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  1. I think you need to Donate to get more privileges in that area.
  3. Closing this topic...
  4. closed thread
  5. Well as an Admin, I still suggest you add a space to the end of your name :)
  6. you Could just add a space to the end of your name :) cant be sure they wont come back you know!
  7. Even under basic editor mode and having WYSIWYG disabled, the firefox spell checker still works. The user has a problem with Firefox and Not Opera, so the post isnt too much use but thanks for trying.
  8. Do you use any addons with your firefox? if so can you disable them as I suspect something else is interfering with it.
  9. The Likes and Shop are two separate systems within the board so that would be rather hard unless someone codes up a specific module to link the two id say. Feel free to correct me on this, but iv had this before on another forum and we decided not to due to the issues in coding between the forum systems.:)
  10. quick reply and spell checking under firefox works no problem, are you using firefox 12?
  11. Pinkie Pie has been busy xD
  12. *shakes head and locks topic*
  13. uh--no. You only have to donate once. Who told you you had to donate 10 times? Alcina... wait, was this one of her tricks? LOL no your an exception to the rule xD in your case you Must donate 10 times LOL
  14. You need to donate to the site to gain access to the 20% cooler group which gives you access to a custom title. Hope this solves your issue :)
  15. Yeah... seeing as steam is Free to play anyway xD not really a point with a cracked copy eh?