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  1. I will stop the arguement right here because all I see is something I don't want happening. Since I know I don't much about Coding or Scripting, and about Mods, I won't further press towards them until I do a little more research. But I do know this, Dinky has worked very hard on the server and has always been improving with the help and support of his friends and the Ponyville Community. I just do not want anyone to just say, "You're a terrible Scripter / Coder" Even though he really Tried... and even so more when he cherishes the moments that he has with his friends. I just really do not like it when people frown upon the he is trying to teach himself. I may have been hard to understand because of me being tired. If anything, Bash and insult me rather than Dinky...
  2. New Jersey had a bad community led by a bad admin. Friendlies are against the rules, but Dashy allowed them anyway. He also handed out admin to people like it was candy, regardless of how questionable they were as players. Admin abuse was frequent. As Raini pointed out, the plugin was not only poorly coded but based on stolen work. Say what you want, but there's no justifying his actions. The only admin I know Dinky has given out was to his closest friends, and that was very early during the Versus Ponyville development. The mod being "Poorly coded" was him learning through experences as if you were learning how to make music or build your first computer. Dinky is not an admin, he is the Owner of the server. He is usually on when he is testing the mod he has worked on for so long. Also, Freak Fortress 2 is a Public Mod if I am not mistaken. He may have used it to practice his skills as a scripter. So far in my eyes, he has done a great job and has made amazing progress in both his mod and his skills coding the server, and I am sure he is still learning as he continues to work on the mod.
  3. I wished that this would never happen... But all I can do is stand by and watch the changes that will happen... Dinky is a good caring person who cares very deeply about his friends that are very dear to him... He has worked very hard on the Versus Ponyville server... I would stand and defend him if anyone decides to bash and insult his work and well being.
  4. *Does the Robetings*
  5. We will all miss you Genshi... Please Take Care. :(
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