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  1. PHOTOGRAPH THEME IT IS THEN. Nice =). Draw your character as if he/she/it is part of a group photo. Team up with people or just draw yours standing solo or whatever. Draw it big, post the imagine in here, and then I'll put it all together and scale things to be the same size. I don't want to have to scale something up so thats why I'm saying draw big :l. Any questions?
  2. Haha that is beautiful, but I think this will not need as much organizing as that TF2 image xP
  3. I think Owo's idea of a group photo is probably the best. You could pretty much draw your character however you want and you would not have to think about the environment. Background could be added afterwards or we can just keep it white. What do the rest of you think?
  4. Yeah I was thinking something similar, it would be fun with some mocking around. Some ideas I had was to have us sit around a dinner table or something similar. Something like this is what I am thinking about: My ideas are pretty much all focused on the group of people sitting/standing around something and talking or just messing around. Or doing some activity like uh camping, playing a game of sports of some sort or something like that. I think a group "photo" sounds good as well though =p
  5. Why do I have to make a thread this is scary D=, but ok. Me and some other guys figured it would be fun to make a group drawing together =p It will be an art collaboration between everyone so ideally everyone should draw their own OC/something to represent them into the picture. It is open for anyone who wants to join. Theme and setting etc have not been decided yet and I guess that is why I am making this? And also to know who and how many people want in on it. I'm sure it will be tons of fun and we all have different drawing skills so don't be afraid of joining even if you think that you can't draw. It will probably be an unserious picture anyway so it doesn't matter. It will still be tons of fun and a nice memory, so don't miss out =p. When/how is not decided yet, again I guess this is why I am making this. Go go discuss and talk about it. Any theme? any setting? background? I do have some ideas of my own but I want to see what other people think as well first hehe. PS: Did I make a thread properly? D= Questions, comments, whatever just talk about it here go go go.
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  7. Sun, listen to me. I don't claim to know exactly how you feel in your situation, or understand, but I have been depressed myself. Almost everyone have been depressed sometime in their life. I understand the feeling of hopelessness and just being sad with absolutely no hope of it ever ending. But it will end. You won't have to feel like this forever, it WILL pass. You just have to beat it, and I understand that it seems hard, because it is hard. It's easy to just give up and say that it's impossible, that you can't escape your depression, but you CAN. If by now you are telling yourself that I don't understand what you mean at all or that I'm asking for something impossible, stop. I am not making things up, I am not lying. There are ways out of depression and I don't care how you do it, just try, with everything you have. Find things that make you happy, focus on them. Forget the things that make you sad, don't let them get you down. No, you haven't tried, not hard enough. You set yourself in this state, YOU can get yourself out of it. But this doesn't mean you are alone. You have friends, you have family. You have people that love you. You say we cannot help you. You may truly feel that we cannot help you, can't understand you, but that will not stop me from trying. You are not alone. I wish I could be there in person to show you that. I care for you immensely and I would do anything to make you happy. Talk to me. No matter how big or small thing it is, I don't care what the price is, if it so just makes you one percent better, I'll do it. It kills me to see you sad. It kills me to know how many people there are on here that are giving up hope. You can all make it out of whatever problems you are having. Some have lost relatives, some have had their hearts broken, and some are just not seeing any future for themselves. You all share pain and suffering, and no matter your reason it is all real and it is all serious. Dealing with these things are part of life, and you can all and will all survive it as long as you don't give up, and just hang in there. Things will get better. Sun, I know you will just ignore me and say that it doesn't work, and there is not much I can do about getting you to realize that I'm not just making things up. I just want you to listen, and try, just try, again and again, don't give up. It's going to go slow, especially in the beginning, but then it will get better. I KNOW you can do it Sun. You are a strong, amazing person, and I believe in you even though you won't do that yourself.
  8. Feeling down because you are alone on Valentines? Get in chat! Loneliness cured!

  9. I find this interesting, and thought you people would too.

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      I love TED talks. ^_^

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  10. "oh god get it off me get it off me " "Oh God receives receives it of me of me"
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