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  1. I've got some blood on my hands, I don't know who it is from... It was a bare knuckle fight, now I don't know where to run...

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      The military pony police is comings!

  2. 3 hour layover in Amsterdam? Challenge accepted :|

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      Maybe ou'll get lucky and our plane will break down... My buddy had 36 hours in Germany going back, they even got hotels for them

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  3. I was going through customs in Afghanistan like... 2 days ago... I got hit for a random bag search, so the guy (an older SSG) was digging through my bag, looking for my stash of pills (my very large and varied stash) and bam, there was my Pinkie Pie keychain inside my assault pack... The guy digs around a little more and looks up, saying: "Good to go, all your pills are accounted for, as well as your My Little Pony"... I laughed... Anyways, I've been pretty much a ghost around these parts since deploying to Afghanistan... But its good to see you back :D
  4. As many of you may (or may not) be aware, as of 01 July 2013, I have discontinued the Ponyville DayZ server... This came as a difficult decision, but one that made the most sense, since the server has had dwindling numbers over the past few months. At last check, in 30 days, we have less than 10 players on the server (total, not a day). The current plan is to either a.) wait for a DayZ mod to be released for Arma 3 or b.) wait for the standalone DayZ to be released... When this happens, I will be sure to start up another server for the Ponyville community. Until then, thank you all for playing on my server, it was a pleasure (well, while I was able to prior to deploying that is). Other than that, I wish you all well. Pinkamena
  5. The ability to easier modify a server... Currently its a bit of a pain... What I'm not looking forward to is being restricted on what vehicles I can have... With Rmod, I can add any vehicle (even custom ones if I wanted)... That lets me determine what I think would and wouldn't be available in a zombie apocalypse... But with stand alone, only the vehicles they make available will be able to be used... Hopefully they'll be smart and make it mod friendly... But most likely not... The current DayZ server is all but dead... I am letting it run until July and if I don't see a pick up of players on it, I'm going to shut it down and wait until either the Arma3 DayZ mod is released or until the standalone is released...
  6. Lol... Last post was from like... 3 months ago... Hell, the server itself is all but dead... If it doesn't see a dramatic uptake over the next month, it may be it's last...
  7. I do not feel, nor do I care to ~Apathy

  8. Actually, yes... Confirm whether or not she is pregnant... A week after sex would not be enough time to determine if a person is pregnant or not... Commonly, it takes up to 3-4 weeks before a woman can realize that she is pregnant (after all, most pregnancy tests need a minimum of 3 weeks after impregnation to give an accurate reading), so as stated before... If you've been truthful about sexual practices and she is pregnant, it never hurts to get a paternity test to determine whether or not it is even yours, especially with you joining the service... This isn't to insult your fiancee's honor, but let's take a page out of my family's book... My mother got pregnant during a Christmas party, told my step father it was his... My sister was born, my step father raised her as his for years... My mother divorced my step father when my sister was 5-6... When she was 12, my mother was going to let her do something (don't recall what it was, but it required joint parental consent)... When she asked my step father for permission, he said no, that he wasn't comfortable with it... My mother, pissed, ended up telling him "Well, it doesn't matter anyways, she isn't yours"... Not believing her, my step father demanded a paternity test... Sure enough, my sister was not his... On top of that, my mother knew EXACTLY who was the father (because she got him to submit a DNA sample, with the legal agreement that he was no responsible for her) and it was proven that this other guy was the father... Shortly after learning this truth, my sister stopped talking to my step father, and instead started cultivating a relationship with her biological father... Meanwhile, my step father was still responsible financially for my sister until she turned 18, even though my mother lied and told him he was the father (most states don't care who the actual father is, they just care about who is listed on the birth certificate)... So, word of warning... It never hurts to have a paternity test, which these days...
  9. Another dead end, another failed investment... You would think I'd come to expect it by now, but... It still catches me by surprise... Guess I'm just a fool...
  10. I have a similar story... I was hauling ass to Balota airstrip to pick up someone when I see a person running along the road between Balota and Cherno (by the gas station)... I slam on the brakes, thinking that it was the person I needed to pick up and they hopped into the car... I did a u-turn and started driving away and after a minute or two, I get a message asking how much longer I was going to be until I got to the airstrip... I asked what they were talking about, since I had already picked them up and then that's when I realized that I had picked up a complete and random stranger... I immediately slammed on the brakes again, doing another u-turn and quickly sped back to Balota to grab my friend... I ended up dropping the stranger off at an additional vehicle that I found and never saw them again... Thankfully, said stranger was unarmed or I probably would of been carjacked, as is the norm for this game, but yeah, accidental pick ups seem to happen from time to time XD It's a bit scary at first when you come to the realization "Wait a minute, who the hell is this in the car with me?"
  11. You and I - we may look the same, But we are very far apart... There's bullet holes where my compassion used to be, And there is violence in my heart...