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  1. Hey everyone, its me, High Teck. I'm back with a new name, and some new art! I've been gone a while due to personal issues. but I'm not gonna get into that right now. First off I wanna say that I've improved greatly! I am now doing Vector work now and I've become quite good with it. Anyways lets start things off with a couple of FiM Show Ponies shall we? Sadly I only have two. but I'll work on making more don't you worry. here is the first one. Nightmare Moon in a darker more demonic style. This was one of my early pics so be kind. Now about our favorite Lavender Unicorn? Have some cute Blushing Twilight Sparkle! Now for some Original Ponies! thinking more about my Ponysona, I decided to go with being a Unicorn. so I created my New Ponysona! Meet Pensketch Isn't he cute!? I worked real hard on his design. and I wanted a chocolate milk color for him. Lemme know what you think! This next pony is a character I made up that is a crossover from an R Rated movie, Species (1993). She is a Pony/Alien Hybrid, don't worry. she's sweet as can be. she's also a bit of a gamer, Comic book, and Movie Nerdette. Meet Kama! Isn't she cute!? But wait theres more. she ofcourse has her Alien form that is inspired by the Original Sil Alien that H.R. Giger made! Here is her Alien form! Isn't she beautiful!? well at least in terms of design. I worked hard in keeping with Giger's style while mixing the style of the show as well as my own into the design. That's it so far. I'll post more when I make more. Comment and Enjoy!
  2. (I'll just post my review from my DA here its all the same on my views about it) [This Review is concluded with My opinion of how I feel the Episode stood with me. I am Inclined to my own Opinions and views. if you like to express your opinion about the Episode feel free, but do not push your opinions on me or anyone else. I hope you enjoy reading this review and find it Informative for your own conclusions. Now on to the Review!] After watching this Episode your gonna notice a few things, It Is A Musical, and thats fine, I watched Alot of Musical Episodes and movies before. But this one WILL NOT STOP In total there were SEVEN songs, all of which kick off every five minutes. I'm gonna guess there wasn't any commercial breaks. Another thing you'll notice was there wasn't an Episode Intro like all the other episodes. Even the season 1 Pilot had one, why not this one? I'm guessing they needed the extra whole minute for all the songs. but I guess it makes the Episode runs much smoothly. One thing you'll notice is how fast the episode goes. It doesn't give you a break, I mean My God, who directed this episode Speedy Gonzales? its like the Voice actors are trying to talk as fast as they can with Speedy going "ARRIBA ARRIBA ANDALE ARRIBA YEPPA!". As for the Plot, we find out that her trolling/molesting Highness Princess Celestia sent Twilight Sparkle, Starswirl the Bearded's Spell book and that the final spell was never finished, and Before his; I'm guessing inevitable death, Starswirl could never figure out what that final part of the spell should be. Twilight reads the spell outloud, Not knowing the Elements of Harmony were listing in on Twilight as she says the spell's words. The Elements of Harmony, I guess decide to punk its corrisponding Spirit and switches everypony's Cutie Marks. thus Fluttershy has Pinkie Pie's Cutie Mark, Applejack has Rarity's Cutie Mark, Rainbow has Fluttershy's Cutie Mark, Rarity has Rainbow's Cutie Mark, and Pinkie has Applejack's Cutie Mark. thus they take eachothers Proffession's and Jobs that corrisponds with that Cutiemark..... Unfortunantly however it Obviously show's they aren't ment for said Talents or Proffessions. and thus end up causing alot of damage to both the job and Ponyville itself. Upon figuring out what to do, Twilight decides the only way to help her friends is to have her friends help eachother, and upon them finding out their true talents she places the right Element of Harmony emblem on the correct Pony. thus Fluttershy helps Rainbow dash with the Animals, Rainbow Dash helps Rarity with the weather, Rainbow Helping Applejack with the Boutique and Dress Making, Applejack helping Pinkie and her family bring Sweet Apple Archers back to working order, and Pinkie is brought back to making everypony happy, which the ponies of Ponyville happily rejoice. Upon everyone going back to normal the Elements of Harmony goes all Matrix of Leadership on Twilight and hit her with multi colored beams of light. Twilight finds herself in what it looks to be a void... or Possibly Space, where she meets her Mentor, Princess Celestia. and this Next song is the one I love because its very heartwarming. she tells how she saw Twilight grow and become significaly more smarter and more Powerful, and thus Twilight becomes a winged Unicorn, or whats now Officialy called an Alicorn, her friends are amazed to see this and Celestia says Twilight is Now a Princess Pony. but what I like about this is that Twilight is realy unsure about it all, and even better, is that Celestia says she'll still teach her on what she'll need to know, so Celestia will still be that Mentor figure Twilight has, and in my opinion still needs. A grand Coronation is held in Canterlot as we see Cadence and Princess Luna (Of whom I thought look wonderful in their dresses. especialy Luna). we even see Twilight and Shining Armor's Parents who, dispite now Both their children being Royalty, Still have nothing to say for themselfs, as Celestia announces their new addition, PRINCESS TWILIGHT SPARKLE (Trademarked Mother-Buckers!).But Twilight Humbly states she could not be where she is without her friends that stuck with her sence she first came to Ponyville and upon Shining Armor shedding "Liquid Pride" gah that didn't sound right.... Yet another song is sang as Twilight announces Everything 'Is gonna Be Alright!" And that Concludes the Plot, but how does this Episode hold up? well In my opinion there are WAY too many songs, and the Episode you can tell was especialy rushed. but the song Celestia sings was wonderful and its great to hear her sing. and you can tell the writers and Voice actors put alot of work into this episode. but it still has its flaws, the overly quick pace and the none stop songs don't give you a chance to stop and breathe, to take everything in. not even the end credits give you time to rest because of the Promo ad with Miss America Mallory Hagan which was realy out of place. its only after the whole thing is over your givin time to take in everything that you just saw. In the end is this a Bad Episode? I would Have to say No. even though it was rushed it still has its shining moments, Pinkie Pie's still a Riot, Fluttershy still take cares of Animals, Rainbow Dash still kicks Flank, Rarity is still glamourus yet lovable, AJ is still Honorable and Dependable, and dispite the great change, Twilight is still her bookish, Studious self. even when she becomes an Alicorn she asks if there is a Book about being a Princess. and I think there is alot of interesting story arcs to be had with this new outcome. but is it a good outcome. To me, its unnessicary, atleast at this point this should have been left as a Series Finale kind of thing. But I am looking forward to see how this goes from here. and it is said this is the first episode of a three Parter Story Arc, so there must be more to this story when we continue to season 4. For a rating, I give this Episode a 7 out of 10. its not great, but its not Bad either. theres parts your gonna like, theres songs your bound to enjoy, and we do get to see Luna, Cadence and Celestia all together one last time. and you can tell there will still be many adventures to be had with Twilight and her friends. and many things Twilight will still have to learn.
  3. Like alot of others, I want to see how this plays out before I give my opinion. in the end I'm a Twilight Sparkle Fan, I love her, and always WILL love her. she's my Best Pony So, Yeah. but will I stop being a Brony because of this? Hell no. should YOU stop being a Brony because of this? thats your decision. but it be kind of senceless to Quit because of it. it'll be like all the hard work bronies have done would go down the toilet and would show we are just another Fandom that got more attention then anything, and to me that would be sad to see such a wonderful thing in my life end like that. But in the end, Will this make me stop being a Brony? No. will it Kill the Brony Community? I highly doubt it. and frankly, I embrace our new Princess Book Worm Pony.
  4. WOW Realy? uhm, thanks. yeah I'll work on some more when I can. kinda got a story idea I wanna try out. in the meantime you all can check out my gallary.
  5. Hello everypony, I thought I'd share some of my own art work, kinda getting tired of the Gallary, especialy when I kinda used up my space...... yeah.... can't blame a guy for wantin to show his pics, can ya? Anyways these are some of my own characters, along with some of our favorite ponies in the show. I still have yet to draw more canon ponies. but.... you know. give me time. First off this is my favorite pic, this my OC Pony, Teck Tik, kind of High Teck (my Ponysona/first OC's) Twin Sister. though she's from a Mirror Dimension of Equestria..... kind of a Rule 63 HT if you will. <Bio and full size pic and ofcourse here is MY No. 1 Favorite Best Pony, Twilight Sparkle! <Full size pic here) And here is High Teck's baby sister, Jenny. and yes I know I posted her in the Gallary before. but again alot of these pics won't be posted in the gallary. <Bio and full sized Picture and, its the Angry Video Game Mare, LUNA! <Full pic and all that good stuffs) My Ponysona/OC himself, High Teck. and Lastly for now, Spacetwilight! ......yeah I created her as a mutated clone of Twilight Sparkle.... she's ment to be a new super villian. but. I can already tell nopony likes her. so yeah. <Bio and such) Thats it for now. hope you all like this stuff. if Mods feel fit they can delete this thread.
  6. Sorry if I don't post much, everyone. I'm just scared I'd say something wrong and whenever I do post something, the threads basicly die from my post. (as in noone will reply to them)

