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  1. Getting closer and closer to release. Here's hoping it will be out soon.
  2. I thought they stopped updating that site.
  3. Whats the point of getting an exclusive game for you system if its just going to come out on PC anyway? *coughdeadrising3cough*

    1. FluttershysYAAY


      What's the point of getting a console when you have a PC. With many many many more exclusive titles.

  4. You got that right. The '98 Godzilla was NOTHING like the original Godzilla. He had none of Godzilla's characteristics and did not even LOOK like him. Mutant Iguana, seriously? At the time of designing Zilla, the thought process was, "Godzilla is lame, lets make him cool". Except they completely missed the mark. Doesn't even have atomic breath, and he dies to a few missiles. At least the cartoon based on Zilla was better and more faithful to Godzilla. And on the subject of Godzilla being fat, even in the original and 90's films, he wasn't exactly the most fit monster out there. For God's sake, GMK Godzilla has a beer belly.
  5. So a new Godzilla film was released last month, and it is glorious! Not only is this the first Godzilla movie in ten years (Final Wars), this is also the first Godzilla movie in fourteen years to come to American theaters (Godzilla 2000). And you bet your left nut I was excited. Saw it opening day with my dad and we both loved it... Now I completely understand why some people will not like this movie, but I think we can all agree on one thing, Its a hell of a lot better than that '98 GodZilla film. So what are you're thoughts on this new Godzilla? Are you happy with what they did? Are you looking forward to more of the LegendaryGoji? Or do you think its the worst movie since Godzilla's Revenge? Share your thoughts!
  6. You mean that if someone makes a character based on a well know show on the internet its going to get porn based on it? Stop the presses. Then again, I too would get upset that someone would use waste there artistic talent destroying something I made like that.
  7. I like a good creepypasta as much as the next guy, but it doesn't take a brain surgeon to to know that its all fake. I would not dream of damning a child, but the fact that they planned this for four months and knew what they where doing, they really should be charged as adults and receive the punishment they deserve. This ain't no time out or a simple spanking. This is what I feel is wrong with society today, we're so quick to blame some outside source. Its a knee jerk reaction. No one wants to believe that some people are just born to kill. Sure, you could say its a bad household that causes this, but there are lots of people who grow up in bad households that come out of it just fine, and then you have people that have a decent upbringing that become Ted Bundy or Jeffrey Dahmer.
  8. Welcome to our little ghost town.
    1. The_Mr_Kumar


      Words cannot begin to describe how accurate this has been for the past several years.

  9. Easily one of the best Directs Nintendo has made in a long while. But one question, will you be fighting for fun, or for glory?
  10. Spooky
  11. Lesson of the day, don't use the quick fix.