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  1. Found this site in a link in my emails from years ago and I had to take a look at it All of my old friends haven't been on in years either lol
  2. Nice science too bad tl;dr no offense
  3. I was going to participate, but when I saw the timestamp of the last post.. Ah, screw it. <edit> I just noticed my Skyrim map poster is the background is all ripped and sideways. Way to go, me.
  4. Banned because I do what I want.
  5. MLP themed MC servers. Ip's plz.

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    2. Sherbert


      You are a gentleman and a scholar.

    3. The_Mr_Kumar
    4. Sherbert


      I don't understand the point you're trying to make.

  6. My cats have been given to the Humane Society.

    1. xx11rainbowdash11xx_Scout
    2. Sherbert


      I resent that. I loved my kitties.

  7. Damn, I'm good looking.

  8. I'm lovin being sick. Really

    1. Calamity


      Sometimes it can be quite fortunately timed. However, being sick isn't exactly what I'd call fun. But that might be me.

  9. Am I the only one who thinks this new layout is REALLY freakin cool?

    1. Rainy


      Apparently, yes.

    2. Ponargonian



      Really now?

    3. Owonyc


      I like it too, the only thing that kinda annoys me is that all the text is in the same color, so it's a bit hard to tell the difference between name and comment, or a link.

  10. I find that, after hitting rock bottom, the smallest things improve my mood

    1. nope


      Aww... what's the matter?

    2. Sherbert


      A whole lotta stuff..

  11. Happy dentist, panic attack, parents argue over my birthday cake, birthday to me.

  12. MY birthday tomorrow. What're you guys getting me?

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    2. Lord Fluffy

      Lord Fluffy

      A bowl of nails. without any milk.

    3. Sound Wave
    4. Sherbert


      You guys sure know how to make a Sherbs feel loved

  13. 2013 is going to be interesting.

  14. Trying to generate a text adventure. Blind.

  15. Munch's Oddesy? Just bought that shit. Awesome Saints Row: The Third. Creating Zombie survival scenarios. Best time
  16. Sure is a lot of Rarity in the gallery lately

    1. Owonyc


      indeed. it needs more pinkie.

    2. JustANerdyBrony
    3. ProjectRKA


      Needs more Rainbow Dash. :3

  17. One of my fillings fell out.

  18. Why can't people accept "Gender neutral?" It's always BOY OR GIRL with these people

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    2. The Fabulous Darky

      The Fabulous Darky

      I consider myself androgynous but I still go by male pronouns. Though the excessive enforcement of gender roles in society do bother me a little.

    3. Easygoin'Engie


      Just a question(excuse my ignorance) but what would be the substitute in this situation for he/she/guy/gal/etc? Or would you just stick to using the name?(I legitimately want to know)

    4. Sherbert


      Repeat your question in layman's terms

  19. So long, Christmas. All aboard the BIRTHDAY train. Woot woot

  20. Errmahherd! Cerrsmerrs!