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  7. Hey everypony, HT again.... kinda noticed this thread lacks some Twiley, so.... heres Twiley! enjoy! ^^
  8. Maybe they should have a new villian come in and try to steal her away to currupt her to take over Equestria or something, and Twilight and company has to save her. Anyways, its a cute toy, and we'll just have to see what Hasbro and the Show's writers do with her, if they plan to use her at all.
  9. Buck Yeah, Sparkle Sparkle Sparkle!!!

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  10. I do recall seeing something where it called Shining Armor 'Prince' Before. then again I could be hillucinating. (if no can somepony show me where it says that in official print, I believe it was on the DVD case for Adventures in the Crystal Empire) as for Skyla, eh, she's cute. I don't know if she'll be officialy in the show, Hasbro has released alot of OC's of their own in toy form. although i'd love to see her as Shining Armor and Cadence's daughter, it be VERY cute. plus Twilight will be a Aunt! but for now, only time will tell.
  11. TITANOSAUR87 (XBOX Live username)

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  12. My mom is pretty cool with it. infact she supports it. even likes to help me get figures and such. (yes she infact got me that lame Bronies shirt with G1 Ponies, but I know she's trying)
  13. Well.... my mom got me one and..... you know what, godbless her for trying. she's still new to it. and she's trying to support it. so if someone does get it for you as a present, just say thanks. cuz you know they're trying. As for walmart however.... if this is a Geniune Effort to support bronies (which I take with a grain of salt) or just to market off of them (most likely). all I can say is..... well.... come on Walmart. come on..... what the hay..... come on man.... if your gonna atleast try and market off of us you gotta do your studying.
  14. Changeling done in H.R. Giger style!
  15. This is SHO AWESHOME! thanks for the links!