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  1. Scootz that's a pretty mean response... it was kind of uncalled for.
  2. If anything it shouldnt just be admin only, donator sound maybe or just public would be better, if anything more fun sound pony related or not should be global for everyone to enjoy
  3. The Undertaker, our champ
  4. I was five and he was six, we rode on horses made of sticks, he wore black and I wore white, he would always win the fight. Bang Bang

  5. Got employed at my dream workplace and had a wonderful day working in the bowling centre :3

  6. Alright c'est good
  7. Je parle le francais, explique ce qui est arriver en francais et je vais le traduire du mieux que je peux. Je pense que cest juste un malentendu mais quand meme.
  8. Why is this so addicting, someone linked me this video for laughs, but somehow I keep on listening to it as it has a really catchy tune to it

  9. I think it's holding down right click, waiting for 100% then looking in the air and releasing right click. This is the way I do it otherwise I seem to have problem doing it.
  10. Man there's also some weapons that are powerful but silent, it's not really a fireball but... *Comic made by Datareaper* Ogris is still good for the Stealthy gameplay
  11. Man I'm kinda happy that it's announced, I'm looking forward to a lot of people going around using melee instead of Soma/Marelok. Hopefully some melee that aren't Galatine, Orthos and it's Prime counterpart will be used. But yeah as every big update that they do it will be filled with crashes and odd bugs, it always happen and you know who's behind all of that, It's the Grineer.
  12. Just won Gold medal in the Provincials of Quebec's 5 pins bowling

  13. Yesterday was a good day, finally got into the next decade in my life

  14. It was in a Gmod TTT server, it pretty much meant you were going around killing people for no reason/not following the point of the gamemode. It's pretty much obsolete as there hasn't been a Ponyville TTT server for the longest of times.
  15. That Rainbow cake is lacking sum Rainbow Dash