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  1. I agree since I remember I think it was either Gabe or Robin stated like 2-3 years ago that Team Fortress 2 was being planned.
  2. If I curse, I curse.
  3. I'm still at the lowest point atm since last year when my girlfriend broke up with me after a year in a relationship. She gave me some kind, It's not you, It's me; Reason and I knew it had to do with me but I didn't knew what I did to her since I basically treated her like a queen. I nearly gave up Team Fortress 2, since I never have any attention but I did. But after the summer of 2011, Our relationship went downhill and on Christmas Day, She finally pulled the plugged on relationship. The funny two guys she dated after me, basically treated her like shit and cheated on her, While she is in her 3rd guy and I'm just waiting what will happen next. Nevertheless I can't play Team Fortress 2 at my fullest since Scout was her favorite class.
  4. I gave that bitch a meatshot, if you know what I mean.
  5. 1. PCSX2 (R5326 Old) 2. Should on the YT vid I just posted yesterday. 3.
  6. Every since I got a new computer in July, I've wanted to test the limit on it like Streaming which was successful due to the Halloween Event and wanted to record videos in Max settings like with Dead Space and Team Fortress. But I never though I could actually run a PS2 on it, let alone The Gamecube and The Wii. Everything runs in 60 FPS which really impress me even though there are other computers that are more powerful then mines. So, I made a video of what my PC can handle. Enjoy~
  7. Long island = My scattergun will not help me.