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  1. MMMmmmpphhhh.......

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    2. Lariette


      wha-- no i dont, this cookie is just too good

    3. Steel Crescent

      Steel Crescent

      okay *hands you more cookies*

    4. Zero


      *toss away the water bucked* dammit

  2. due to some personal experience I've had in the past, I have a slight fear of men that I know nothing about and if I am forced to interact with them (talk or something) alone in public. (places like shops are fine though cuz...well they work there so I know i'll be fine) Simply put: I feel uncomfortable around men if I am alone in public
  3. Eeee look~ I'm Girly now.

  4. If anybody has this game, we should play together sometimes, im getting bored of not having much luck finding games and playing with bots has gotten a little boring, I mainly play Nibbs, Voltar, Gnaw and Raelynn
  5. I dunno what to put here

    1. Lord Nanfoodle
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      You should put a dispenser here

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      I agree with the dispenser, you can never have enough.

  6. What is free love

  7. Ima be a chicken chaser!!

    1. Squishy


      Hey There Chicken Chaser! Kick Any Chickens Lately?

      Love That Line In Fable.