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  1. As soon as I left Tismirr to head to Karindi, I got attacked witohut even knowing it. Lost about 100 wolf pelts and spawned kinda far away.
  2. Masterwork Crossbow 29 59% 109 Masterwork Steel Bolts 23 56% 31 Green Tournament Helmet 22 56% 85 Iron Greaves 22 56% 39 Gauntlets 18 53% 89 Lordly Heavy Gauntlets 17 53% 189 Lordly Weimar Helmet 13 50% 124 Lordly Gothic Plate with Bevor 13 50% 377 Deadly Steel Pick 9 47% 114 Black Greaves 5 41% 72 Plate Covered Round Shield 5 41% 65
  3. I'm pretty sure she needs a bigger picture submitted that has been tested to look good at 30x30, she has to submit the higher resolution version.
  4. We've learned Gameservers isn't the most stable host, I've seen frequent lag spikes that are no way cause on our end. If enough people voice their concers we will bring it up to Gameservers and ask them to look in to it. We are sorry for the inconvenience, especially if you're a donator.
  5. The first complaint i was getting from people was there werent enough maps on dallas. The voting system should pick 5 maps randomly. Unfortunately there is no option to lock out a map that was recently played from voting for at least 5 maps. If anyone has any ideas feel free to chime in.
  6. This will be the private forum for KUTT that we can use to leave messages and discuss strategus over periods of time. Another use for this forum is that you can notify everyone if you will not be playing for an extended period of time. This forum is owned by the same person who owns the vent we all use. She also owns a set of TF2 servers. If you browse the other sections of the forum, you might get a little scared. Register an account here: http://forum.ponyvil...ection=register http://forum.ponyvil.../forum/35-kutt/
  7. I want to make sure San Jose stays fun for everyone. Some maps that are frequently voted for are imbalanced and only fun to play once in a while. I want to know which maps people want to remove or add from the voting, although a removed map may still be in the random boxes. I've always tried to limit votable gimmicky maps (only random). So I'd like to see more competitive-ish maps. I'd also like to see some creative/original maps. I've also considered adding a random pyro dodgeball voting box. I guess people could do a top 5 / worst 5 list. If you suggest a map that isn't already on the server( this list is a little old), please provide a link to download the map. I haven't looked at any new maps recently, so i'll just list some maps that I would like removed but are popular: 1. pl_thundermountain 2. pl_upward 3. pl_whalerace 4. cp_kakariko We'll update the votemap after I get enough opinions for maps. Thanks <3
  8. Right now the plugin is set to ban somebody who changes their name 5 times within 10 seconds. I'm not sure how many times those hacks change the players name with 10 seconds. I'm just worried if i lower the limit of name changes or increase the time window it may ban an innocent person who just happens to change their name a few times (for fun or maybe a type or something).
  9. No clue why this isn't working. We haven't changed any cvars and we're using valve's voting system. If I can't find the issue I may switch us over to the voting system that is on jersey, at least that way we have more control over it. EDIT: Went ahead and switched over to the jersey voting system, I'm glad to be rid of that POS valve system.
  10. If it doesn't work on dallas after the restart today, i don't know what's going to fix it.
  11. Minor hiccup from valve bombarding us with tf2 updates, should be working again. San Jose is currently dead in the water thanks to the steam servers, waiting on Gameservers to fix it on their end. Expect this to happen again in a few days (expecting at least a few more patches by Monday). There's nothing we can really do about it when they release updates so often while their update servers are so unreliable.
  12. Should be working now. When Dallas was down the other day we had to send in a ticket to Gameservers to fix the issue, and they wiped everything without notifying us beforehand. There were some cfg settings that needed to be changed. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  13. Implemented on San Jose and Dallas, same will go for Jersey whenever Gameservers decides to come back up.
  14. Not too interested in Comicon, but I am interested in a meet-up. Half of my family lives out in LA so maybe I'll plan my next trip to cali around that time. I'd love to play some smash melee with people, maybe we can organize a friendly tournament or something. I'll try to figure out the details on vising cali within the next few months. Don't count me in just yet, but don't count me out. If it happens I'll probably carpool with Raini and Docs_Fox down there for a few days or something.
  15. RTV is now enabled on San Jose and requires 50% of the players to activate. So if you hate the map that was voted for, just type rtv or !rtv