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  1. And a Luna please. Thanks for putting in the effort for us jug :)
  2. Same here. Either Fluttershy or luna and he's got me XD
  3. I appreciate you looking into it for me :) thats great, im sure wheatly will be really happy to be able to have his favourite pony following him. I dont want to become a bother but if you could let me know when the models will work on any of the australian vsh remake servers? the one that solar and leon are in charge of. it be perfect since i dont go to many other servers. Thanks Ahnillator
  4. Also, ive installed the skin but i think there may be something im doing wrong because i get the model but no texture, Any help would be much appreciated :D Ahnillator Ps ive got a screenshot of how its showing up on my steam account so check that out if itll help.
  5. Jug do you think you could make one of these so we could have any of the other ponys as our little followers? for example fluttershy, luna, and i believe it may make a friend of mine happy too see a trixie one. Thanks Ahnillator