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  1. I never really had a problem with the other admins but you it just gets different real fast.
  2. Then what you want me to say? If your planning to work things out than unmute me, i'd rather be permamuted over a better reason. Look... I use the mic to lose stress and to keep my ability to stay sane. and to have fun and only have fun with my friends. But for some reason. Only when you come on you decide to break my chance to have fun. Because of my overreacting screams. by the time i leave. Im sure someone is screaming their asses off happily while i wonder off being muted.
  3. LockHeart Its not cleared up at all. Even though I've been muted yesterday doesn't mean you can go up on my ass the next day and decide to mute me because of a stupid 3 second screech as the map changes. I don't care how you put in a perfect perspective to let you be clean. but you did this in your own desires and i can feel that you do. i feel it a lot. I've already learned my lesson from yesterday. i barely wasn't talking after you did that. I completely understand your doing your job. but this time you decide to permamute me for good. but to me it wasn't a good enough reason at all.
  4. My name is PlatanoMan, I was muted because of a 3 second micspam with my voice (Doing a victory screech randomly) as the map was about to change. When i get on the next map. i found out i was permamuted by LockHeart Obviously a person that doesn't like me because i act all happy and mighty. can be careless sometimes but i don't do it like a amateur but LockHeart thinks i am apparently. I came on to only have fun and not deal with problems to be honest LockHeart. I don't like you and i hope that you make a mistake and lose your power as Royal Guard. You completely lost it on something that was completely unpredictable witch you could of controled yourself but you didn't. (Im only putting that out there so LockHeart can see what i got to put up with) You could ask some of my witnesses if you like.