in which all players would become pony characters for a round. This was set to activate by default when there was a low number of players.Modular .txt/.cfg support for creating characters, weapon stats, music, file downloading.Customized settings for non-pony players to efficiently fight pony characters, some with custom coded effects such as: VSP KGB-like weapons for the Heavy, VSP-like Demoman Eyelander support, pony target crit weapons, VSH/VSP Backstab support.Modified VSH/FF2 music player that allowed players to listen to multiple pony-specific tracks, including having it so non-ponies would hear tracks from their ally pony characters.Multiple abilities per pony, utilizing multiple keybindings that would otherwise be unused by that character, up to 8 slots are available!Modular in depth ability mixing, most of the abilities I've built can be mix and matched with various other effects to create brand new ones! For example: Princess Celestia had a demoman charge ability that also ignited nearby players not only by touch but on activation, this was a combination of 3 seperate abilities.Passive Abilities! This is one of the few things I'm proud to bring to a FF2-core gamemode. Passive Abilities can be placed on pony characters that allow always activate things. IN ADDITION, just like abilities, these can be mixed and matched to achieve unique passives from barebone passive abilities. Example: Whenever you backstabbed Applejack, either as a pony character OR a non-pony, you would be briefly stunned before being knocked back, the equivalence of being 'bucked'. For balancing purposes the backstab would do additional damage.Pony Character Swapping! Another brilliant thing I love adding. Code from this allowed a pony character to change to another pony character mid-game, allowing them to have access to a brand new set of abilities, passives, models, and voice lines. Example: My Princess Luna character's ultimate ability changed her into Nightmare Moon, giving her access to different abilities and such. Another example! The Cutie Mark Crusaders were joined together into a single character, allowing the player to play as one before switching to another, go from being Applebloom to Scootaloo in mere seconds!Unique abilities, I custom coded a couple of example abilities that were a bit character-specific but eventually was worked into multiple other characters. Examples: Applejack was able to throw out a lasso that when landed, would stun/launch the player towards her. Whenever a non-pony character died around Princess Celestia, they would drop a Fire Nova that would ignite and damage enemy players, she is also able to pick up this nova to regenerate a small amount of health.Anti-Abandonment System: This made it so if a player were to leave mid-game, they would instantly be replaced with the next highest point non-pony person on that team to replace them! A game will only end from people leaving until theres 1 person left in the server!Opt Out: Players are given the option either before their turn as a pony player starts to opt out of being the pony, this can either be permanent (never being a pony until being toggled) or temporary. Just like before the next player in line would take their place.Pre-Round Pony Selection: Inspired by Ozzy Furocity's VSH, players can now select their character directly before the round starts! No more having to choose the round before. There is also counter measures for people selecting the same pony on the same team (nullified on all-pony mode).Random Only Characters: There are secret characters that can only be played by rolling the dice and selecting the random option at the pony selection screen...who do you get? I added this to discourage repetition and allows players to just get lucky from random.10 Fully Coded/Functioning Pony Characters which included: Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, Fluttershy, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Princess Luna, Princess Celestia, and two secret characters that could only be played by choosing random.In addition to all of this cool bean stuff, I had plans to include: Skins! This would allow players to play modified versions of characters who might even have special replaced abilities/particles/sounds! NOTE: These would've included characters that aren't initially their own special character. This would've included characters such as: Moelestia, Kinky Pie, Flutterbat, etc.Replaced Voice Lines: This would have allowed certain character lines played from the TF2 character the pony is skinned over to play as referenced pony voiced lines. Gamemode based Votes: Allowing players in the server to vote if they want all-pony mode and similar modes to be toggled for a round.Mann vs Machine support.I might be interested in picking this project back up eventually or perhaps passing the code onto someone who would be willing to take up the torch. I don't know, I haven't decided. But don't lose hope Ex-PF2 players, there may be hope yet! -TheGreatJug.