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  1. The Admin who originally banned you is also no longer part of our staff. After looking into it a bit more there was not much evidence given for the ban. I feel obliged to reconsider it after such a long amount of time has passed. Thank you for the proper format and information. It makes it MUCH easier to look up. Unbanned, enjoy!
  2. First and foremost to everyone, I'd like to say thank you for the honest explanations. The reason for delaying any potential punishment on Lrad is I have received countless reports in the past, but by the time I arrive, he has quieted down, or there was no substantial evidence. That statement goes as far as two false reports from trusted players, and I was GREATLY disappointed by them. However, even through my absence I try to still support the servers in any way I can, and this bubble was ready to burst. To my conclusion from my own experience, you have done nothing wrong beyond talking too much. Which I also resolved by telling players to use a client-side mute for countless months. The issue still stands though is this is the same behavior you had a year ago. I admit though, I did not want to make this mute. To the players who have come and posted, your considerations are still important. This has been strenuous on Lrad already and I'd like to remove the mute sooner rather than later. Without another admin to weigh in (besides Kumar as I know his perspective on the situation), I will be unmuting him before christmas, reasonably in two weeks or sooner. I do not think permanent is fair, but I cannot set the mute to expire after a certain time limit (even though it would be vastly easier).
  3. Banned for trying to get people in your belleh
  4. Coming from the other side of the spectrum, it's hard to punish a single person with a single bind that they only use once every few minutes. Hell, I got tired of binds and made a sarcastic "That's nice dear." as a 'we really don't give a fuck' equivalent. When it turns to mass spam then the warnings start getting thrown around like crazy and usually by the time two people are muted the rest will shut up with it. Honestly, I believe a plugin that warns a player for flooding the chat, and then be kicked if they set off the warning too many times (the example above about ubers being used: these only need one bind, and generally won't come up from the same person within 30 seconds of previous use.). Not all binds are bad, but some are more cancerous than Twitch chat.
  5. Banned for being a pineapple in disguise
  6. Holy balls batman, sensible negotiation (+1) Added a new poll option, please consider revoting. EDIT: so now that I have time to elaborate, I'd like to explain a little why I opted to change my vote. This boss is complete. Sarysa's play demo on page 1 is done; Music, models, rages, unique perks, all of it is there. I have rarely ever seen a VSH community throw away a boss that has gone through full development and is literally waiting to be added in. Had the developers not spoiled it (big *hint hint, wink wink* here), this boss may have ended up like any other and been added in without an outcry. This is legitimately the first time people were ever voting on the fate of a boss. To give it the axe without a single afterthought at this point in its development sounds like we're being too picky when we've had no major changelogs / additions recently. I'll be blunt: I don't like FNAF. I don't like that this boss was inspired by it. I will (probably) end up modding it after fighting them once anyway. I care about the time and effort already made to get the boss this far, and sending it to "death's door" now seems careless when nothing else is going on. EDIT: After what seems like a drop in the amound of conversation to be had in this thread, it would seem as though everyone has put in the two cents they wanted to share. At this point, it's best to let the bosses run their course as they are already done anyway. Client side mods to the hale will be a considered possibility to this boss anyway (Considered, not promised.).
  7. I don't play tf2 for jump scares, and that's not really going to change for me. I don't gain much amusement from overlays blocking out my screen (or any combination of the two). Never played FNAF, never watched a Let's Play of it. Don't ever intend to. After watching that demo, in full honesty: whether that was added now or a year ago, that overlay on death would make me either sit the round out in spectate, or suicide on spawn. I wouldn't want to fight this hale. It's a long-winded personal issue that no one else has to give two fucks for, but I don't like spooky. The vote seems rather irrelevant to the cause given the fact that Thi and Dredd got in without approval beyond the circle of staff who knew they existed (the people who had a hand in creating them). I understand enough to realize the effort that goes into making a hale, but I'm sticking to my gut with the fact I would rather not see these bosses. EDIT : If this was already 'greenlit' why is this discussion even happening? I'll play against this once, get uncomfortably scared when I see this thing staring me in the face. Client-side files are a blessing in disguise.
  8. Appledoom is used for the sake of an existing comparison (rather than pulling out of nowhere) and I realize it to be an extreme. I'm saying I wouldn't want for something such as that to happen again; for a boss to be so outlier that people want to modify their client-side files can be an issue. I more than value the time and effort the devs make around here, and I would expect no less of them than to push for the success of their own boss. Fully understandable. If the makers of the boss didn't want it in, then who else would? (rhetorical emphasis) As mentioned by Moonbutt: Some people can't handle horror.
  9. To the man who made millions of childhoods what they were. Fifty-five is too soon. Thank you Iwata.

