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  1. I finally got a semi-okay mic, which means I can finally use voice chat over the servers! So happy.

  2. My god, the gallery is above the forums now.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Lord Monochromicorn

      Lord Monochromicorn

      its only been there for a couple weeks

    3. Calamity


      So, did you know someone landed on the moon already?

    4. Calamity


      Best thing CNN was a massive slowpoke too today; saying that America once had plans to detonate a nuke on the lunar surface when the space race began. Something known for idk how long already.

  3. Sorry to bump this guys, but it seems that the second annual Saxxy Awards are accepting replays now. They used to be SFM only, but now we actually have a chance. Shall we begin planning? http://www.teamfortr...ost.php?id=9026
  4. I enjoyed Season 1 and Season 2 about roughly the same. Season 2 had some very memorable and funny moments, but the quality slightly fluctuated throughout the episodes. Season 1 was mostly consistent.
  5. ...what was my old avatar again?

    1. nope


      Spitfire if I remember correctly

    2. Whatever You Want
    3. Sound Wave

      Sound Wave

      I think is was some sort of purple vinyl scratch or something.

      Remember, I told you that it looked pathetic and unoriginal.

  6. Dear Princess Celestia, today I learned that people on /mlp/ hate the Backburner.

  7. How to play California: 1. Go Spy on BLU Team. 2. Take Teleporter to RED Area. 3. Start backstabbing people.

  8. a medic doesn't like the pomson
  9. Does anyone know how much the Steam beta keys are worth? I've got a spare.

    1. Cheerilee


      Two rec is usually what people buy them for, betas aren't really that big for trading.

    2. Suitaloo


      Except CS:GO. When that was in beta, the keys were selling like hotcakes.

  10. ITT: We discuss the best ways to mow down armies of robots. I'll start; I've found that ambushing giant robots as an Ubercharged Backburner Pyro has been rather effective.
  11. giant mini sentries everywhere you heard it here, folks.
  12. Who's in charge of the Derpy Server? I want to ask them if /mlp/ and ponychan can have their match there.

    1. Rainbro Dash

      Rainbro Dash

      That would be Mr. K

    2. MrKenyon


      Shit, I'd be honored.

  13. Who's in charge of the Derpy Server? I want to askt hem if /mlp/ and ponychan can have their match there.

  14. woodle this ain't the place for this