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  1. This game is the shit lol, i want to here others opinions on this masterpiece. Personally i feel as though it's a mix of megaman, castlevania, and ducktails; three of my fav nes games and it works so well.
  2. Hey, if any of you Texan members out there are gonna be at the Austin convention center for wizard world tommorow, say so and maybe we'll see eachother (even though only a select few people here even know what I actually look like)
  3. When you say earthworm Jim it makes me think of clayfighter, clayfighter makes me think of boogerman, boogerman needs a comeback aswell
  4. Plz people stop Shitting all over me for my thoughts and opinions......
  5. You clearly didnt read the whole thread, I didn't intend to put peach on this list
  6. Even though he's 3rd party licensed, Sega needs to bring back Chakan the Forever Man. And hard. I actually agree, wasn't that character based off a comic book?
  7. I see you have personal issues with them, but I would like one question answered. Why? What would Nintendo earn by removing them, and what would the people earn?You are taking this personally. Knuckles is my favorite Sonic character, and a bad design can be fixed. Birdo, Daisy, and Waluigi are great as side characters. They could use some backstory development, but there is ABSOLUTELY no reason to remove them. As I said, it would only bring negative consequences. I can admit to these being personal issues, but dropping waluigi and daisy wouldn't make anyone extremely butthurt, those characters are throw away characters, birdo and knuckles too, no one ever looks forward to whenever they see waluigi in a new mario party trailer
  8. I actually enjoy the Super Monkey Ball franchise. The game is highly frustrating, almost impossible to beat, and has some ridiculous levels, but that's what makes it fun.Removing Peach would be the single most stupid action Nintendo could ever do, if you have yet to notice that. I actually like all of the Sonic characters. ALL of them. Even some of their side-stories are pretty interesting. Ganon is the main enemy of the Zelda franchise. Why would you ever think he should be removed? Donkey Kong is the most OP boss in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Besides all that, why would they remove them? What would be the point? I mean, "We are removing ___ and ___" would not provide ANY positive consequences. I actually accidentally put peach on there... As for the other characters... I just think nintendo and sega need to change it up instead of using the same old side characters that were only important once or twice... Ganon, I just have a personal issue with him, his design in every Zelda game has just been very unnapealing to me...I know that sounds stupid and I'm not usually one to judge a book by its cover but I just can't stand ganon...... Birdo, daisy, waluigi, and knuckle are my big 4 I really wish were gone, birdo wasn't even originally a mario character (and his design is revolting), daisy was a cheap replacement for peach, waluigi was made just for a rival for luigi and a partner for wario, and knuckles is just so...stupid, he gets tricked wayyyyy too much, I could go into very nitpicky things with the other characters but I won't, I just want them to clean out the cast before adding more
  9. I was thinking...Nintendo seems too have WAY too many characters, especially in the mario franchise, sega also has this problem with the sonic franchise...I think it's time for the companies to get rid of several characters... Certain characters I'm talking about are: waluigi, daisy, tingle, birdo, peach, silver, blaze, nights, and as much hate as I'm going to get for this...ganon, knuckles, donkey kong, and all the characters from super monkey ball...these companies need to drop these plus many other characters off, several of these characters are pointless...some of these characters wearnt pointless in the first game they may have appeared in (silver, knuckles) but what's the point of reusing them? Anyone who agrees or disagrees with me post here, also post if there's a certain character you think these companies should retire
  10. Tsk tsk tsk shameless self probably do the same Ps there's a thread for this kind of stuff
  11. I'm the hero needs, but not the one it deserves

    1. Ponargonian


      You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself quote superhero movies.

    2. Cha
    3. Cinnamon Groove

      Cinnamon Groove

      Where does he get those wonderful toys?

  12. What a productive past few days ponyvilles been having...

    1. 54645634564564564564564564


      gotta wait till season 4 and this place should get a lot more alive

  13. It wasn't all MLP, it had a bit of everything Holy shit holy shit holy shit I wish I was you shit shit shit shit god your so lucky to meet Stan lee and hulk hogan Jesus Christ you're my hero
  14. This could either be the greatest thing ever to come on tv or the worst thing to ever enter someone's mind