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  1. I would give you another chance. I didn't ban you, however.
  2. Do look at the BAN APPEAL section for BAN APPEALS. Also, Why not make a new report thread for reports for bans? Suggestion for simple. -------------------------------------------------------------------------^
  3. Quickly use a master ball to capture the opponent. You successfully capture it, and put it into your captchalogue. Unfortunately, you don't have enough room for it, and send a par of nukes flying. They're about to hit Ponyville. What do?
  4. ... Still a better love story than twilight...? Well, Kill cam, at least.
  5. 8)

    The Heck.
  6. Funny.
  7. Hothothothothot...

  8. I browse youtube when I'm bored. I walk around in my kitchen, looking at what food I can (but never) eat. Think to myself, and also think about preventing myself to think about myself. ... The usual.
  9. Meme.
  10. Initiate the battle sequence from FF9 and be a Cacutar. You are about to use 1000 Needles. It isn't your turn though... What do?
  11. *ahem* I'm just gonna ask for a 10-30% chance of a 'Fun' Round on. The ones with the Pinkie pies. And the twilights. With the guns. And the Fun! Fun!
  12. Jesus Christ, Juicy is still admin... Oh man. Don't fuq wid him, yo.
  13. Here are some Tips and Tricks you can use on certain maps. This will be kept UPDATED. The Infamous richland Use something on the Big-Ass dumpster. I wonder what Traitor weapon it could be. Kill ANYONE with a Poltergeist, unless Proven Innocent or If the person is a detective. C4 is Deadly in some houses. Some traps are in houses and the underground area. Please use them. One thing I would do; Use a teleporter on one of the attics. Make sure nobody is inside of the attic. Block the entrances with tables, and jump out. If you need to escape, just use the Teleporter. ttt_minecraft_b# The Nether is a dangerous place. However, Dumping bodies is quite a good habit. The lighthouse is not the only place to snipe... If you're a T, you might want to dispose of the Diamond Ores. Any one will do. As an Inno, Find ALL of the Diamond ores, and sacrifice it to notch. Inno's will automatically win. As a Detective, Throwing the Diamonds in lava is a traitorous act. Suspect, BUT DO NOT KILL people who do so. Other maps will be posted as soon as I get back, and learn how 2 spoiler.
  14. Sometimes, When I'm on the server, people often accuse others of RDM that I know wouldn't... I'm Planning To change that. Here are a List of people who you MIGHT want to avoid calling out for RDM. [Zenith]trineroks (Known to Troll) Anaruski (Known to Traitor Bait / Troll) Papper2k Jug simple Juicy Juicebox (Known to Troll) A Quote from Jug: Its also good to note that these people are quite aware of the rules and typically are trustworthy then they call out a KOS, however if more then 2 KOSes end up to be Innocent and it was one of these people calling them out, you should suspect that they are traitors and are playing a very shifty game of pin the blame/diversion. Here are a list of people you WANT to avoid for damaging on purpose, and sometimes even RDM. (Assuming they aren't already banned). If you are on this list, I'm sorry, but in my opinion? You almost RDM way too much. Sauce Bauce Flammable Pyro It is also important that you keep check of those who are requesting unbanning. They could be RDMers. I will be adding more to this list. If you want anything more, PM me over Steam or On the forums. Thank you for your time.
  15. What's up everyone? No, Seriously. What's up...?

    1. Owonyc


      ^^^^ < that's up.

  16. Not that Id... But whatever. I'll notify simple.
  17. If I eat Philipino fried chicken, does that mean I'm a black Philipino?

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      And Rice=/= Asian. But, y'know, it does, so...

    3. Dollop of Mayo

      Dollop of Mayo

      Yes and if you eat whale blubber and collard greens it means you're an inbred Eskimo.

    4. Owonyc


      so if I eat sushi, I'm Japanese ?

      it doesn't work like that >_>

  18. Please state your Steam ID and the link to your profile. Thank you.
  19. It's kinda hard to find you if your name is Brah and you have a Skull for your Icon. What you SHOULD do is send us a link to your profile and give us your steam ID. Kthnx, -R800x
  20. I didn't ban him, I swear!
  21. Hum. I would tell you, but I'm not on my actual Gaming computer.
  22. Ohhh riiight. I got some more. Name: Cupcake Cost: N/A Team: Innocent/Traitor/Detective Type: SWEP (I guess) Slot: 4 (Grenades) Description: Spawned with this item. Basically, It's just an item that you can Eat (Right Click) or Throw. It can be picked up if you "Drop" it. Cupcakes Regenerate. Name: Pinkamina's Cupcakes Cost: 1 Team: Traitor Type: SWEP (I guess) Slot: 4 (Grenades) Description: This cupcake is a trap. It can be picked up, like the regular Cupcake, however, Eating this item will do damage to you (30) and throwing it will do damage to someone else (5 damage). Cupcakes also regenerate. Name: Derpy's Muffins Cost: 1 Team: Detective Slot: 4 (Grenades) Type: SWEP (I guess) Description: Derpy has blessed these muffins. Throwing them at Innocents (And Traitors) Heal them for 5 Health. Right Clicking to eat the item heals you for ten. Muffins Regenerate Slower. Name: Op Cost: 10 Team: Traitor/Detective Slot: 1 3 (Primary) Type: SMG (Consumes SMG ammo) Description: You deserve this weapon, as you have been doing your job. This Over Powered weapon Defines you as an Operator. It uses the HL2 SMG Texture. If you are a Traitor, it shoots the amount of people you killed x3, and if you are a detective it shoots how much traitors you killed x15. Suggestions can be modified.