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  1. Im sooooooo mana hungry right now.

    1. JCBD2375


      Feeling sleepy :/

  2. I thought that Kasumi Goto was the best character in Mass Effect 2. I agree that Tali was the best relationship to have out of the squad members. I thought that the best character from Mass Effect 3 was EDI, not quite sure why but she was.
  4. I love this game, I have an addiction. Hi, my name is JCBD2375 and I have a problem. This I know is the first step to solving this problem, it is admitting I have a problem. I'm a now level 12 and just earlier today I played for about 6 hours straight. I need help and I know this, but I think I'm doing better and if you don't think so then shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Keep the thought to yourself before I sick little Annie on you. >.<
  5. This is just a topic I decided to start just to see how other people saw it in their minds and to see others point of views. I wanted to know which is your favorite Mass Effect character and which game they are from and which pony do you think is the most like that character. One more thing or question, do you think the relation, if any, between these characters has anything to do with why they are your favorite. Please post your thoughts and or feelings below. I want to hear/ read them.
  6. Mass Effect Trilogy RIGHT ON!!!!!!!!

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    2. JCBD2375


      Those are the best games

    3. JCBD2375



    4. Calamity


      Mass Effect trilogy is honestly one of the best series I've played. I just wish they kept with the original ending instead of FABOLOUS COLOOORS because the ending appearently leaked and they supposedly had to go for an alternative ending.

  7. The best game or games I have played was the entire Mass Effect Series. Those games are amazing and I can just play them over and over again. I just love them.
  8. League of Legends is sooooooooo adicting, but in a good way. Just like MLP

  9. My number 5 My number 4 My number 3 My number 2 My number 1 Obviously she is number 1
  10. My waifu would be either Miranda or Meru from Legend Of Dragoon, I just love both of them soooooooooooooooooo much
  11. I have a pet peeve of when people say they have your back then the minute something bad happens they just run away and leave you to fend for yourself. It's like JERK OFFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Love this game and this is one of the best fights in it. Legend Of Dragoon- Miranda's Solo Fight LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. I LOVE PIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      is that a good or bad thing hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    3. Krauser


      Om nom nom, pie.

    4. JCBD2375
  14. Playing Legend Of Dragoon, one of the best games of all time and it is just freaking AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. CPL Pinkamena Pie

      CPL Pinkamena Pie

      I support this statement

    2. JCBD2375


      Favorite Character out of the dragoons?

  15. In Dragons Dogma, there was a glitch where I was walking into a room and I fell through the floor and I just kept falling for like 20 minutes, but the weird thing was I could still hear and see the cutscene very well in the background. Once the cutscene was over, it said you have died and made me respon back to the begining of the mission/ quest. My mouth was wide open for like 5 minutes just staring at the screen.