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  1. As Kino already previously mentioned, some form of caffeine is good to stay awake to get the job done. But reliance on that is pretty bad imo. So I agree on his suggestion in investing time for some sort of exercise to get you pumped up for the day. Although you might not be able to afford anytime to do any jogging outside, there are other simpler alternatives. For instance, everytime you wake up in the morning (or perhaps anytime you need to wake yourself up), you should do some simple physical activity. It could be loosing up/stretching your whole body/limbs such as moving your upper torso side to side while you stand in one spot, hip circles like you're hula-hooping, or doing some windmills/swimming motions with your arms. Besides that, there is also doing some little jogging in place, jumping jacks, push-ups, or whatever you want, Whatever You Want. About staying awake/attentive during lecture, I also suffer the same problem. If you are not the type to actively participate during class, my friend always told me to try doodling. Based on my personal experience, I feel that the main reason why people fall asleep/space out, is that they actually try to pay attention all the time. Since the class is so boring and long, the whole action of absorbing the material becomes a some kind of grueling endurance round. That is why actions like doodling are like little mental breaks and help you absorb more in the long run. Just don't get carried away with the hiatuses though. As for the whole need for sleep issue, if you can ever fit any time for naps, I say go for it. But I assume your schedule is booked with work, so you will just deal with the little sleep you can get. If you do manage to get good sleep such as your 8 hour night, don't let the feeling of even more exhaustion in morning dissuade you. I believe it's just your body is finally happy to recieve sleep and is expecting even more than 8 hours, but it just becomes grumpy and greedy that your sleep fell short or you were in a bad sleeping position. Regardless it is always healthy to get that sleep and you should try to mentally overcome that tiredness. But think about it like this, after all the work is done (I assume you have winter break), you should be able to sleep like Snorlax and relax like a lazyass. So just keep trudging along with that motivational goal in mind, I suppose.
  2. I thought the episode was ok. The main thing that bothers me is King Sombra. His fangs and his color scheme of red and black make him look like a bad OC to me.
  3. Selling: Phlogistinator Medic Soul Strange Market Gardener Heavy Soul Pyro Soul PM me if interested
  4. I really hate the fact that halloween gifts are personal this time. I miss the mad dash to get those gifts. Relying on the random chance you get chosen is stupid. Personally, I rarely get chosen. D: And besides, the only reason why I main Scout in the first place was the extended periods of time I played as him during the halloween event last year.
  5. I love your banner thing (love Mario and especially Boos). What time zone are the times in?
  6. Sometimes I really wished the botkiller medigun, minigun, and rocket launcher, basically all the ones with a single big opening have the robot heavy's open mouth instead. For example, in a botkiller rocket launcher, the rockets would come out of a robot heavy's mouth. Wha? They usually go for 8-9 keys. D:
  7. Dark type: Bisharp Honchkrow Scrafty Krookodile Umbreon Zoroark My dream team: Gallade Honchkrow Whimsicott Darmanitan Milotic Hydreigon Didn't really think if they have synergy but w/e.
  8. You arent Deep Im sorry bro, FTFY
  9. Yea, I watched when it was live and I was on the edge of my seat. :D
  10. Name: 20stalks Hours: 250 as Scout (99.9 as Soldier, 47.3 as Medic) Time Zone: EST Steam URL: http://steamcommunity.com/id/20stalks Availability: Just about every night from 8pm to 12pm Experience: S7 UGC Highlander in steel, Currently in S8 UGC Highlander in silver Any other active teams CURRENTLY involved in: SAFF (Highlander)
  11. That's funny considering how an Applejack player won the tournament and the developers think she is still really good despite being nerfed time and time again.
  12. 67) Malt Mix is no longer allowed to read clopfics on the SAFF mumble anymore. 68) Malt Mix is responsible for the psychological trauma caused by Rule 67 and must provide psychotherapy to me and Robogaman.
  13. Drinking. You have to deal with second-hand smoking when near a smoker. If there is a drinker next to me, I am unaffected. When you drink a moderate amount and not often, at least it gets filtered through your kidneys. When you smoke, the tar stays in your lungs for a while.
  14. I remember back then, me and my friends would make jokes like that. We wouldn't be voting for the president, but the vice presidents. You see, McCain would have kicked the bucket and Obama would've been assassinated. So it's essentially Palin Vs Biden.
  15. *Double post. My bad. Damn, laggy comp.