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  1. Ign: DarqTears Pony Class: pegasus
  2. OOC no id actually love to get part of this
  3. ook bad news everypony. while writing chapters 2 and 3 i realized that the story progression was going to suck. also a couple of things (not going to mention what) happened in my rps that has completely changed darkly tempest. so im going to revise this story and completely rehashe my style. im changing it so it doesnt involve the mane 6 but rather involves characters of my own design. i apologize to anypony who wanted to see this story finished and i promise Darkly tempest will make a comeback. -Andrew "Darkly" Darqness
  4. *clops hooves* great work derrick. WHY AM I THE BAD GUY THO? XD
  5. Darq sat in the bar staring at the door. "why is is so slow today?" darq grabs a frosted mug from under the table and fills it with canterlot ale. "cheers to another profitable day" he says while swigging the beer back. just then a white unicorn walked in. it was phoenix. "hey hows work going?" he says as he trots up to the bar. darq sighs "fine babe except i havent had a single pony come in yet!". phoenix kisses darq on the cheek "dont worry somepony will come in soon. listen i have to go run some errands, ill see you later". phoenix trots out of the bar.
  6. "crap crap crap crap! this is gunna be close!" Darq immediately bolts inside flipping over the counter. he immediately starts grabbing equipment and chopping veggies using both his hooves and his wings to work. Within 10 minutes he has everything prepped and cooking. darq flops over exhausted. "and dinner service hasnt even started" darq walks to the front to flip over the closed sign to open. darq walks over to the bar and hits on the music filling the room with the sounds of classic rock bands. Baba o' Filly by The Whooves starts playing as darq says "time to start the day"
  7. "hey yeah hey cinnamon. i remember you! man you guys rocked!"Darq looked up at the sun "shit, listen im sorry for crashing and running but i have to get to the pub before lunch service starts" darq pulls out 3 small cards from his vest and hands them out. "here its good for a free dinner on me". Darq took a final wave and launched himself high above the city divebombing twards his pub stopping just short of the entrence.
  8. Darq Rubbed his head. "damn that hurt" . he then heard a familer voice say "hey darq!" it was malt mix his long standing rival. "sup malty. god my head hurts!". "oh my god!" darq ran up to the griffon he just crashed into "M'am im so sorry" darq said to the griffon. "My name is darqtempest" he said as he extended a hoof to her. [ooc] sorry bout that quill wont happen again.
  9. Darq finishes going through his checklist. "ook i should be at the dark mare by now" Darq looks up and sees a white griffon drawing about 2 feet from him. "SHIIIIIIIIIT!" darq said as he crashed into the griffon. Art supplies and feathers flew everywhere as darq slid into the wall behind the griffon.
  10. DarqTempest awoke feeling tired. "damn......what time is it?" darq looked out the window and saw how far the sun was in the sky and panicked. "no nononononono! im late!" Darq hurried to get himself ready inadvertently waking up phoenix. "whats wrong?" phoenix asked as he rubbed his eye. " im late! i was supposed to go in to prepare for lunch service an hour ago!" darq said as he threw on his favorite vest under his chef's jacket. the jacket was black trimmed in red with "The Dark Mare" embroidered on the back. Darq Walked over and gave phoenix a quick kiss. "ill be back by 6. love you". Darq Opened his wings and flew out of the window at a breakneck pace. "guess this is what i get for staying up late" He flew upside down pulling out his black book and going through the checklist. not noticeing that he was drifing closer to the ground.
  11. well on weekdays im availible from 5pm-12am est
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  13. dashie.....you nd me need to talk art.
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  15. this is good. i gusta very mucho