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About Me

Feel free to add me on steam, just leave a message so I know who you are!

I try to be as approachable as possible. If I don't answer, I might be away from my computer and I apologize ahead of time.

Not much to say. I was one of the new moderators who recently got promoted to Admin. I mostly play TF2 (VSH, Dodgeball, Trading) and Dota 2 in my available time.

I am an ex-Craft Number collector, and an unusual trader. I can help with price checks, but a person learning to do it on their own has so much more meaning to it.

I have Xbox360, PS3, 3DS and WiiU.

* Videogames380 is my screename almost everywhere I go. If you bump into that name, it is most likely me.

I do not play the PS3 anymore, but I do play the xbox 360.

Get to know me more and I will share more information. Friends do a lot more than just read about each other.