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  1. been drawing a bit more often than usual lately, then i make this in about 4-5 hrs
  2. SAT's... apparently they want a straight answer over a good essay in the writing section...

    1. Ruby


      yup. because screw thinking. this is "standardized" education. you must fit the norm, not be intelligent. effing hate the "education" system these days

    2. Calamity


      Because I'm too intelligent they are trying their bad and actually succeeding getting me to a LOWER education level, completely fucking up my education plans.

  3. Just played Neverwinter and its pretty good for a f2p mmo. the problem is the store system... pay to win...
  4. sucks to be you. I really gotta stop playing the game at highest quality, new map is really killing my fps
  5. Do I have to choose a side? I don't even play any of the freljord champions that often
  6. And yet another drawing comes (drawing this > doing HW)
  7. for some reason it won't let me select an album or category for me to post my drawings

  8. So I did a commission for Vinyl Mix and here's what i got: I honestly think that I could've done a better job (and remember to add the cutie mark D:) EDIT: and here's the latest sketch:
  9. trust me, i'm an engineer
  10. apparently my friend pointed out that i have more wins, takedowns, and minion kills that dyrus (almost clueless on who he is). then i just turn around and say, "does it look like i care?"
  11. i remember when THAT WAS SOME ****** UP **** MAN!
  12. ironic since i got a test in two days, should probably study...
    1. Ruby


      story of my life since college started

  13. biting off more than i can chew...

  14. I'm not sure where to put this... i mean it's PART pony... but its also a kitty. P.S. mind the blood...