    1. Steel Crescent

      Steel Crescent

      He will be missed...

    2. spun


      ...his death ruined my childhood... such a sad moment.

  10. I'd rather not see these be added as official bosses. I am not of fan of creepypasta / horror-originating characters (this holds true even when I go to other modded servers). As much as I hate to bring it up, I'd like to mention Appledoom (from story of the blanks). For those unfamiliar, we used to have it as a Hale, the music painted a very dark setting, the boss was accompanied by a black fog, and her rage pulled up a bloody overlay that was actually creepy enough to make players panic and disconnect from the server. I asked Jug personally to play with the files to actually make a more friendly variant of the boss. He showed me how to change the music (the music was recycled for Nightmare Moon, and remains modded to this day, three computers later), and gave me a replacement for the overlay that had Woona on it instead of the original picture. Not only was I disturbed by its presence and would sit out or go AFK during those rounds, but I'm not the only one to use those adjusted files. When everything was said and done, the boss was scrapped and hasn't been reused since (other than the previously mentioned music). I'm happy it hasn't been brought back. If this were a Slender mod, I could see it being entirely fitting since that game mode is meant to spook the shit out of you (which is WHY I don't play it). We're talking about a server community that prides itself on being friendly to one and all, and not everybody can appreciate a scare ([myself included] be it a good one or not). Now, I've heard bits and pieces from the developer side of these bosses as they went through the usual progression of being readied to be added to the server. I genuinely respect the effort and work the devs do to make the bosses, but I am a skeptic of how well these bosses would be received by the larger player base that don't actively browse the forums. Ninja edit to OP: Changed the description of the poll options to more clearly explain we are voting on these hales only. (Ponifying being included in the "No" response indicates lack of consistency since other hales ARE ponified variants)
  11. Zombie Fortress DODGEBALL, seriously, I miss this mod. Haven't looked it up atm, will do so soon
  12. Sorry Sky, but I gotta lock it. Appeal was denied.
  13. The issue with the sourcebans system is it doesn't tell players when the appeal is removed if it is not accepted. I'm keeping out of this, but stating it for the sake of general knowledge.
  14. After a review of the console log by Simple, enough evidence has been found to support the bans against all 3 players who were deemed in the wrong for this situation. For clarity's sake, as I told Simple (and the banned) the Permanent was a placeholder to ensure this would turn into an appeal. It MUST be clarified in a situation where someone felt that greatly offended. It was not meant to stay permanent; it was meant to encourage an appeal. Being the lesser contributors to the argument: SONIC and Wizard have had a reduction in their bans. Locking.
  15. I was informed of antagonization of another player in the server to the point where that player left the server. They proceeded to ignore warnings from Gimpy to stop their behavior. The three acted as a group, praising each other for making another player leave, and (joking or not need not matter) insisted that the person who started the bullying should be an Admin. Upon joining the server, chatlog from Gimpy indicates they attempted to demean my stature in the community as well. This is thoroughly supported that once I loaded in and pointed them out, they were quick to disconnect without another word. To give context, they were calling a female player a kid, praising cancer, and trying to mock staff. If they left before I got on, then they lied right to your face, as once I called out SONIC, both him and Wizard disconnected. I rest my case on that alone as they fled my investigation rather than defending themselves. Copied directly from my Admin Note on their bans. The player's name will be given on private request to prevent further inappropriate behavior. Evidence was collected from Gimpytron and Helen. They can file their own appeals. Until they do so, I will not adjust the ban without Simple or Raini's approval. Being known-regulars to the server does not excuse this behavior as they know the rules.