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  1. This is why its useful to have something like this as your spray.
  2. I do enjoy using fluttershy to rage then attempt to taunt kill.
  3. Are there any videos of the progress so far? I'd love to watch a round play through.
  4. No way to do a extended delay scale? say if a map gets voted in twice soon after its cooldown, it then gets a slightly longer cooldown until some arbitrary time point is reached to reset its delay back to normal. I'm guilty myself of hitting random numbers to get the map vote off sometimes. I'm also guilty of picking many of the popular maps which dominate.
  5. I've avoided for the most part intentionally tking people, but I would really like to. I would like it how that cave johnson rage was, suddenly some people are switched to blue, and at the end of the rage switched back. Of course it would need tweaking. The problem is where do you draw the line to griefing? Cause it would be easy to sticky the bridge in say crevice and wait for the rage to detonate, As for getting revenge, you would have to wait until the next discord round and then trying to hunt your killer after god knows how many rounds seems a little pointless.
  6. TBH I'm surprised Dova isnt disabled for these maps, or at the least modified. But then I do sometimes find horrendously hopeless rounds quite funny being the receiver or the instigator. Though I cannot complain, specially since how i use the tornado of death that is rainbowdash
  7. How would hales be buffed to compensate this diversification? Personally, I would love for the medic to be able to his shield as an offensive ability, One of mediguns no longer gives uber/crits but rather acts like the quickfix giving large overheal and rapid healing to full health, whilst making this shield around which damages hale which stays within its radius, if possible it would act like the spit from l4d2, longer inside the damage zone the more damage it does.
  8. You are evil jug, I love it. EVERYONE IS DISCORD
  9. Whilst not really to your original question, all those songs are saved within your tf2 directory, so you could get them, however they wont be under their original name so you are still at square one, but least you can listen to them. You directory will look something like this Computer Drive:\Steam\steamapps\common\Team Fortress 2\tf\download\sound\vs_equestria The good news is, some of the files have metadata which will tell you its original name, but not all of them do. otherwise they are basically named Pony_theme hope this helped somewhat. Quick edit From the meta data Derpy - Pixel Peeker Polka - faster http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=38Pd44SPLSI Molestia doesnt have meta and I dont know it off the top of my head Chrysalis was Spike's Island - Big Bad Queen Chrysalis
  10. Well im all sure we have seen the spies that can come in and do 10k damage consistently each round as they are masters of hit detection, but for those who aren't amazing at spies, it is fairly balanced, and with all the knockback from demoknights/kgb/spells, it has made it much harder for spies to land hits as hale is always being blown about. Spells, The negatives to the classes which use them are not negative enough, Medic loses hp and unable to get ammo for crossbow, but most rounds you will die before you run out, the lesser hp makes it near nigh impossible to survive a single hit, but bats/uber/jump spells make up for this easily. KGB heavies, The reduced health hurts but the spells give an amazing ability to dictate engagements, when things go wrong you can escape or knock hale away from you allowing you time to find health from other means, Demoknights, Ive been shown that the cannon is probably more devastating then spells, but again they allow the players to dictate the engagement rather than the hale, and when you add in 4 demos, shield charging in then 2 sets of bats and then an uber it basically decides which bosses I will or wont play. As for the negatives I would do, KGB spellbook heavy can no longer be healed by a medic, can be ubered but recovers no HP so you got to bring your own food or find med packs Spellbook Demoknight, has to obtain 7 heads before they get their one hit safe shield, (how this works without disrupting their ability to charge I dont know) I honestly dont know what could be done to the Spellbook Crossbow medic, the loss in health isn't really a big deal, but there isnt much more you could do without causing them to be useless, perhaps removal of the hp regen tick. Engineer is perhaps the most balanced of the lot, if they do not use the jag they are already useless and stuck, the hp reduction makes Wrangler sentry jumping near impossible without killing yourself, and the metal cost of setting up is a big delay, but then if you get the meteor spell in a tight room with your sentry nest, and poor hale is in for bad time. For hale being stunned, perhaps it could be tweeked, I dont see how it would be aimbotted, specially if they were going for moonshots.
  11. Ive long resorted to one raging all scouts, regardless of how skilled they are or useless. There are plenty of maps where the scout being able to use certain weapon combos to jump a ridiculous number of times. With teleport, Unless you get stuck inside the hit box, they can easily get away, and leave you for dirt, Unless you abuse the telegoomba bug its very hard for some tele bosses to nail the last scout who wants nothing better to do than use the laugh taunt over ledges. Even for superjumping hales, you need to be damn good at airstrafing to catch one whose sole purpose is avoidance. The reason I liked the gravity increase, was cause it meant it was much harder to avoid hale by kiting up on ledges as they have superjump/teleport cooldown. Alternatively, we could always make hale have substantial speed boost when scouts are last man standing, but it wouldn't stop jumping, Just go on farm feud with a scout who doesn't want to play and have fun with that, heck in 2desk is such an easy map to scout troll on. But it isnt just scouts which can delay rounds so easy, I feel atm there are far more imbalances with the current mod than the old one. I still find it silly you can use spells during rages like fluttershy's,
  12. Just going to leave this here (Yay Ponies) http://yp1.pony.pp.ua/
  13. Oh update and wipe, guess we got to wait for server update,
  14. what was wrong with the old system of just adding leg crushing, Jupiter level gravity?
  15. No etsy no, please don' take my money