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  1. and here are some ponies (well mostly one pony) being scary. I imagine those embers ashes and that light are coming from an enemy formation, encampment, or city that happened to contain some enemies that Celestia and her little ponies have put to the torch. All in the name of keeping Equestria's people safe.
  2. I didn't see any newer threads for this subject so I updated this one.
  3. ponies and giant aruthropods. Whats not to love?
  4. Yay ponyphonic. Their music is delicious.
  5. It looks cool though.
  6. I figured this would be entertaining when I saw the name of the thread. I was not disappointed.
  7. I noticed this on the front page of a free newspaper sales circular thing. It made me laugh when I saw it so I took a copy off the rack and scanned it to post. It's like Pinkie Pie crossed with a seahorse.
  8. I have been listening to this.
  9. I am heavy weapons spy!

  10. muffins occupy a sort of butterzone: they can be sweet or healthy, light or filling. They can be most of a breakfast by themselves or a part of nearly any meal as well as a snack, and they tend not to be particularly messy.
  11. I live! I LIVE! I.... What kind of puny body is this!?

  12. I can do that.
  13. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh ok. Thanks. how do I delete this thread?
  14. Hello everyone, I found a page for Daring Do fanfiction on ( Link ) That lists a large number of Daring Do fanfic stories. I have been searching the internet for some of the more interesting, and/or silly, sounding ones and haven't had much luck. Has anyone else had this problem? I found "Daring Do and the Pyre of Peril" Link But I haven't been able to track down: "Daring Do and the Universal Cracks" "Daring Do And The Amber of the Smooze" "Shrine of the Silver Monkey" "Daring Do and the Fires of Family"