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  1. Not to necro a dead post but, yeah I loaded up TF2 the other day to see what's become of the dear server. As dead as can be unfortunately. Many good memories and good times. Maybe some day it will rise up through the ashes.
  2. Well, I'm glad this found it's way here without me having to do anything.
  3. "User requested ban to be permanent. Openly stated he has no intention of returning." That being said, I'm open to a second chance if you are willing to prove you have changed your ways. This is the only chance you get, so don't ruin it.
  4. In all of my multitude of hours playing with these two, I have never seen them be prideful or arrogant. I've never even seen them lash out at another player.
  5. I often find myself being spiteful after certain bosses are played, simply because no matter how much the red team works together, they just can't beat 3000 stun rages in a row, especially when players say "Nope" or "Take that" or something of the sort after killing someone every single time when they had to rage to do so. Sentries, understandable. A huntsman sniper without spells? Pls. Then you get those players that taunt after winning with a stun rage spamming hale, acting like they are hot shit when they survived with like 5 hp. This is why I am 100% behind sarysa's Vinyl rework, stun rages are unfun to play against. I'm an advocate for the "You should always be able to fight back" ideology. There is nothing worse then starting a round and ending up dead 20 seconds in because someone presses E to make everyone freeze in place. At least with Daring Do you can (very) slowly move when caught in the freezing totem AoE. Also, I know you know about it already Simple, but the Flutterbat stabbing before she becomes visible thing has got to go. Just my two cents on the matter. I am neither in charge of balancing, nor do I know anything about the code that goes into it. Whatever happens, happens. Godspeed, Gentlemen/ladies.
  6. Another thing people seem to forget is that when picking out your spray, YOU willingly choose it. YOU willingly put it in tf2. YOU willingly press the spray bind/key. You had a lot of opportunities to see that the pokemon in said image had a clear and visible camel toe. My decision stands with Videogames, denied.
  7. You showed them to me, I did not ignore them. I talked to her just the same as I talked to you. I gave you so many chances and so much advice on how to simply just chill out and play on the server while ignoring her (muting her on the servers=no more voice or text chat). You ignored my advice, went on to agitate her again and make a rude, inappropriate sexual remark to her. That got you banned by me. There's no beating around the bush, you deserved the ban I gave you and after reading through this thread it has become apparent that you deserved this permanent ban as well. I'm all for second chances, but you have had more then a second chance to clean up your act. The fact that you are blaming your bans on female players shows you don't belong here. I am re-locking the thread.
  8. As Kenyon has pointed out, using someone's sexuality to try and get a rise out of them is not something we condone here, and using "being off your meds" as an excuse to try and justify that only compounds the problem. You are dismissing the fact that you did something wrong by taking that wrongdoing and placing the blame on something other then yourself. As of this current moment, this thread will be locked.
  9. I agree that this ban should remain fully intact.
  10. Enjoy:
  11. We have fun here.
  12. Pink Fluffy Unicorns Dancing On Rainbows: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E8-A0DQ6AGM
  13. Yeah, I would also like to add a stream to the list.
  14. All I can say is that it is very unfortunate. Jan knew he would probably have to face this later down the line but he still went for it anyway, so I give him props for that.
  15. You were muted for mic spamming inappropriate content over the mic.