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  1. Can't beleive it happened... It was your decision Genshi, I accept it personally. All the drama and complains that have been bringed on you has been terrible... We were all here to help you... But it seems that wasn't enought... We'll all miss you, Justice... We'll never forget you, Personally i won't. The fun of Jersey was mostly based on your activity on the server. Now you are gone.. It won't be the same... Never forget us Genshi... Hope we'll see you again in there someday...
  2. My Mod power are working on NJ and Texas but I no longer got Donator on both.
  3. Hihihi x3 Thanks a lot <3 ! I will try my best to be a good Moderator and also congratulation for the others !
  4. Wheatley Mix, I hope being whitelisted :3